Loss of Appetite

Episode 164 – Friday, June 23rd, 2017 (7479)

loss of appetite 01

In the past several weeks since I lost my job, my life became boring once again. I have no work, no girlfriend, encountered distractions at home, and every time when I’m going around after my job application, I just walk around the mall alone, unaccompanied, and lonely. And even I have my cellphone that I’ve done anything to get rid my boredom, still I feel so bored because nobody text or chat me on my phone. I feel there’s something missing in my life right now.

Since post-LDR era which it has been now two years already, my life is now so dull with mediocrity. I’m always thinking about my past life where it was way, way back better than what I have right now. I really miss the moment. But since I became single and loveless, I began to lose my appetite to do for my happiness. My happy days were gone. Continue reading

Similarities Between Jose Rizal and Me

Episode 163 – Monday, June 19th, 2017 (7475)


Today is the 156th birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero that he fought our country for freedom against the Spanish regime during late 19th century. He was a great genius to distribute his works in the Philippine history. He was a physician, educator, engineer, businessman, historian, farmer, botanist, essayist, linguist, musician, poet, novelist, painter, psychologist, sculptor, surveyor, traveler, zoologist, and more. But because of him, some of my things and happenings were almost similar to what Rizal did during his times. In this episode, I just want to share you about my things that are almost or somewhat similar to our national hero. There are my top 10 lists: Continue reading

The Day That Made Me So Happy

Episode 162 – Saturday, June 17th, 2017 (7473)

june 17

Hi there! Today is June 17, and it’s just an ordinary day for everyone, including yours truly. But just few years ago, June 17 was a special day for me because it was the day that made me so happy most especially in my love life. Exactly five years ago, I didn’t expect that I finally had a girlfriend who was my long distance textmate. Yup, she’s my first (and only) textmate that I ever had after she accidentally sent a wrong text message to me in one breezy afternoon of February 2011. And I never thought that she was the “key” to break my 7-year love drought (or having no girlfriend) and the curse that I had after transferring from so-called “Deaf World” in 2005. Continue reading

The Cycle: Best-Bad-Good-Worst

Episode 149 – Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 (7421)


Good day! Right now, I have to remember my past memories where there were lots of the best and most memorable moments happened to make me and my life wonderful and happy. Last episode, I wrote about my three best eras in the past 20 years in my life, and I really missed the best moments that I had in happiness, freedom, and in love life. But in exchange, my best memories turned out into bad incidents where distractions came unexpectedly into my life. Although I needed to move on from the best, my life has been just a mediocre with some good (not the best) memories; however, I didn’t enjoy because of one worst case scenario which almost ruined my life. But then suddenly, my worst incidents turned into the best, and the routine has been on and on. Continue reading


Episode 141 – Friday, March 24th, 2017 (7388)


Beginning this year, I started to publish my new episodes on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday, and I did these for 10 weeks in a row. But it was until when I became jobless in my previous job. Right after I published a one Thursday episode, I immediately published my story about losing my job which was published on Friday, March 10, a day after the shocking announcement of the company where I had worked for three long years that we’re now dissolved. Because I don’t have internet connection at home, my new episodes that are scheduled to be published every Tuesday and Thursday on my blog are affected. My consistency has been broken. Continue reading

Jobless + Loveless

Episode 140 – Monday, March 20th, 2017 (7384)


What’s up? I’m still looking some vacancies for my next job after becoming jobless earlier this month. And aside of searching for my new job, I’m also still looking for “One True Love” after becoming loveless almost 21 months ago. Oh well… that’s crucial because I’m already in 30s, and I might have hard time to look for a better job and for a right girl to be my dream girlfriend. But while I’m looking for both things (I would like to look a new job first rather than a new girlfriend, hehehe), I feel I’m just going back in 2010 when I was jobless and loveless. Yeah, it might be similar to what I had almost 7 years ago where I was looking for my first job and my first girlfriend.

