Domination (Part 2)

Episode 197 – Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 (7630)

domination part 2

Last time I discussed about dominance where these made my life happy and wonderful to the highest level. These records and accomplishments that happened in my life before might never be done again in the future. I really, really miss these best memories few years ago where these were present. In this second part, I will discuss the other things that made me and my life so dominant.

Text messaging

For now, no one wants me to communicate thru text message (or even chat on Facebook) because they might be busy in their own works. And most of the times, I have lost my desire to communicate with someone because they might not reply me at all. But back few years ago, text (short messaging service or SMS) communication was so dominant in my life.

Having conversation thru text was started as early as 2002 when our family had our first and only one cellphone that we had. However, we only used for limited time due of limit SMS capacity of the phone (which fit only 50 or less SMS) and unlimited text promos didn’t exist back then. But when I was in college, text communication began to rise up. Continue reading


Is August An Unlucky Month For Me?

Episode 179 – Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 (7546)

august jinx

August is almost done, and the “Ber” months will be coming within few days. But before flipping our calendars into another new month, this August is not so good for me. Despite that this is my birth month (born on August 6th), it seems somewhat not so wonderful because of bad happenings occurred within this month.

While I’m still jobless for few months, I feel so desperate and bothered at home because of the distractions. My eldest sister is still ill where she can’t rise from her bed and stand up on her own. That’s why she (almost) always calls me to help her to stand up. Even though she still walks, she’s unable to work at her job due of her illness (by the way, she was the only one who had stable job until she became ill). Continue reading

SMS and Chat Communication in Post-LDR Era

Episode 168 – Friday, July 14th, 2017 (7500)

text or chat 02

Last episode, I discussed about the communication between SMS and Facebook Chat where I’ve used both mostly thru cellphone. For many years, I usually used my cellphone for texting where it was the way to communicate and to connect my friends in a distance including the one who accidentally became my textmate and eventually my first ever non-deaf girlfriend. However, right after the end of long distance relationship (LDR), my text communication has been declined and lost its glory and dominance. But in exchange, I’ve now communicated with my beloved friends thru chat thanks to the free Facebook data that I’ve used thru mobile phone.

In the past two years of Post-LDR Era (after the break-up or post-June 2015), I connected all the data from SMS and Facebook chat messages that I have to compare these two ways of communication. Continue reading

Text or Chat?

Episode 167 – Sunday, July 9th, 2017 (7495)

text or chat

In the emergent of new technology, we have now convenience to connect with someone anywhere in the world. During the old times, people needed to wait for so long to receive handwritten letters from their loved ones. Telegrams and telephones were invented, but they were so costly so that only some may afford to use these to stay connected. But thanks to the advanced technology entering 21st century, we don’t need to write on a piece of paper or to pay public phones, and instead we only need our cellphones to have communication with someone. Continue reading

Working Abroad… Why Not?

Episode 152 – Monday, May 15th, 2017 (7440)

working abroad

It’s hard to find a right place where I can rent a computer in an internet café because it might contain computer virus when I insert my USB and obsolete operating system (OS) which is still using Windows XP (ewww…). There’s no internet connection at home, so that I need to rent for an internet to publish my new stories for my journal (blog). I use to publish only once every week instead of twice per week due of having losing my job last month. And while I’m still looking for a new career/job, I have a lot of free time to explore job openings around, mostly in the metro (well, I miss working in the metro because I had worked in the province for three years). Recently two weeks ago, I explored far places in the metro from my home in Laguna to look something that will be my “forever” in my working career (and in my love life, too). But most of the times, I just enjoyed my leisure to take back some places that had been once part of my “past” (not my past love) that had been part of my life (mostly from during the first years of “Post-Deaf World Era”). Last Tuesday, I visited a non-government organization in Ortigas that helped me to bring me in the United States to become an exchange student back in 2004. When I was there, I saw many new faces that were far different from the last time when I visited almost 12 years ago (although one of my former batch mates (who also became exchange student) was not present, and she’s now their head director, I think). And then last Friday, I went to Commonwealth, Quezon City to visit a government agency for persons with disabilities (even though I was scolded by one of my beloved coordinators after confessing about being jobless and my financial problem with my family). Continue reading

