Stay at the Office Better Than Home

Episode 91 – Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 (7197)

(My God! I don’t know I already made this topic before (published about four months ago), but never mind I just recalled this again to express my feelings that I would like to stay at the office rather than at home especially during weekends.)


Last Monday, it was a holiday because of Eid al-Adha, a celebration which is also called the “Sacrifice Feast” for our beloved Muslims worldwide. And as expected, I just stayed at home all day to do some duties like helping my mother to wash our clothes (last month, she got ill due of high blood pressure, so that she must minimize her housekeeping duties). That’s fine for me to do some housekeeping tasks that she usually does. However, because it was a bright, sunny morning, our house was so hot! It’s looked like an oven especially when you enter inside our home, you’ll get a lot of sweat! Sadly, our house has only two windows and a main door (all are in front), so the heat from inside can’t be ventilated out. This makes our house into warm most especially during summer months. That’s why I always get so sweat even after taking a bath! Continue reading “Stay at the Office Better Than Home”