My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)

Episode 232 – Sunday, July 15th, 2018 (7866)

my life 5-25 years ago

It’s already the halfway of 2018. But during the first half of that year, many struggles had already happened throughout my life including the tragic situation in my family last May (you know what I mean). Last January, at the start of the year, I wrote an episode that described the events happened in my life in the past 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago. If this 2018 may be considered as a tragic year for me even though it has been in the middle, 2013 was my happier year because of having a love life. 2008 and 2003 were my school years where the former was one of my good years because I happily accompanied with my pretty classmate while the latter was somewhat a bad year because of controversies. And finally, 1998 and 1993 were the years where I was so young to explore many things to happen.

Right now, I’m going back in time to explore the past memories that I had in the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. But before that, I will share my present life this July 2018. Continue reading “My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)”


What If… LDR Still Exists Today?

Episode 231 – Sunday, July 1st, 2018 (7852)

LDR copy

On June 25, 2015, I thought that day was just like any other. At the start of the day, I had my usual routine when I prepared for my work and travelled in a nice flow of traffic going to San Pedro. At the workplace, I was so comfortable to have no stressful jobs and strict bosses (because they’re in Macau during time). Even though my distant girlfriend didn’t text me for few days due of no cellphone load, I was confident that we’re still keeping in touch right after our anniversary date almost two weeks ago. After work, I got go home and ate my delicious dinner. In retrospect, that June 25, 2015, Thursday, was just an ordinary day for me. No one knew that it would be the last day of one of the happiest moments in my life. And I never thought that day would be the end of my colorful and happy love life after three cheerful years.

On that night, when I got home from work and after eating my lunch, I was so glad that she texted me for our usual distant communication as a girlfriend/boyfriend. However, later on, I had no idea what happened next. She informed me thru text messages that she was caught by his eldest brother after he saw our sweet pictures on her cellphone while we’re dating for our third anniversary few weeks ago. She also told me that her father already knew about our “secret” long distance relationship. I was so surprised when she said that she needed to break our relationship in order of her father. Actually, I accepted her decision as we ended our three-year LDR (despite of having met only 15 times). But the most painful thing that I ever heard was when she wanted me to forget her and to look for a lady more deserving than her. This made me so hurt, and she was crying during that time. After that, she thanked me for what I had done for her with happiness in the past three years. Then, I sent my final text message to her telling my final goodbye, and she replied it for the final time to thank me so much.

Three years later, I didn’t feel any sadness or regret on that heartbroken day three years ago. But I didn’t care because I was too busy enough at my new job despite of having an antagonist who’s too overacting so much. Like my career life which has been horrible right now, my love life is seemed to be empty from what I had three years ago while my two other colleagues, who, like me, are graphic artists, in my new job have their own girlfriends. Well, I don’t mind that they have own love while I have none. But, in this episode, I’m just wondering… what if my LDR with my distant textmate/girlfriend still exists today? What if our break-up on that night didn’t happen, and we’re still distant lovers? And what will this affect in my current situation?

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Reasons Why I Left My Old Terrible Job

Episode 229 – Sunday, June 24th, 2018 (7845)

leaving my old job

Within the first half of 2018, my career life has been somewhat unimpressed because of unusual working environment at the printing press in Pasay. Unlike my previous jobs in the past 7 years, my job was not just a graphic artist or designer job, but there was also something that I had never learned from my past. I barely designed a layout or made a design from the client, but I, together with my colleagues from the pre-press department, inspected the design layout from them based on the color, the number of pages, the size, and some specifications that should be met for the press. These were the things that I only learned from my old job in the printing press.

Despite of working in a horrible place and its far location, I had been working there for at least 6 months. And last May, on my 7th month, I was supposed to become a regular employee because I was passed the evaluation after my probationary period. But instead, I decided to decline my regularization not because I was so tired of frequent overtimes (and overnights, too) but simply because I had other plans to grow my career life. During the time when I gave my resignation letter to the Human Resources (HR) Department, they were shocked on my tough decision to leave from their company. They supposed to present some files for regularization to me, but my decision was final. There were some things that they observed around me like being a silent person, and even sometimes the supervisor noticed me that I made one particular job too slow but in a nice quality without any errors spotted. Well, that was the only positive thing that I ever heard. But in the “darker” side, I noticed some things that I wasn’t satisfied in their workplace.

