Tragedy and Grief

Episode 228 – Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 (7834)

It has been a long, long time that I haven’t written my blog (I think it has been weeks or almost a month). It was because of over fatigue from my former work (thank God I’m no longer working there) and one big tragedy in my family. The whole month of May was really considered for me as the worst and the darkest moment, not only in my career life, but also in my family as well.

Entering that month, I felt so tired from work because of frequent overtimes in the printing company in Pasay due of large volume of jobs from the freaking clients that mostly were annual reports (a sort of). I had an overnight work once where I went home in the early morning of first day of May (I had stayed in an affordable hotel before going home with some sleepless mode). But while I was working too long, I didn’t notice that my eldest sister became weaker and couldn’t stand on her own due of her illness. I felt so bad after I got mad on her when she asked me to help her standing on her chair. I didn’t give my apology to her, but I just stayed inside my bedroom to get some rest despite of sizzling heat at home (it was summer, and our house has poor ventilation). However, I had no idea that it was the last time that she could stand on her feet at home. Continue reading “Tragedy and Grief”


My First Ever Crush During Summer

Episode 227 – Thursday, May 17h, 2018 (7807)

(I haven’t been writing my journal for weeks due of freaking hectic work schedule that makes me fatigue, having problems in my family particularly to my eldest sister who has been confined at the hospital for two weeks, and poor ventilation at home due of summer time.)

Kids out there are really enjoying their summer vacation while the school is now on break. But for those career people like me, there’s no summer vacation except there are some summer outings or gatherings provided by the company (however, I’ve never experienced to have a summer company outing with my officemates and provided by the company, except for 2016). It’s so unfortunate for me to not experience summer outing with my officemates because of heavy works that I have worked frequent overtimes (and probably an overnight). My work is now like “hell” without getting any rest, and that makes me fatigue, not just only in the workplace, but also in travel where I commute almost 25 miles away from home for 6 stressful days with traffic and inconvenience. That might be the worst summer time that I ever have at my work right now. Continue reading “My First Ever Crush During Summer”

Waking Up So Early

Episode 226 – Friday, April 27th, 2018 (7787)

Waking up dedicates as the start of a new day, seeing the bright sunrise (if it’s not rainy), and having a fresh air in the morning. From a long and nice sleep, waking up in the morning is the most important thing that we ever have in our everyday lives. But in my present life, I’m now waking up with the dark sky and without the presence of the sun (although I see its little brightness lately due of summer time). I’m waking up because of my job where I prepare for myself to travel about 24 miles away from home with lots of traffic and inconveniences for my work 6 days per week. Yeah, I rise up around 5:15 in the morning just to prepare for my work, and during Mondays, I wake up as early as 4:30 due of rush hour where there are lots of passengers waiting for a long queue at the bus terminal going for their work or school further (this is already a usual situation where I’ve been late most of the times). Since I began to work at a printing press company in November 2017, this has been my usual routine where I always wake up too early in the morning. Continue reading “Waking Up So Early”

Snobbish Moments

Episode 225 – Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 (7777)

Last holy week, I went to Enchanted Events Place to attend Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR): So Loved where I was a servant (for Day 1) and an attendee (for Day 3). I didn’t attend Day 2 because of fatigue and need to have an enough rest. But on the third day of the event (Black Saturday), I decided to attend the event even though I was so late to come because I was waiting for others to accompany going there. While waiting at the tricycle terminal at Balibago Complex, I saw my beloved friend, just called her “Gail”, coming together with her friend to the place where I stood. However, I felt that she somewhat “snubbed” me even though I was trying to wave my right hand (with my cellphone) to her just only few inches away. She just rode inside a tricycle going to the event without noticing me. I was wondering if did she “snub” me at the terminal or… was she just “blind”? Hmmm…

This situation was somewhat similar last year when we went to the Calamba, Laguna together with our fellow servants from Feast SM Santa Rosa for our summer outing. I became moody because she had other companion sitting inside the bus, so that I felt alone sitting with other Youth servants who were so noisy during that time. When we arrived to our destination, I just “snubbed” her even though she greeted me after I got off from the bus. Hayyysss… I felt I was so snobbish during that time, but days later I apologized her about that incident. Continue reading “Snobbish Moments”

Happy Moments at the Feast

Episode 224 – Thursday, April 12th, 2018 (7772)

happy moments at the feast

Last Sunday, the second Sunday after Easter, I went to SM City Santa Rosa to attend my favorite Sunday habit – the Feast. Despite of having lack of sleep after I worked overtime and went home almost midnight, I was still able to energize myself attending Feast with my fellow friends. Before I went up, I decided to go at the appliance store to look something that I might buy for my family at home. I only looked up there for some 10 minutes before I went to the Feast while the holy mass was on-going. I immediately went to the media booth of Visual Ministry where my friend, Lou Layacan and Earl Pascua were there. But while attending the mass, I had still something looking for. I was looking for Abby Maldo who was there as she said on our Facebook chat before I went to the Feast. I didn’t see her on the lower side of the cinema, but I was sure that she was sitting on the upper side with her friend. Right after the mass, I went there looking for her, and she spotted me. She accompanied me with her long-time friend (whom I once had a chat with her before) downstairs where we would sit near the stage. Suddenly, she told me that my “special someone”, who’s also her long-time friend, would attend the Feast, and I was so surprised yet so excited because I would be with her again attending together with Abby and her friends at the Feast, just like last KLR. Minutes later, my “special someone”, accompanied by Abby, came wearing with her pretty outfit which made me so glad to see and to be with her again. We talked gently especially about the new talk series of the Feast called OFW: Overcome Family Worries. Continue reading “Happy Moments at the Feast”


Episode 223 – Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 (7770)

In most families, there are children where they’re bonding each other in one big family. They are called siblings as they call themselves as brothers or sisters because they’re born in the same parents. Some only have two siblings while others have minimum number of 3, but some have a bigger one (more than 10, just like a complete line-up of a basketball team). Some few others are twins or even triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets. Sometimes they call themselves as “best friend” because they’re living together in one home. However, there are some that they are only child (solo flight). They might be happy because they’re solo in their own things, but some don’t because they’re alone without having a brother or a sister playing and bonding each other.

Oh well, I’m now discussing in this episode about siblings. Continue reading “Siblings”

So Loved to Attend KLR

Episode 222 – Monday, April 2nd, 2018 (7762)

Happy Easter! And it’s not just an April Fool’s Day (although it was yesterday) but also the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though I have been so tired from the holy week activities just like Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR), I’m still so blessed and so loved.

And speaking though, last week, I had an enough load at work where I came there for my job for two and a half working days (without having overtime due of low volume of production). But wait… why was two and a half? Just last Wednesday, I just decided to render my undertime at work because of the preparation of KLR where the worship night was held a day before the Day 1 of the KLR event. Well, it was my first time to render my time at work in Pasay for just a half working day (1/6 of a whole day to be exact), and I was only permitted because I and my other colleagues were nothing to do at the workplace (due of holy week season). And I was thinking about rushing passengers at the bus terminal due of long vacation. However, around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, there were only few passengers coming to ride a bus going to their provinces so that I didn’t have to be worried for that. Continue reading “So Loved to Attend KLR”