Snobbish Moments

Episode 225 – Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 (7777)

Last holy week, I went to Enchanted Events Place to attend Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR): So Loved where I was a servant (for Day 1) and an attendee (for Day 3). I didn’t attend Day 2 because of fatigue and need to have an enough rest. But on the third day of the event (Black Saturday), I decided to attend the event even though I was so late to come because I was waiting for others to accompany going there. While waiting at the tricycle terminal at Balibago Complex, I saw my beloved friend, just called her “Gail”, coming together with her friend to the place where I stood. However, I felt that she somewhat “snubbed” me even though I was trying to wave my right hand (with my cellphone) to her just only few inches away. She just rode inside a tricycle going to the event without noticing me. I was wondering if did she “snub” me at the terminal or… was she just “blind”? Hmmm…

This situation was somewhat similar last year when we went to the Calamba, Laguna together with our fellow servants from Feast SM Santa Rosa for our summer outing. I became moody because she had other companion sitting inside the bus, so that I felt alone sitting with other Youth servants who were so noisy during that time. When we arrived to our destination, I just “snubbed” her even though she greeted me after I got off from the bus. Hayyysss… I felt I was so snobbish during that time, but days later I apologized her about that incident.

Snobbish moments are already in my history books when I already encountered these in my past especially during Deaf World Era (pre-2004 era). One of the infamous snobbish moments happened back in 2002 when I was snubbed by a deaf, smart, chubby student, just called her “Nita” (or better known as “You-know-who”, not her real name). Right after my computer class in the afternoon, I opened up the door exiting from the room, but suddenly she was there standing outside and when she entered, she snubbed me directly. Few months later, she again snubbed me after I talked her about my new deaf crush (later she became one of my notorious enemies though). I observed she was just looking at the ceiling while I was talking. She was so crazy to be snobbish on me because of her pride. I still remember when she sent me a couple of blank text messages because I knew she hated me too much (that’s why she became my long-time deaf enemy even up to this date).


When I was in college (or during the first years of Post-Deaf World Era or post-2005 era), I had a beautiful lady who was also my classmate and living in the same village (just calling her “Cutie Chinese”). She was my first crush in college because she was a nice friend although she was too outrageous. However, when our friendship became faded down because of having her new boyfriend, I started staying away from her but until in March 2007 when we had an unexpected face-to-face encounter. She was just looking at me as same as what I was looking at her. But we didn’t greet or talk. Instead, she just snubbed me which made me numb. Although we reconciled few weeks later, she was no longer my crush, but we remained friends until 2009 when a non-sense controversy that involved her (and her family) almost ruined my life. Up to this date, she has been no longer as my friend (even though she still considers me as a part of her friendship), and I don’t have any contacts to her.

Again, during my college days, I had another classmate who also became my crush, just calling her “Chubby”. I was admiring her because of her sweet personality, but when I found out that she had an old man suitor and later a new freak boyfriend, I became furious and started staying away from her, causing “Cold War”, happened not only once, but twice. At one time, I became moody after she entered a gate of the house of one of our college classmates (who was eventually my crush a year later). But instead of greeting me, she just “snubbed” me for no reason. As revenge, I started snubbing her within the campus even though we were in one class. Few years later after college, I was surprised when she started attending Feast with her boyfriend (who was serving during that time), but still I was too annoyed on them because of their sweet moments (sorry, but I really don’t like them both). Similar to the first two people that I’ve mentioned, she’s no longer my friend as of now.

And lastly, when I became a career person, I had a crush working in the same company in Alabang where I worked for. I just called her “Miss L” who was also an alumnus in the same college where I graduated. She’s too thin and shy but pretty though. However, it seemed that she was not a sweet and lovable kind of person that I was looking for. At one time, we were working in a night shift schedule back in early 2012. While I was eating my midnight meal alone outside the building, I saw her walking together with her close work colleagues for their break time, but she didn’t look or even greet me. Weeks later, when I went to the elevator going to my work, I saw her exiting from the elevator after working for her night shift schedule. But it seemed that she didn’t look at me before I entered with other employees of the building. When I left my job in Alabang and started to work my new career in Mandaluyong in June 2012, I found out that she had a boyfriend who was not so handsome. Like the other girls that I’ve mentioned earlier, she has been no longer as my friend.

snobbish girl

Snobbish moments can happen personally, but these can also occur thru media especially text messaging and chat such as Facebook messenger. Most of my friends contacting me via Facebook don’t even reply at me when I first greet or send a message for them. They might be either only reading my message then no reply (in other word, “seen mode”) or just ignoring it at all. I don’t really like when somebody only see my message and nothing to response it. One of the incidents was my former love whom I reconnected her last year after more than 500 days of no communication since our break-up. When I tried sending my simple “hello” to her on Messenger, she didn’t even reply me because she already had a (freak) boyfriend during the time. It seemed that I was already in her “past” life, so that I just decided to unfriend her all the way (and eventually I “blocked” her from my Facebook for the second time). I really hate to be “seen mode” or “no reply” in any communication apps like Messenger or text messaging because it seems that my messages are being “snubbed” at all, and I feel being “ignored” by somebody.

In my personal life, somebody tells me that I’m too “snobbish” because I don’t even greet my known friends especially at the Feast when I’ve attended and served. I am such a serious person who barely smiles when I face them, either my known friends or strangers that I really don’t know them. Maybe I’m too suplado, but most of my friends are starting at all because they, too, are snobbish when I contact them or greet them even they’re already seeing me in person. I hate being “ignored”, and I hate being “snubbed”. It might cause me depressed and leaving alone (or isolated from social life).

Being snobbish is one of the negative things that I don’t like. Just like posting my new stories on my Journal, most of my friends just ignore my post on Facebook which causes me into lonesome or feeling inappropriate on me or they might think that I’m posting negative things on Facebook. Well, some of my words publishing on this blog are negative, but they don’t really see the TRUTH behind these. That’s why I always express my true feelings from my heart – good or bad. And despite of only few readers who read and like my stories, I will still continue writing my own personal stories (as my diary) every single moment of my life. And I don’t really care if nobody appropriates my story.

Have a nice day everyone!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Well, it’s summer time. Everybody is now enjoying in the beach, in the resorts, hiking in the mountains, or even taking a trip abroad. That’s nice. But for those hard workers like me, summer vacation is just only a dream and never granted. Oh well, some companies have provided their summer outing where their employees enjoy the fun in the beach or in the resort where they can swim and get wet anytime. But unfortunately for me, I’ve never experienced this kind of summer outing because I have been working for 5 different companies in the past 8 years as a career person. And I don’t really enjoy my profession as a graphic artist/designer or whatsoever.

Anyway, forget about summer outing or vacation because you might be jealous (well, I am too). The number seven (7) is one of the luckiest numbers; that’s why it’s Lucky 7. In my own “calendar”, today is the 7,777th day since my own “world” was established 21 years ago. This phenomenon, where the 4-digit numbers are exactly the same (in number of days), occurs every 1,111 days. The last time that happened was on April 2, 2015, which was the 6,666th day. But it only lasts until May 17, 2024, which will be the 9,999th day (the following day will be the 10,000th day of my own “world”).


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