Reasons Why I Didn’t Attend KCON 2016

Episode 107 – Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 (7266)

Last weekend, Kerygma Conference 2016: Forward was held on its 10th year, but unfortunately I couldn’t able to attend the 4-day event due of some reasons (Photo courtesy from Kerygma Conference)

Last week, most of my friends from the Feast Laguna went to SMX Convention Center for the Kerygma Conference (KCON) 2016: Forward where they attended 9 selected classes for three days and the Grand Feast which was recently held last Sunday. Some of them volunteered to be servants for this year’s KCON. I checked the news feed on Facebook where they posted their photos while happily attending and serving at the KCON. Well unfortunately, I was not able to go there despite that I already had my ticket for the biggest charismatic and spiritual event. I was not envious to them though, but I had some reasons why I couldn’t attend there for the classes.

Unlike last year where I was able to attend and to serve for the KCON, it was really unfortunate for me to not go there even though I was not too much busy at my work. I didn’t make myself into laziness or having lost of appetite, but there were some reasons why I decided to not attend. Continue reading “Reasons Why I Didn’t Attend KCON 2016”