What If… The Feast Never Came into My Life?

Episode 105 – Monday, November 14th, 2016 (7258)


The Feast is where the happy servants, the atmosphere, the love, the worship songs, the powerful speakers and preachers, and the friendship that I have right now are present. That’s why it is called the happiest place on earth. We can never miss the Declaration of Abundance and then Thy Word, and the preacher starts to share the talk and the topic of the series that lasts up to four weeks. While we’re singing, we raise our hands then lift up our Novena to God’s Love booklet where we write down our dreams and wishes. And before we leave, we give our prayers on the Love Offering to have more blessings and abundance from the Lord. Sometimes after the Feast, we join the Light Groups especially the Singles Ministry (a sort of “singles”) and all other ministries that we can join to serve just like I am serving for Media Ministry (LCD Operator). And we can’t miss without attending special and big events such as Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR) which is held every holy week, the retreats, seminars such as Jesus Encounter, and the biggest inspirational event – Kerygma Conference (KCON) which will be held on its 10th year this November. Of course, we love God, and we love to hear the powerful messages from its founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez, and the builders elsewhere all over the country and some parts of the world. Continue reading “What If… The Feast Never Came into My Life?”