What If… 2014 Wasn’t My Best Year?

Episode 264 – Sunday, January 20th, 2019 (8055)

In the past few days of 2019, I might be still waiting for some miracles happen in my life. I have a new job in Ortigas where I’ve been working for almost two months, and I stay for my own freedom at a small, capsule-size bedspace nearby. But there are still something missing in my life right now. Social life, leisure (or travel to far places), having a healthy and happy family, and love life are remained absent in my current situation. My life can’t be complete without these good things. Unlike 5 years ago, in 2014, my life was absolutely complete in one whole package. I had a great participation at The Feast. I had a happy and healthy family at home. I had a nice and better job after months of being jobless. And of course, I had a happy, long distance love relationship as well as my long travel to my girlfriend’s place every quarterly. These made me so wonderful, so that’s why 2014 was considered for me as the best year ever.

Gosh! It has been already 5 years since I had my best year ever happened in my whole life. (Insert “Crying Jordan” hehehe!) That year was really the best since the year 1997, and the period of winning streak (up to June 2015) was the most memorable times since my wonderful life in the United States back in 2004-2005. But I’m just wondering why I made the year 2014 the best year ever. And I’m thinking what if… that year didn’t become my best year? What if… the winning streak didn’t happen in 2014? And how would affect my life during that time? Continue reading “What If… 2014 Wasn’t My Best Year?”


What Happened… 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 1st Half of 2019)

Episode 263 – Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 (8050)

The year 2019, as I really wish, will be the start of another recovery from the troubles and darkest moments that I had in the last two years. However, I’ve never thought that it has been five years ago when my life was started to have a winning streak because of having a complete life – career, love life, service with God, and happiness, in which the year 2014 was considered as my best and brightest year ever. But it has been also 10 years ago when I had the worst moments when troubles came into my life because of somewhat non-sense controversy. Will this 2019 turn so good and memorable like 5 years ago? Or will this become so bad and awful like 10 years ago (or still the worst like in the last two years)? Hmmm…

At this moment, I’m going back in time to flashback the past memories that I had in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago from this day. Continue reading “What Happened… 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 1st Half of 2019)”

My Life in the Past Decade

Episode 261 – Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 (8036)

Happy New Year! And it’s already 2019. I hope this year will be better for me to have nice moments throughout my life. But I can’t imagine that this has been the final year of the decade 2010s. Next year will be 2020. And as what I’ve mentioned before, the future will be so scary yet exciting! Woah!

Also I can’t realize that the time is forwarding so fast. Entering the new decade of 2010s, I was still a college student back then, and my future after college was uncertain. But almost a decade later, here I am right now – a gentleman living in the adulthood stage. Although I have been struggling in the past few years especially in my career, my finances, and even my love life, my life has been far different from what I was back in 2010. But I’m remaining still the same.

For now, I’m discussing about my life and my experience in the past decade. From the recovery from the worst incident in my life up to the best years in my life. Then the heartbroken came but still remain happiness in my life until it went dim into the worst episodes of my life. Continue reading “My Life in the Past Decade”

My 2018 Yearend Review: The Best and The Worst

Episode 260 – Sunday, December 30th, 2018 (8034)

Every year, just before the year ends, I have created a yearend review about the experiences and happenings in my life throughout the year. The Best and The Worst has been traditional as early as 2004 – the time when I was in the United States. In 2007, I’ve made this in digital format thru Microsoft Word instead of handwriting on my notes. And since 2015, I’ve published this publicly for the first time in my Journal. I’ve been doing this to share my best and my worst happenings in the past 12 months. And for this year, I create my yearend report about these wonderful and sad moments around my life. I’m doing this for the 15th consecutive year.

The categories listed here are based on my experience, emotions, observation, and satisfaction that might make me happy, sad, disgrace, or trouble. These are the list that I’ve chosen to be the best and the worst, the winners and the losers of the year 2018. For now, as my yearender special for this coming New Year, I just want to share these good and bad events happened this year: Continue reading “My 2018 Yearend Review: The Best and The Worst”

My 2018 Yearend Review – The Feast

Episode 257 – Wednesday, December 26th, 2018 (8030)

The year 2018 will be over within few days, and in the past 12 months, my life has been just a sort of mediocre and happiness throughout the year most especially my participation at The Feast – the only bright side of my life right now. It’s so amazing for me that I’ve been still attending and serving with God in the past 5 long years. 5 years is quite so long, longer than my long distance relationship or even my longest tenure at work. And it has been three years that I’ve been a part of Feast SM Santa Rosa since the relocation from formerly known Feast Central Mall Biñan in June 2015.

But just before the year 2018 ends, I will discuss my wonderful experience at The Feast in the whole year where there were times that I eagerly attended and served, and there were also the times that I couldn’t be able to attend due of personal reasons. Let’s review this as a part of my 2018 yearend review. Continue reading “My 2018 Yearend Review – The Feast”


Episode 249 – Sunday, November 4th, 2018 (7978)

A month ago, I published an episode (story) about possible causes why I’m jobless, financial burden, having no leisure, having no girlfriend, and still unmarried. Oh well, I might probably be miserable for now, but in the past 7 or 8 years, I feel my life from 2010 (or at least right after my college graduation) has been somewhat wasted. Yeah, my career life has been wasted. Because ruining my career, my finances have not been fulfilled, thanks to those parasites that asked me for money, making me so stupid to lend them. Thus, my savings from hard work have also been wasted. And my wonderful love life for three years was wasted without any reason, but later I found out that my former love somewhat betrayed me for another love, making me furious and until now I still can’t find the right one.

I feel so upset why I am here right now, becoming poorer and more distress than ever. It is only because all things that I had before have already been wasted. Pabaya or sayang talaga. I might regret about it because these were come from my hard work, sacrifice, and sweat. But these went nothing. There’s nothing to grow my life as well to conquer my greatest dreams. Thanks to those who distracted me, I am now suffered the worst and the darkest side in my life!

Right now, I’m discussing the things that have been wasted causing my present life into downfall and never become successful. Continue reading “Wasted”

Remembering CG: Care/Connect Group

Episode 248 – Sunday, October 28th, 2018 (7971)

I and my friends from Feast Biñan gathering a Connect/Care Group during one Saturday evening back in 2014

In the present, I barely or (consequently) never join LG with mostly single (and pretend to be “single”) people in the Singles Ministry right after Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa. Also I’ve never joined any Singles gatherings such as Singles Night Out (led by Marlon Tacalan and held every 4th Wednesday of the month). It is because I don’t want to be ashamed due of my current situation such as being jobless or poor (really?). However, back in my old, happy, and better days, I frequently joined a gathering called Care/Connect Group or CG.

Yeah, I was still joining CG with my beloved friends from The Feast. But that was 4 or 5 years ago when I was still attending formerly known Saturday Feast (preached by Bro. Andreus Cosio) in Central Mall Biñan. CG is now a present form of Light Group or LG (not my initials though). During the time when I was jobless back in late 2013 – the time that my life was way better back then, I usually attended (and sometimes served for the Media Ministry) at The Feast every Saturday evening. Right after the weekly gathering, I was asked by some of my new friends from Feast Biñan to join their CG. CG was a weekly gathering for Singles. There was also a CG for Youth and some parents to share their own lives and blessings every week. Continue reading “Remembering CG: Care/Connect Group”