Levels of Having a Love Life

Episode 89 – Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 (7189)

levels of love

In the past 14 months, sometimes I’ve gotten irritated every time when I’ve seen lovers in public especially in malls, holding their hands with romantic excitement (in short, kilig), giving nice gifts (e.g. monthsaries) and even the girl lay down on her boyfriend’s shoulder. I’m not getting envy to them, but I have something that I miss – to have a nice, simple (and legitimate) girlfriend. I miss the way that they’re dating together. I’ve gotten distracted, not only to the public, but even in social media where they post their photos together with their love relationships. It’s just like what I spotted on Facebook last month when I thought that the lady (who almost became my crush after she approached me with pleasure) was still single until I found out that she already has a boyfriend. And I got irritated because she’s still “active” in Singles Ministry even though she has a love relationship. What?!!! Continue reading “Levels of Having a Love Life”