Antagonism in My Career Life

Episode 238 – Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 (7883)

Honestly, in the past 8 years after college graduation, my career life has still no progress at all. Yeah, unlike most of my other friends who have been successful in their own careers, there’s still no success in my career because of distractions, harsh working environment, stress, and of course bullying where I had been bullied most. My profession as a graphic artist/designer has seemed it is not suitable to me at all because of demanding clients or senior professional graphic experts that they revise my design/layout which is too annoying. That’s why I’m not so happy with this profession. I have been working several different companies in the past 8 years, but I can’t make even better for my career life because of these problems.

I might have too much complaining about the system or the working environment that I’m not really satisfied. But the point is… that the employees like me must be treated with some respect. Bullying is one of the things that I really hate most even since when I was a student. Office bullying has always occurred in the workplace because of a person who is so quiet (like me) being bullied by some “bad” officemates who try to “rule” for their workplace. In the past 8 years in my career life, I have already experienced bullying at work (except when I had a nice job in San Pedro for three years). Because of my introvert personality, I was sometimes bullied by some who really wanted to “play” with other officemates. Continue reading “Antagonism in My Career Life”


One of My Unsolved Mysteries Is Finally Solved!

Episode 237 – Sunday, July 29th, 2018 (7880)

Last year, I published a story about the things that are remained mysteries throughout my life. These might be controversial or simply mysterious that up to this day I can’t even solve or find the main cause. But there’s one mystery that had been remained unsolved for many years in my life is finally answered. I didn’t investigate or search any answers about this which had been a mystery for 25 years! But these answers finally came thru when my family had a grief due of the loss of one of my siblings recently last May.

During the time when my eldest sister died at home after almost a year of battling her illness, the sad news spread throughout our relatives and her friends via text messages, phone calls, and even social media such as Facebook. And on the fifth day of the wake, there’s someone visiting to the wake at home where I didn’t even recognize who they were. I just came back home from my job hunting in Laguna when I spotted them talking with my other eldest sister. I found out that they were the former neighbors of my family when we’re still living in Paco, Manila almost 30 years ago, and they were also the former high school classmates of my two twin eldest sisters. When they saw me upon my arrival, they still recognized me, but I didn’t even recognize them because I was so young when the last time we met in Paco (I was around 1-2 years old, I guess). Suddenly, one of them named Tess informed me that my former childhood neighbor, Irish, has been already married to a Malaysian guy and now lived in her husband’s home country. Because of this, I finally got an idea about Irish who had been a mystery for me after 25 years! I couldn’t believe that one of the mysteries of my life had been finally solved because of one answer. Continue reading “One of My Unsolved Mysteries Is Finally Solved!”

My Tent Office Turns 20

Episode 236 – Friday, July 27th, 2018 (7878)

20th anniversary

My Tent Office has been considered as my “real” workplace. It is the place where I create most of my writings, including this blog My Tent Journal, and design my own personal things on my laptop. Despite of having no privacy, thanks to my elder brother because of his bedroom that connects to my own bedroom, this is my true place to work for my own purposes. I’m the boss in my own “office” and taking my free time with my “guardian angels” every time when I face personal problems. My Tent Office is served as my creative center, my headquarters, my arena, or my workstation. But it is always (and will be forever) my “baby” because it is considered as my “real” home.

At this present, it is filled with several books on the shelf that I usually read during my free time. There’s a study table that I always use for most of my writings on my laptop. And a whiteboard is attached under the book shelf that fills with a magnetic calendar and magnetic decors that I love to collect. These things like book shelf, table, and white board make my own “office” into a perfect style of having a workstation like this.

But while I’m looking at my own “office, I have something to look back in the past when it was first started as a tiny space 20 years ago. I can’t imagine this because it has become a part of my life for almost two-thirds of my entire age. I now discuss in this episode how My Tent Office started from a small playground into a workstation with some hi-tech equipment. Continue reading “My Tent Office Turns 20”

15 Years Ago: My (Almost) Life-Threatening Experience

Episode 235 – Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 (7876)

15 years ago

The year 2003 was somewhat a strange year for me because of these unexpected things. It was the time when the war in Iraq was occurred ousting Saddam Hussein from his power. The Oakwood Mutiny was in the national headlines. And for those who still remember, the F4 phenomenon hit the airwaves causing most Filipino were tuned in on TV watching Meteor Garden and singing most of F4 songs which were totally not understood because they were in Chinese. Oh well, entering the second half of 2003, there were some changes during my high school life on its third year. My long-time deaf crush became lesbian which made me furious. There were some controversies on my love life although I don’t want to discuss these because they’re already buried from my history books. And I lost the school election for the officer of the student government organization. These were really strange for me during the time. But there was one incident that almost risked my life – the life-threatening experience.

