Waking Up So Early

Episode 226 – Friday, April 27th, 2018 (7787)

Waking up dedicates as the start of a new day, seeing the bright sunrise (if it’s not rainy), and having a fresh air in the morning. From a long and nice sleep, waking up in the morning is the most important thing that we ever have in our everyday lives. But in my present life, I’m now waking up with the dark sky and without the presence of the sun (although I see its little brightness lately due of summer time). I’m waking up because of my job where I prepare for myself to travel about 24 miles away from home with lots of traffic and inconveniences for my work 6 days per week. Yeah, I rise up around 5:15 in the morning just to prepare for my work, and during Mondays, I wake up as early as 4:30 due of rush hour where there are lots of passengers waiting for a long queue at the bus terminal going for their work or school further (this is already a usual situation where I’ve been late most of the times). Since I began to work at a printing press company in November 2017, this has been my usual routine where I always wake up too early in the morning.

But waking up too early has been already occurred in my past. In fact, when I was so young studying first grade elementary, it was the first time that I woke up so early. I woke up so early to prepare going to school, and the earliest that I rose up from my bed was around 3:30am. My school, which was a deaf institution, was about 25 miles away from home, so that I must not be late arriving at school (even though I had always come late for sometimes), and I was doing this for 5 school days (Mondays to Fridays) within 7 years from elementary up to fourth year high school (except during my second grade elementary which was an afternoon schedule). As a student, this was my usual routine to wake up so early for my preparation going to school. I still remember during Sunday evenings I felt so sad after my happy weekend because I needed to sleep so early for my school on the next day. This routine, however, lasted until July 30, 2004 when I came to school for my very last time because I was chosen the one of the exchange students to go and to study in the United States (thus, this was my final appearance at the deaf school).


At the time when I and other exchange students were preparing for our departure going to the U.S., we needed to wake up so early to arrive at the airport in an earlier possible time (we took only some short nap or sleep though because we’re so excited). This was the earliest time that I woke up for one of the biggest happenings in my whole life. It was about 3 in the morning when we prepared our baggage and important documents such as passport, and we left from our temporary shelter in Quezon City to ride a shuttle bus going to the airport. I really regretted during the time because I didn’t tell goodbye to my mother who was standing outside the bus. After we arrived at the United States, we had a 4-day orientation at Washington, D.C. before we split up to go to our respective host families. Of course, we were really required to wake up so early to catch the bus going to the airport before our departure time (a night before, we set our open confessions in one room where most of them cried while I was just eating, feeling I wasn’t affected on their feelings).

When I started my “exile” life at Talladega, Alabama, I was confused on the environment where it was far different from my usual routine back at home. I usually woke up around 5:45 in the morning to prepare for my school, which was later than my usual waking time at 3:30 back at home. This was the best time to wake up not so early unlike when I was at home waking up so early for my school in the past 7 years. There were some occasions that I needed to wake up so early such as my preparation to go with my teammates of Academic Bowl for our tournaments (this happened twice in 2005). But, during the weekends and most holiday breaks, I usually woke up as late as 9:30 in the morning (although I first turned on the TV set to watch game shows before getting off from the bed). At the time when I was going to leave Alabama to go home, I woke up so early (around 3:30 in the morning or something) and accompanied with my host family going to the airport for my flight going back to Washington, D.C. with other exchange students.

When I came back home in July 2005, I was thinking that I supposed to go back my usual routine where I woke up so early to go to school about 25 miles away. However, this was changed because I was already transferred to other school nearby, just a walking distance from home. But still, I needed to wake up a little bit early because of my school schedule which was begun at 6 o’clock (but it ended at 1pm, so that I had plenty of time to do my own things). This was during my fourth year in high school back in 2005-2006, and I had never been late because of its near location. After graduating from high school, waking up so early had been rare for me during my college days. For some occasions, I woke up so early (before 5 o’clock or so), but overall I didn’t need to wake up so early for my school which was just only three miles away from home. The earliest time schedule for one class subject was 7:30 in the morning, so that I didn’t need to do what I had done during my life in Deaf School Era (pre-2004 era).


After graduating from college and began my working career, waking up became unusual for me because of my routing working schedule. Because I had a night shift schedule, I woke up in early evening (not morning) just to prepare for my work, and after working hours I came home to eat my “breakfast” before getting to sleep in the morning. That’s weird, wasn’t it? When my working schedule was shifted into day shift, I really needed to wake up early (between 5 to 5:30 in the morning) preparing to go at work. When I was working at Mandaluyong, about 25.5 miles away from home, I woke up as early as 3:30 in the morning for my early morning schedule (I must come at work at 5:30am). But this only happened for four weeks within August 2012, and most of my working schedules while I was working both Alabang and Mandaluyong in the past almost three years were night shift.

Prior my current job in Pasay, the last time that I woke up so early for my work was in June 2013 – my final day at work in Mandaluyong. When I was working in San Pedro, I never woke up so early because my working schedule was so great and convenient (coming at work around 10 in the morning – the best time that I came at work). I usually woke up as late as 7 o’clock – that was the best time to wake up while the sun already rises up, and my first thing to do after waking up was to watch morning shows on TV. These were the best moments that I didn’t really need to wake up so early for my work. However, during my LDR days (2012-2015), I just woke up so early just to prepare for my departure going to the bus terminal for Nueva Ecija where my love lived there. I woke up so early just for my long trip going to that place, about 6 hours travel from my home in Laguna, only to have a wonderful date with my love. But, after my one-day date with my love in Nueva Ecija, I arrived home from a long travel around 1 in the morning. I had been doing this thing for only four (out of 15) times.

But after three wonderful years working in San Pedro (because my old beloved job was dissolved), I’ve been going back to my old routine where I wake up so early for my work. It might be worse especially there are lots of inconveniences because of toxic working environment and heavy traffic in the Metro. It’s so unfortunate for me right now that I came from a nice and convenient way to wake up last year to the worst scenario where I’m really not comfortable to wake up so early for work since November 2017. That’s why sometimes I take some “forty winks” times while working in the morning (especially during idle times).

I really hate waking up so early just to come at work, and I take my sleep for only 6 hours (or even less). But I’m now stuck because I’m working for my family who’s now experiencing some problems especially in my eldest sister’s health, my parents who are already senior citizens, and my jobless elder brother who only helps for the household duties. It has been the worst and darkest times that I ever have in my career life. For me, waking up so early has been stressful after taking a sleep for only a short time. But I need to “wake up” for the preparation for my [uncertain] future because it might become devastated if I don’t solve these problems, not only throughout my life, but also in my family’s lives.

sleep at work



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