Sunday is My Only Free Day

Episode 247 – Sunday, October 14th, 2018 (7957)

In all 7 days of the week, only Sunday is my free day. And because today is Sunday, I can go out from the house and attend (or serve) the Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa every week. And after attending The Feast, I spend myself for some free time such as taking a lunch and renting in an internet café to download videos and to upload this episode on my blog. However, while Sunday is the only day that I have “freedom”, all other days – Monday to Saturday have been boring to me because, first of all, I still don’t have a permanent job, and lastly, there are lots of distractions at home, so that I don’t have time to spend my own privacy (my elder brother is also jobless, so he stays at home for the whole day).
I only think that Sunday is a family day for most people around because it is where they stay together and bond each other in one family after a whole week of work and stress. However, for me, it has been an opposite. While my other friends spend their free time with (happy) families every Sunday, I don’t spend too much with my family because I have already done this for 6 days while I’m jobless, staying at home at all times. That’s why my freedom has always reflected on Sundays. However, 4 or 5 years ago, Sunday was my usual time to have a full rest from work and to spend with my family at home. Continue reading “Sunday is My Only Free Day”


What Are The Main Causes Why I’m Miserable? (Really???)

Episode 246 – Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 (7952)

Good day everyone. Well, right now, I’m still distressed, waiting for some miracles in my life. For three straight months, I still have no permanent job after I left a job that really made me discomfort because of an overacting antagonist then I decided to not report for work anymore without any official absence. But being jobless has caused me even worse. While looking for a new job so hardly, my bank savings have been little by little decreasing due of expenses that I’ve done almost every week. Because I don’t have a job right now, I don’t have any monthly salary at all. My finance is never fulfilled because, last May, I withdrew almost entire savings for the higher hospital bills of my eldest sister who unfortunately died after being released from the hospital. It feels like that my patience at work for 7 years has been wasted. Also while I don’t have big enough savings (it has been almost already 4-digit amount), I can’t be able bonding with my friends as well as finding a one true love that will be my “forever”. And I can’t settle for my own independence because I’m still single and living with my parents who are senior citizens. My gosh! I’m 32, but no job, no big savings, no love life, and no happy life! Am I really such an unfortunate person with all misfortune around my life?

While I’m here without all of these, some of my friends – former high school or college classmates, or former officemates – enjoy their own lives (I guess) because they are enjoying their own lives… almost. Some are already married and having children and might be living in their own away from their parents. Some are already (new) parents giving their first (born) child. Some are already in a love relationship or engaged going to be wed soon. Or some enjoy their leisure, travelling around the country with friends like swimming, hiking, sightseeing, and even in abroad because of their big enough savings from their hard work in their good company. And in fact, they’re younger than me. They’re really fortunate, right? But how about am I? Do I have these right now? Continue reading “What Are The Main Causes Why I’m Miserable? (Really???)”

Singles Night Out: Why Haven’t I Attended?

Episode 245 – Monday, October 1st, 2018 (7944)

singles night outEvery time when I talk with someone thru Facebook, they’re asking me to have some bonding with our friends from Feast SM Santa Rosa. I know that I’m too much introvert because I don’t really have any close connections to my friends particularly in Singles Ministry where a bunch of singles (and pretend to be “singles”) are gathering. Some happenings that they gather are the Light Groups where they share their personal stories on their coffee dates (particularly right after Feast session), Love Someone Today (LST), Intercessory Ministry, Love Life Retreat occurred annually in February, and lately the Singles gathering or Singles Night Out. Oh well, I already attend these kind of occasions (although I didn’t complete LST course due of personal reasons) except the last one.

This gathering for Singles are held monthly where single (and pretend to be “single”) people meet for fun and with blessings from God. I don’t have any idea about this, but it was actually started early this year after one of my Feast friends named Bethz encouraged me thru Facebook chat to attend the event. However, due of being tired from work during the time (thanks to the frequent overtimes at my old job in Pasay and long travel with traffic going home), I was unable to attend Singles Night Out where most of my beloved friends from Feast SM Santa Rosa were there including the one who have been chatting with me for a long time. I didn’t have any regrets for not participate in this social event. But in later months, my beloved friend, who had first invited me, again let me to attend another Singles Night Out. Continue reading “Singles Night Out: Why Haven’t I Attended?”

Good Things Happened During the Early Years of Post-LDR Era

Episode 244 – Saturday, September 29th, 2018 (7942)

In the past almost 39 months, my life has been despair right after having a happy, love relationship in June 2015. When the long distance relationship ended 39 months ago, I became so lonely and alone. But despite of this, during the first years of Post-LDR Era, I was still blessed because I had still a nice and convenient job, abundance, and serving with God. I lost my love life, but still I had a better job and full of abundance. However, in the later months, everything was, little by little, disappeared. My beloved job was dissolved. My family became unhealthy. My finances became almost crumbled. My career life became ruined because of the distractions and disheartened supervisors. And the tragic came in my family when my eldest sister died due of her illness.

