The (Possible) Return of “Hell” Workplace

Episode 172 – Friday, July 28th, 2017 (7514)

My gosh!!! It has been almost five months since I’m out of work!* And I have hard time to find the better job that I’m looking for. Searching as graphic artist/designer, I have applied several companies within Laguna or southern Metro Manila area to apply and have taken exams and a series of interviews from Human Resources (HR) or manager. But I failed to pass all the challenges that I took in the past three months. So, until now, I have been idle and getting so bored at home while I’m still waiting for “miracles” to accept my application. And in the worst scenario, as of now, no one in my family works for our daily expenses. My elder sister was the only one who had a stable job, but earlier this month, she suffered some illness that weakens her body and causes her into hospitalization for almost a week. Until now, she’s out of work for weeks to have enough rest and to take some therapy (but the worst is that she might bring into surgery on her back). This might have been the worst and the darkest times that I ever had in Post-Deaf World Era (or Post-2005/Post-U.S. life). 2017 might be worse and darker year for me than what I had last year! My goodness! Tsk… tsk…

Anyway, back to my jobless times. I’m so bored at home waiting for my pending applications that I already applied and took exam or interview in the past few weeks or so, but they didn’t respond back at all. Most of the companies that I applied for were from Alabang, Las Piñas, and Makati area. There’s one company in Ayala, Makati where some of their employees are my former workmates in Alabang. Last May, I applied there to take two examinations and two interviews with the HR and the manager. I had been back and forth in that place for four different days wasting my transport budget and my travel time for almost one and a half hour from home. However, it seemed that I wasn’t qualified for the company despite that I had been passed the exam. Continue reading “The (Possible) Return of “Hell” Workplace”