Remembering My Saturday Afternoons

Episode 190 – Saturday, October 21st, 2017 (7599)


In my present situation, I no longer have better things that I once had before. It’s because I don’t have a stable job, love life, a happy and healthy family, freedom, and of course, happiness. Almost every day, I rent a computer in the internet café to apply jobs online. Almost thrice a week, I wash the clothes for our family. And almost every time, I help my father to throw his urinal (he can’t do it alone due of his disability after suffering mild stroke two years ago) and my sister to rise up from her bed due of her illness (she might lose her stable job because of this). And almost every day, I have done nothing but to wait for some miracles in my life and also in my family as well.

Within 7 days of week, Saturday is one of few times that I have something “happy”. It is the time for me to have enough rest from household tasks or my “free time” only for the short time in my present life. Yeah, this is my present time. But 3-5 years ago, Saturday was so special for me especially the times when I had a better job and wonderful love life.

When I had a job in Mandaluyong 5 years ago, I had my best times every Saturday afternoon especially when I was from a night shift schedule and heading for my day-off. I had my enough free time to window shopping at a mall (near Shaw Boulevard) or eating my favorite brunch (breakfast and lunch) or renting a computer in an internet café for some few hours. However, when I left my ill-fated job four years ago, my life during Saturday afternoon was changed.

In the past four years, I have been serving Media Ministry, and it was started at Saturday Feast Biñan (Photo courtesy from Earl Pascua on Facebook)

For most second half of 2013, while I was jobless, I was able to find my own free time and to ease my boredom from home. During Saturday afternoon, after eating lunch, I watched a noontime variety show on TV before washing the dishes. Then, after taking my bath, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I was preparing to go to Central Mall Biñan to attend or, most of the times, to serve at Saturday Feast Biñan. When I was assigned to operate visuals, I had plenty of time to set up the laptop, the projector, the wires, and the large LCD TV. I still remember when I used multiple monoblock chairs to climb up just to plug in the wires above for these things. And I also arranged on the laptop for the visuals such as lyric sequence for the worship songs and the holy mass. I had less than three hours to prepare, if I was assigned as a Media servant, of one evening Feast session (unlike today, all assigned servants need to wake up early to prepare for the Feast session at SM City Santa Rosa every Sunday morning).

Almost every Saturday afternoon, before attending Feast Biñan, I commuted from home going there while listening on the radio from my cellphone. As my most relaxing moment, I tuned in Saturday Jam of Magic 89.9 FM where they played all-time 90s songs. And even right after the session at the evening, I heard the songs from the 90s on that FM station (usually I didn’t go with other Feast friends for Light Group because I left earlier than them).

I had tuned in Saturday Jam of Magic 89.9 FM during Saturday afternoons (Photo courtesy from Wikipedia)

During my best times especially in 2014, I had many most memorable moments during Saturday afternoons. Aside from preparation for Saturday Feast and listening good songs on radio, it was Saturday afternoon when I had a long travel, commuting on a provincial bus, going to Nueva Ecija for my meeting with my then-girlfriend. And it was Saturday afternoon when I had sweetest moments with her on our date around a mall in Nueva Ecija. At my work, it was rare to come at the office in San Pedro during Saturdays because it was my day-off. But in some cases, although it barely happened before, I came at work due of rush deadlines on the magazine. And it was so reminiscence for me to work in the whole Saturday afternoon.

This was KLR 2015 that a Black Saturday session was held in a nice Saturday afternoon (this was also the time where I served for Media Ministry)

Even some special occasions occurred on Saturday afternoon. It was Saturday afternoon when I and my colleagues from financial school waited at the airport for our flight going to Hong Kong to attend the convention. It happened three years ago. And the last day of 2015 Kerygma Lenten Recollection occurred on Saturday afternoon where I was a Media servant back then and Bro. Bo Sanchez, founder of Light of Jesus Family, was the guest speaker. These best moments during Saturday afternoon made me so happy and memorable which lasted until June 2015.

However after June 2015, anything was changed. The Saturday Feast Biñan was dissolved, and The Feast of Bro. Dreus Cosio was relocated to its original site at SM City Santa Rosa with the new schedule every Sunday mornings. My long distance relationship with my textmate ended for some complicated reason. And because of this, I no longer commuted in a long travel going to Nueva Ecija. My happy life during Saturday afternoon was gone away. Since then, my Saturday afternoons have been far different compared to my wonderful life in 2013-2015. The distractions (which included AlDub phenomenon and Kalyeserye during Saturday afternoon) came in wrong timing while I was heartbroken. And within two years, the good things that I had before were vanished away little by little.


Right now, Saturday afternoon has been boring. For most of the times, I wash the dishes or the clothes of my family. And that’s it. Getting rest, daydreaming on my bed, and sometimes working on my laptop are my hobbies that I have done during Saturday afternoon in my present times. But 3-5 years ago, it was totally different because there was happiness and the best times that I had – nice job, having happy love life and great worship with God.

I really, really miss my Saturday afternoons with happiness in the past. I gonna miss the way that I heard 90s music on the radio while travelling to attend Feast. I gonna miss the way that there’s plenty of time to prepare for one Feast session (when it was at Central Mall Biñan). I gonna miss the way that I had rushed deadlines at work on rare Saturday afternoon. I gonna miss the way that I rode a provincial bus and travelled longer time going to my love in Nueva Ecija. And I gonna miss the way that I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon dating with my love. Ahhh… Saturday afternoons will never be the same again in my present situation.

Oh well, I really hope these best things will return into my life, only if these bad things such as jobless, loveless, distractions, negativity, and more will be vanished away. And my best Saturday afternoons will happen in the future.



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