I’ll discuss my life back in 2010 when I was quite young and not-so having working experience because I was just a fresh grad back then. Here’s my flashback, using my “time machine”, in the year 2010. Continue reading

5-10-15-20 (for 1st Half of 2017)

Episode 119 – Thursday, January 5th, 2017 (7310)


It’s already 2017, and I hope this will be my better and happier year to me because of the blessings and positivity things in my life. I still remember 20 years ago, when I was so young, my life was way, way better back then. 10 years later, in 2007, my life was quite better especially when I was now belonged to “non-deaf world”. Although there were some conflicts happened during that year, my college life was way better in 2007 because of the happiness with my close college classmates. And now, since it’s already 2017, I don’t think the number ‘7’ is lucky because of the happenings in the past years ended with 7 (1997 and 2007). But because I’m so optimistic, the year 2017 will be great as same as 10 or 20 years ago. I hope so.

Anyway, this is my second episode to be published in 2017, and I just want to share about my happenings in my life occurred 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago. I decided to make this tradition twice every year (together with my SMS communication episode) as I’ll publish this on the first half (on January) and on the second half (around July) of the year to flashback the events that occurred in my life. And now, I’ll start to share my experience in the present (2017). Continue reading

SMS Communication for 2016

Episode 118 – Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 (7308)


In the whole year of 2016, I didn’t have any communication so much to most of my friends thru text messaging. Even though there were some textmates who became my new friends to have some communication, it was not really enough to make me and my life alive. It was because I felt so bored and alone when I had no any friends to talk or to chat.

As the year 2017 has been started, I just want to share my data for text messaging in 2016. Continue reading

My Top 5 Most Memorable Christmas Station IDs

Episode 109 – Monday, November 28th, 2016 (7272)


(Photo courtesy from ABS-CBN)

Just few days left before December and I already feel the breeze and cold weather (although there’s no snow in the Philippines) as the Christmas is getting closer and closer. Because it’s just few days to go before Christmas, there are lots of Christmas carols sung by either young kids or adults to solicit at every home. Speaking of that, in most public malls elsewhere, you hear the sweet Christmas songs from Filipino legend Jose Mari Chan such as A Perfect Christmas and Christmas In Our Hearts in which both of these are my favorites during Yuletide season. And of course, when we watch TV, you’ll watch the beautiful and memorable Christmas station IDs (SID) of the TV networks here at the Philippines (despite of having “dirty” competition called “Network War”). In the past several years, the two biggest TV networks have their own Christmas station IDs to remind our Filipinos the spirit and the meaning of Christmas. Although I’ve never watched TV nowadays because I refer to watch internet live streaming from the United States most especially live sports events, I just refer to watch ABS-CBN, called as the “Family” Network, rather than other TV networks. The station has created Christmas SIDs every year making our Filipinos so memorable and cheerful. Continue reading

What If… The Feast Never Came into My Life?

Episode 105 – Monday, November 14th, 2016 (7258)


The Feast is where the happy servants, the atmosphere, the love, the worship songs, the powerful speakers and preachers, and the friendship that I have right now are present. That’s why it is called the happiest place on earth. We can never miss the Declaration of Abundance and then Thy Word, and the preacher starts to share the talk and the topic of the series that lasts up to four weeks. While we’re singing, we raise our hands then lift up our Novena to God’s Love booklet where we write down our dreams and wishes. And before we leave, we give our prayers on the Love Offering to have more blessings and abundance from the Lord. Sometimes after the Feast, we join the Light Groups especially the Singles Ministry (a sort of “singles”) and all other ministries that we can join to serve just like I am serving for Media Ministry (LCD Operator). And we can’t miss without attending special and big events such as Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR) which is held every holy week, the retreats, seminars such as Jesus Encounter, and the biggest inspirational event – Kerygma Conference (KCON) which will be held on its 10th year this November. Of course, we love God, and we love to hear the powerful messages from its founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez, and the builders elsewhere all over the country and some parts of the world. Continue reading