I just list down some “awful” things and reasons based on my observation which made me discomfort at work.
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Waking Up So Early

Episode 226 – Friday, April 27th, 2018 (7787)

Waking up dedicates as the start of a new day, seeing the bright sunrise (if it’s not rainy), and having a fresh air in the morning. From a long and nice sleep, waking up in the morning is the most important thing that we ever have in our everyday lives. But in my present life, I’m now waking up with the dark sky and without the presence of the sun (although I see its little brightness lately due of summer time). I’m waking up because of my job where I prepare for myself to travel about 24 miles away from home with lots of traffic and inconveniences for my work 6 days per week. Yeah, I rise up around 5:15 in the morning just to prepare for my work, and during Mondays, I wake up as early as 4:30 due of rush hour where there are lots of passengers waiting for a long queue at the bus terminal going for their work or school further (this is already a usual situation where I’ve been late most of the times). Since I began to work at a printing press company in November 2017, this has been my usual routine where I always wake up too early in the morning. Continue reading “Waking Up So Early”


Episode 223 – Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 (7770)

In most families, there are children where they’re bonding each other in one big family. They are called siblings as they call themselves as brothers or sisters because they’re born in the same parents. Some only have two siblings while others have minimum number of 3, but some have a bigger one (more than 10, just like a complete line-up of a basketball team). Some few others are twins or even triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets. Sometimes they call themselves as “best friend” because they’re living together in one home. However, there are some that they are only child (solo flight). They might be happy because they’re solo in their own things, but some don’t because they’re alone without having a brother or a sister playing and bonding each other.

Oh well, I’m now discussing in this episode about siblings. Continue reading “Siblings”


Episode 220 – Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 (7750)

Until now, I’m still (and desperately) looking for the “right one” that will love me truly as my future partner forever. However, there are some distractions that I can’t be able to find someone because of the instances that she’s not the right one for me. Someone tells me that I can’t be able to have a formal courtship to some single ladies out there because I’m “weak”, shy or whatever they’re telling me that I don’t really like to hear their reactions or suggestions which makes me so distracting and disappoint. While I’m writing (or typing) on my laptop, I don’t realize that I’ve been still single for the last 1,000 days! Woah! I can’t believe that I have still no girlfriend for thousand days (about almost 33 months or 2.75 years). That’s really a milestone for me as a single young man.

Reaching a milestone makes me happy but sad because I’m still single, having no girlfriend or love life until now. In this episode, I’m now sharing my past experiences happened within 1,000 days after the break of long distance relationship (LDR) and the beginning of Post-LDR Era. I just made my timeline from Day 1 of becoming single and no love relationship at all until this day. Continue reading “#1000Days”

Inconvenience at Work

Episode 219 – Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 (7749)

Last Wednesday, I was stuck at work because of a hectic and complicated job that I ever handled. And for the first time ever in my present job, I didn’t go home in the whole day, and instead, I stayed at the office together with my officemates (including my skeptic supervisor) where we slept (in a hard box carton) together after our stressful job. Even though on the next day we started to work with tight and rush deadlines, I just decided to take my work for only half day and to go home after noon (I didn’t take my lunch afterwards). And yeah, it might be the worst and the most inconvenience that I ever have in my working career.

This was not my first time to stay at the office overnight. 6 years ago when I was working at Alabang, I stayed with my other colleagues to work overnight to finish the very tight, rush deadlines. I stayed there for almost 24 hours. But just last week, I stayed at the printing company in Pasay for almost 30 hours – the longest ever. However, in the next following days, I might be assigned with my other colleagues at the pre-press department to work longer (about 2-3 days) and never go home. This might cause our bodies tired and lack of getting enough rest (we have only one resting day). Continue reading “Inconvenience at Work”