Antagonism in My Career Life

Episode 238 – Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 (7883)

Honestly, in the past 8 years after college graduation, my career life has still no progress at all. Yeah, unlike most of my other friends who have been successful in their own careers, there’s still no success in my career because of distractions, harsh working environment, stress, and of course bullying where I had been bullied most. My profession as a graphic artist/designer has seemed it is not suitable to me at all because of demanding clients or senior professional graphic experts that they revise my design/layout which is too annoying. That’s why I’m not so happy with this profession. I have been working several different companies in the past 8 years, but I can’t make even better for my career life because of these problems.

I might have too much complaining about the system or the working environment that I’m not really satisfied. But the point is… that the employees like me must be treated with some respect. Bullying is one of the things that I really hate most even since when I was a student. Office bullying has always occurred in the workplace because of a person who is so quiet (like me) being bullied by some “bad” officemates who try to “rule” for their workplace. In the past 8 years in my career life, I have already experienced bullying at work (except when I had a nice job in San Pedro for three years). Because of my introvert personality, I was sometimes bullied by some who really wanted to “play” with other officemates. Continue reading “Antagonism in My Career Life”


15 Years Ago: My (Almost) Life-Threatening Experience

Episode 235 – Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 (7876)

15 years ago

The year 2003 was somewhat a strange year for me because of these unexpected things. It was the time when the war in Iraq was occurred ousting Saddam Hussein from his power. The Oakwood Mutiny was in the national headlines. And for those who still remember, the F4 phenomenon hit the airwaves causing most Filipino were tuned in on TV watching Meteor Garden and singing most of F4 songs which were totally not understood because they were in Chinese. Oh well, entering the second half of 2003, there were some changes during my high school life on its third year. My long-time deaf crush became lesbian which made me furious. There were some controversies on my love life although I don’t want to discuss these because they’re already buried from my history books. And I lost the school election for the officer of the student government organization. These were really strange for me during the time. But there was one incident that almost risked my life – the life-threatening experience.

July 2003 had so many bad incidents in my school life. I already mentioned the bad incidents, earlier in the first paragraph, that involved me in school, but just before the end of that month, this incident came into the worst because of one simple involvement – the mutual friendship between a student and a teacher. I didn’t know why I was involved on that crazy situation which led me almost into trouble and with some “threats” throughout my life. Let’s discuss this incident happened 15 years ago.

(This is based on my real experiences that I wrote on My Tent Diary 2003.) Continue reading “15 Years Ago: My (Almost) Life-Threatening Experience”

My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)

Episode 232 – Sunday, July 15th, 2018 (7866)

my life 5-25 years ago

It’s already the halfway of 2018. But during the first half of that year, many struggles had already happened throughout my life including the tragic situation in my family last May (you know what I mean). Last January, at the start of the year, I wrote an episode that described the events happened in my life in the past 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago. If this 2018 may be considered as a tragic year for me even though it has been in the middle, 2013 was my happier year because of having a love life. 2008 and 2003 were my school years where the former was one of my good years because I happily accompanied with my pretty classmate while the latter was somewhat a bad year because of controversies. And finally, 1998 and 1993 were the years where I was so young to explore many things to happen.

Right now, I’m going back in time to explore the past memories that I had in the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. But before that, I will share my present life this July 2018. Continue reading “My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)”

Trilogy: 3 Different Periods in Post-LDR Era

Episode 230 – Sunday, June 24th, 2018 (7845)

Some Hollywood movies have divided into three parts or sequels which are called trilogy – a set of three works related in theme. My favorite trilogy movie that I ever watched was the Back To The Future series. Released in 1985, 1989, and 1990, I only watched these three parts of that movie for the first time when I was in the United States back in 2005. And speaking though, back then during my high school days, I had studied three different schools – PSD, ASD (both are deaf schools) and IMS (a non-deaf school) in a span of only one year from July 2004 to July 2005. Also, I had attended fourth year high school thrice and had participated in the Junior-Senior (JS) Prom thrice in these three different schools. I think I had a “trilogy” in my school life back then.

