Happy Moments at the Feast

Episode 224 – Thursday, April 12th, 2018 (7772)

happy moments at the feast

Last Sunday, the second Sunday after Easter, I went to SM City Santa Rosa to attend my favorite Sunday habit – the Feast. Despite of having lack of sleep after I worked overtime and went home almost midnight, I was still able to energize myself attending Feast with my fellow friends. Before I went up, I decided to go at the appliance store to look something that I might buy for my family at home. I only looked up there for some 10 minutes before I went to the Feast while the holy mass was on-going. I immediately went to the media booth of Visual Ministry where my friend, Lou Layacan and Earl Pascua were there. But while attending the mass, I had still something looking for. I was looking for Abby Maldo who was there as she said on our Facebook chat before I went to the Feast. I didn’t see her on the lower side of the cinema, but I was sure that she was sitting on the upper side with her friend. Right after the mass, I went there looking for her, and she spotted me. She accompanied me with her long-time friend (whom I once had a chat with her before) downstairs where we would sit near the stage. Suddenly, she told me that my “special someone”, who’s also her long-time friend, would attend the Feast, and I was so surprised yet so excited because I would be with her again attending together with Abby and her friends at the Feast, just like last KLR. Minutes later, my “special someone”, accompanied by Abby, came wearing with her pretty outfit which made me so glad to see and to be with her again. We talked gently especially about the new talk series of the Feast called OFW: Overcome Family Worries.

As the new talk series in the month of April, Bro. Dreus Cosio discussed the first talk entitled “Homesick” where he told the fact that 1 out of 3 Filipino homes have a family member who is working overseas. I was really related this fact because one of my elder brothers (not the other one who has been jobless) has been working in the Middle East. The one big message of this talk was “God is with me”, and Bro. Dreus told a story about Joseph the Dreamer who did nothing to do but to dream and was his father’s favorite while his other siblings were working hard for their family. But his final message was about family connections where each family member must have interaction even in a long distance while working abroad. He shared a video that was viral throughout social media where one little girl was so crying out loud to her dad who was about to leave at the departure area of the airport for his overseas job. This cute crying girl was really holding her daddy’s leg, refusing him to leave and telling that he didn’t love her because he would be leaving (spoke in her dialect, probably Ilonggo or Bisaya). Most of the attendees had their little smile with some laughter because of the commotion, but we felt so sorry for that crying girl because at her young age, she would live without her lovable dad at home. Awww… that’s so sad =,(

After Feast, we went to the exit where there were lots of attendees gathering and buying So Loved books. They also asked some of the writers led by Sis Gail Montero to have an autograph sign. Encouraged by someone to buy that book, I just decided to buy a copy of the book where I went to Sis Gail to write her wonderful message to me. I also asked Sis Tin Zorilla and my beloved and long-time Feast friend, Earl Pascua, to sign their autographs. Afterwards, I went to Abby where she was talking with the Rodas sisters – Marianne, Abegail (both were my batch mates in Love Life Retreat last year), and Marjorie (am I right?). Then, we together went down to ride a jeep with other Feast servants going to Feast San Lorenzo where the victory party of KLR 2018 was held.

My long-time friend from The Feast, Earl Pascua, was the one of the storytellers of the launching book, So Loved
Together with my beloved friends, as well as co-servants, from Feast SM Santa Rosa waiting for departure going to Feast San Lorenzo for the victory party of KLR (Photo courtesy from Abby Maldo)

When we entered the large room on the third floor, we were encouraged by the servants of Feast San Lorenzo to get our lunch, and we ate together with Lou Layacan and Van Tenorio before the start of the program led by Sis Jem Afable. After eating lunch, there was a short presentation where the people behind their stories on their launching book, So Loved stood the stage led by Sis Gail Montero, and they introduced themselves as well as their own numbers (just like their candidate numbers) or sometimes their designated pages on the book. Bro. Jon Escoto added they should tell the “reason number” that they were indicated on the book. Then, there were some jamming session led by the singers of Feast San Lorenzo and Feast Vista Mall (formerly Feast Technopark Hotel) and a short dance number. Later, Bro. Noel Babao, Jeffrey Lorenzo of Visuals (Media), and Pete Montero (the wife of Sis Gail) joined for their special but funny number where they sang some old songs with the mix of the modern ones (Bro. Noel played with his own sound effects and beatbox). By then, they called Bro. Jon Escoto and Bro. Dreus Cosio to join their jamming session as they called themselves, “Kerygma K9” imitating from the original Kerygma 5 (where Bro. Jon Escoto is one of its members). They really played while singing with some funny moments where Bro. Noel wanted the audience to collect some “donations” to his cap, and he jokingly said that he would use the cash collections for the payment of the rental room in San Lorenzo.

Taking a nice photo with Jianne Mercado, one of the storytellers of the launching book, So Loved (Photo courtesy from Abby Maldo)

While the “party” was going on throughout the afternoon, I and Abby, together with her Feast friend, decided to leave going home. We were so happy to have fun with other servants who served last KLR 2018: So Loved. Before we left the building, we met one of the story tellers of So Loved, named Jianne Mercado from Youth Ministry, to sign her autograph and messages on the book that we bought. After that, Abby shared her experience about the pain that she had after the operation of her appendix early this year. She was confined at the hospital last late January after experiencing pain on her appendix where she had a mild surgery to remove it to avoid complications. She came back to work after getting rest for 1 and a half months, but she had the pain that she felt because of her wounds from the surgical treatment. So, she must be careful on her movements especially in her job. But still, she’s so glad to have bonding time with her friends and her officemates especially when she had a company outing with her colleagues a day before. Afterwards, she shared me a “viral” video from her phone where she and one of her long-time friends (actually my “special someone”) stood at the stage singing on a videoke, and they were jokingly greeted by their friends “happy birthday” even though, on that night, it was not their actual birthday. Abby amazed her friend’s beautiful voice as I already knew it because… well she might know the happen between me and her friend last December, hahaha! But anyways, let’s forget this thing because, when we arrived at Balibago Complex, we thanked for our grateful companionship at the Feast before going home separately. I was so glad to be with her together after being “misconnect” for a long time.

Last Sunday was so wonderful yet happy day for me. Even though I had lack of sleep because of “freaking” overtime from work, I was so happy to be with my beloved Feast friends, particularly to Abby Maldo and her long-time friend who is also my “special friend”. Why is she so “special”? Hmmm… hahaha! This might be one of the “rarest” times that I became happy because of this wonderful moment. I really hope this will be the same again in the next Sundays to come especially at the Feast.

Have a wonderful day to everyone!


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