July 2003 had so many bad incidents in my school life. I already mentioned the bad incidents, earlier in the first paragraph, that involved me in school, but just before the end of that month, this incident came into the worst because of one simple involvement – the mutual friendship between a student and a teacher. I didn’t know why I was involved on that crazy situation which led me almost into trouble and with some “threats” throughout my life. Let’s discuss this incident happened 15 years ago.

(This is based on my real experiences that I wrote on My Tent Diary 2003.) Continue reading “15 Years Ago: My (Almost) Life-Threatening Experience”

10 Years Ago: From “Cold War” to Companionship with My Pretty College Classmate

Episode 234 – Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 (7873)

The month of July has been somewhat significant for me because there are many events happened throughout my life. It was July when I first started attending The Feast (that was 5 years ago). It was also July when I became heartbroken (3 years ago). And it was July, last year, when my eldest sister started becoming ill which lasted for several months until she took her last breathe two months ago. But 10 years ago, I had something that was so bad but later it became something better. I was a college student back then which I can’t imagine because it has already been 10 years (I’m now a career person although I still need something better for my miserable career). That was 2008 – the year when the Summer Olympics was held in China, Barack Obama campaigned for his presidency, and the global economic crisis.

These instances happened 10 years ago were involved by my two college classmates who were coincidentally my college crushes, and they had huge differences. The one had a freaking boyfriend despite of her chubbiness while the one was so pretty and tall although she was just little bit boyish and looked like a “mouse” (hehehe, just kidding). In this episode, I will share a story that flourished my college life 10 years ago. Continue reading “10 Years Ago: From “Cold War” to Companionship with My Pretty College Classmate”

5 Years Ago: I Attended The Feast for the First Time

Episode 233 – Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 (7869)

Entering this July, I attended Sunday Feast at SM City Santa Rosa for the first time after missing for several weeks due of personal reasons. And it was also my first time to attend The Feast since the tragedy happened in my family last May. It meant that I hadn’t attended Feast for almost two months, and in the whole month of June, I didn’t attend any single Sunday Feast including their third anniversary last June 10th entitled Gra3tude. But two Sundays ago, after my long absences, I finally attended Feast, led by Bro. Dreus Cosio, with a brand new talk series.

If this month signifies my comeback to The Feast after having a long absence, three years ago was a different story. Entering July 2015, I attended Sunday Feast in its new location at SM City Santa Rosa after being relocated from Central Mall Biñan. It was my first time to attend The Feast inside SM Cinema although it was not yet jam-packed, having only one session, and no holy mass that was held back then. But after attending one time, I hadn’t attended The Feast for two months because I was heartbroken due of recent break-up. July 2015 might be probably my worst feeling during the time because of loneliness.

But anyway, despite of having inconsistencies in life (because everybody doesn’t make perfect), I really don’t realize that I’ve been still attending (and serving) at The Feast for the longest time! Yeah, and this month I’m so glad that I’ve been part of The Feast since 2013. It has been five years since the Feast came into my life. That’s even longer than my long distance love life which only lasted for three years, or my longest longevity working for one company (in San Pedro, within less than 38 months), or my entire college life (four years)! Continue reading “5 Years Ago: I Attended The Feast for the First Time”

My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)

Episode 232 – Sunday, July 15th, 2018 (7866)

my life 5-25 years ago

It’s already the halfway of 2018. But during the first half of that year, many struggles had already happened throughout my life including the tragic situation in my family last May (you know what I mean). Last January, at the start of the year, I wrote an episode that described the events happened in my life in the past 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago. If this 2018 may be considered as a tragic year for me even though it has been in the middle, 2013 was my happier year because of having a love life. 2008 and 2003 were my school years where the former was one of my good years because I happily accompanied with my pretty classmate while the latter was somewhat a bad year because of controversies. And finally, 1998 and 1993 were the years where I was so young to explore many things to happen.

Right now, I’m going back in time to explore the past memories that I had in the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. But before that, I will share my present life this July 2018. Continue reading “My Life 5-10-15-20-25 Years Ago (for 2nd Half of 2018)”