Last June 10, the Feast SM Santa Rosa celebrated its third anniversary (after relocating from Central Mall Biñan), and the theme of that celebration was called “Gra3tude”. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the special event of the Feast SMSR due of grief from the death of my eldest sister (thus, I haven’t attended Feast since May 6). But today, I really don’t mind that it has been three years since My Tent Journal was launched. Yeah, three years had so many incidents happened in my life including the break-up of my long distance relationship (LDR) with my textmate. Obviously, it has been also three years when I became loveless and single after having a LDR which also lasted three years.

From publishing my first ever episode of my journal (blog) and eventually the break-up until the darkest times, I just want to share my experiences in the past three years. Within three years, my era has been called the Post-LDR Era with a series of heartbroken and loveless moments, boredom, slight happiness, and grief. In that era, I divide it into three different periods that I ever encountered during the three-year span.
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Reasons Why I Left My Old Terrible Job

Episode 229 – Sunday, June 24th, 2018 (7845)

leaving my old job

Within the first half of 2018, my career life has been somewhat unimpressed because of unusual working environment at the printing press in Pasay. Unlike my previous jobs in the past 7 years, my job was not just a graphic artist or designer job, but there was also something that I had never learned from my past. I barely designed a layout or made a design from the client, but I, together with my colleagues from the pre-press department, inspected the design layout from them based on the color, the number of pages, the size, and some specifications that should be met for the press. These were the things that I only learned from my old job in the printing press.

Despite of working in a horrible place and its far location, I had been working there for at least 6 months. And last May, on my 7th month, I was supposed to become a regular employee because I was passed the evaluation after my probationary period. But instead, I decided to decline my regularization not because I was so tired of frequent overtimes (and overnights, too) but simply because I had other plans to grow my career life. During the time when I gave my resignation letter to the Human Resources (HR) Department, they were shocked on my tough decision to leave from their company. They supposed to present some files for regularization to me, but my decision was final. There were some things that they observed around me like being a silent person, and even sometimes the supervisor noticed me that I made one particular job too slow but in a nice quality without any errors spotted. Well, that was the only positive thing that I ever heard. But in the “darker” side, I noticed some things that I wasn’t satisfied in their workplace.

I just list down some “awful” things and reasons based on my observation which made me discomfort at work.
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Tragedy and Grief

Episode 228 – Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 (7834)

It has been a long, long time that I haven’t written my blog (I think it has been weeks or almost a month). It was because of over fatigue from my former work (thank God I’m no longer working there) and one big tragedy in my family. The whole month of May was really considered for me as the worst and the darkest moment, not only in my career life, but also in my family as well.

Entering that month, I felt so tired from work because of frequent overtimes in the printing company in Pasay due of large volume of jobs from the freaking clients that mostly were annual reports (a sort of). I had an overnight work once where I went home in the early morning of first day of May (I had stayed in an affordable hotel before going home with some sleepless mode). But while I was working too long, I didn’t notice that my eldest sister became weaker and couldn’t stand on her own due of her illness. I felt so bad after I got mad on her when she asked me to help her standing on her chair. I didn’t give my apology to her, but I just stayed inside my bedroom to get some rest despite of sizzling heat at home (it was summer, and our house has poor ventilation). However, I had no idea that it was the last time that she could stand on her feet at home. Continue reading “Tragedy and Grief”

Snobbish Moments

Episode 225 – Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 (7777)

Last holy week, I went to Enchanted Events Place to attend Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR): So Loved where I was a servant (for Day 1) and an attendee (for Day 3). I didn’t attend Day 2 because of fatigue and need to have an enough rest. But on the third day of the event (Black Saturday), I decided to attend the event even though I was so late to come because I was waiting for others to accompany going there. While waiting at the tricycle terminal at Balibago Complex, I saw my beloved friend, just called her “Gail”, coming together with her friend to the place where I stood. However, I felt that she somewhat “snubbed” me even though I was trying to wave my right hand (with my cellphone) to her just only few inches away. She just rode inside a tricycle going to the event without noticing me. I was wondering if did she “snub” me at the terminal or… was she just “blind”? Hmmm…

This situation was somewhat similar last year when we went to the Calamba, Laguna together with our fellow servants from Feast SM Santa Rosa for our summer outing. I became moody because she had other companion sitting inside the bus, so that I felt alone sitting with other Youth servants who were so noisy during that time. When we arrived to our destination, I just “snubbed” her even though she greeted me after I got off from the bus. Hayyysss… I felt I was so snobbish during that time, but days later I apologized her about that incident. Continue reading “Snobbish Moments”