It seems that the Post-LDR Era dragged me down from the top and happiness. I never thought that this era would serve me as a “move-on” progress during the first years. But instead, it made my life even worsened in the latter years. That’s why I divide this era, the Post-LDR Era, into three different periods in the past three years – the Heartbroken Times, the Good Times, and the Dark and Tragic Times. The former occurred from my recent break-up in late June 2015 up to November 2016 while the second one occurred during Christmas 2016 up to right after losing my beloved job in San Pedro. And the last one came even worse, since May 2017, from being jobless up to the tragic times where many bad things happened, not only in my life, but in my family. Continue reading “Good Things Happened During the Early Years of Post-LDR Era”

My Solo Field Trip: the Studio Experience

Episode 243 – Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 (7936)

my solo field trip

It has been months since I became jobless, and it’s so hard to find a better and nicer job that I really like to work for. Despite of having my time to search job openings on the internet (using 4G data on my phone), no one calls or replies me up a schedule for an interview. It’s so sad for being a jobseeker to find a nice job with little hope (paasa, I mean). Within 7 days in my life, Sunday is my only time to explore so freely because of my attendance at The Feast every week. However, it’s only one day that I’m free from home. In other days, Monday to Saturdays, it has been so bored to me to stay at home all the time with lots of distractions and some annoying things around the house.

Two weeks ago, I had never gone out from home to explore the “outside world”. Yeah, after attending Sunday Feast one Sunday in September (that was September 2nd), I never left home to explore for myself outside for two long weeks. Except when I went outside only to buy cellphone load at the sari-sari store, I had been isolated at home, and it’s so boring for me to do the same routine that I’ve ever done at home like waking up in the late morning, eating breakfast, daydreaming, eating lunch, washing dishes, short afternoon nap, taking a bath, eating meryenda, daydreaming again, eating dinner, and preparing for a good night sleep. For 6 days, I’ve been doing these at home, and there’s nothing change since losing my job. It’s because this is my home that’s without any allowances unlike in an office where it provides a monthly salary every time you work. Continue reading “My Solo Field Trip: the Studio Experience”

What If… My Friendship With Abby Never Exists?

Episode 242 – Sunday, September 16th, 2018 (7929)

When I was in the United States back in 2004, I met a nice deaf friend named Abby. She became my crush though, but I didn’t take any feelings to her because of having her relationship during the time. But during Christmas season almost 14 years ago, she gave me an inspiration when we talked each other with pleasure. That was one of the most memorable moments that I ever had during my [exile] life in the U.S. But 12 years later, another “Abby” came into my life.

Her name is Abegail Maldo, a pretty, charmed lady from San Pedro, Laguna. Calling her as Avhie (as per her usage) or just simple Abby, she became my nice friend from the Feast who gave me happiness from being heartbroken and sadness two years ago. So, she was the reason why my life was restored to be alive from being dull back in 2016 – the time when it was some sort of mediocrity in the Post-LDR era. But I didn’t know why I befriended her after I found her Facebook in March 2016, and I added her to become friends. Although she accepted me as her new friend, however, we didn’t have any communication until August 2016 when I first greeted her a simple “Hello”. In the following months, we started to have our Facebook chat conversation sharing our personal stories. But despite of friendship thru chat, we had never met personally. Even though I had already spotted her in the Singles Ministry with her friends while attending The Feast in SM City Santa Rosa, we couldn’t even meet in a small world inside the cinema. I didn’t know why, but it wasn’t until on January 15, 2017. While I was sitting and waiting for the start of the first session, she approached me as I was so surprised that finally she met me in person. Continue reading “What If… My Friendship With Abby Never Exists?”

My Usage of Internet

Episode 241 – Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 (7924)

Our society is now focused in the world of internet. It is accessible where we can communicate our loved ones thru chat, video streaming, and e-mails. It is entertaining so that we can watch our favorite shows thru YouTube and other videos. And it is more knowledgeable where we can research whatever we want to know everything in this world. Life is not complete without an internet.

Here in my home country, the Philippines, about half of our population have access thru internet either connecting thru broadband and Wi-Fi or renting a computer spending few hours of using internet. Even our mobile phones can connect internet with surfing promos thru 4G. In my home, however, I don’t have any internet connection (as of now), but I can access internet thru phone with the usage of surfing promos of the cellular providers (even though the 4G signal is quite slow especially during peak hours). Also, if I have enough money (because I’m still jobless until now), I go to the net café to rent a computer for few hours usage of internet to download some stuff and to publish my blog weekly. Continue reading “My Usage of Internet”