SMS Communication for 2016

Episode 118 – Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 (7308)


In the whole year of 2016, I didn’t have any communication so much to most of my friends thru text messaging. Even though there were some textmates who became my new friends to have some communication, it was not really enough to make me and my life alive. It was because I felt so bored and alone when I had no any friends to talk or to chat.

As the year 2017 has been started, I just want to share my data for text messaging in 2016. Continue reading

SMS Communication: One Year After

Episode 76 – Monday, July 4th, 2016 (7125)

Well, it’s already July, and it has been one year of “lack” of socialization especially in exchanging text messages or short messaging service (SMS) to someone. As you know, I have no longer had any textmate like before, and I think I lose my appetite to have a potential textmate or talking/chatting to somebody who is not boring and telling a lot of stories.

Right now, as one year after the end of long distance relationship (LDR) with my former textmate from the North (I supposed to not mention her anymore because I must move on after one year of heartaches!), collecting my text messages has been declined and dull, to be honest. Unlike in the past few years where I had lots of text messages that I collected, as I expected, my SMS communication with my friends and someone has been sharply and dramatically collapsed by almost 93%. Continue reading

One Year After

Episode 74 – Friday, June 24th, 2016 (7015)

one year after

How about that! This has been exactly one year after I launched My Tent Journal (MTJ) thru my personal blog. I’m so happy because this is an accomplishment for me to share my stories within one year. But, in contrast, I’m so sad because this has been one year that I’m loveless. Yeah, I have still no girlfriend for one year. That’s another accomplishment for me to make myself being single for one full year. And it’s just a coincidence because after I published my first ever episode of MTJ on June 24, 2015, on the following night, my long distance relationship (LDR) with my long-time textmate/girlfriend was over. On that night of June 25, I was numb and clueless after we decided to break-up our LDR for some complicated reasons. I didn’t cry, but deep inside, my heart was crying and hurting so much. Continue reading

What If… I Became a Parent (and Had Own Family) Too Early?

Episode 73 – Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 (7013)


Last Sunday, I attended the first anniversary of Feast SM Sta. Rosa, and it was also celebrated Father’s Day. When I approached to my friends in Media Ministry, Lanie, Janine and Sis Tess just greeted me “Happy Father’s Day”. I wondered why they greeted me even I’ve not been yet a father (or having a child). I told them that how I could be a father if I’ve no children yet (and still no girlfriend until now). I also said them that probably 5-10 years from now I would become a father (but when?). Continue reading

What If… I Was Born to be the Eldest?

Episode 59 – Monday, April 18th, 2016 (7048)


(Photo courtesy from Wattpad)

Ahhhh…. I don’t really appreciate the environment at home because of the practices that my family does every day (except my other elder brother who is living with his own family) – my aged father who is always watching TV especially basketball games, my aged mother who loves to watch her “idol” (which is non-sense AlDub), my eldest sisters (who are both twins) who sometimes fight about their purposes, and my jobless elder brother who is always calling me my nickname sounds like a goat: “Meeerrr!” (I really hate that calling!). All of these make me dissatisfied and unhappy. Unfortunately, I can’t change their environment and habits in the house because I’m just only the youngest among our siblings.

Being the youngest (or bunso in our Filipino culture) is really hard for me because I’m the youngest in the family. There are some struggles that I have experienced being the youngest (if you’re related to be the youngest, click and read an article: 8 Struggles Only a Bunso Will Understand by anonymous). In this episode, I’m now thinking, especially to myself, that what if… I was born to be the eldest? It might be complicated if I can change all of my family’s personal and physical appearances. Let’s discuss it. Continue reading