Saddest Birthday That I Ever Have (Really?)

Episode 174 – Sunday, August 6th, 2017 (7523)

unhappy birthday

Today is my birthday! But for me, it’s just a simple, ordinary day because I don’t make myself happy on my birthday due of many struggles and problems that I’ve faced right now. For the first time since 2013, I celebrate my birthday while I’ve been out of work. Yeah, it’s my birthday, but I’m still jobless (and loveless) though. And it’s also the first time to celebrate my birthday in the darker times. It’s so dark, isn’t it?

Since Post-College/Working Career Era, this is my third birthday that I have no job. In 2010, right after my college graduation (but not mentioned my ill-fated, short-lived job stint with a deaf entrepreneur in Mandaluyong), I was still looking for my first ever job when I celebrated my birthday. It was my first birthday as I was no longer a student. I got my first job two months after. And in 2013, two months after I left from working a printing company in Mandaluyong (because of freaking workers who bullied me), I celebrated my birthday while I was searching for my new job which was granted in early 2014 – my best year ever. However, unlike in 2010 (and also in 2017), my birthday in 2013 was somewhat better despite of being jobless during that time. That was because I had a wonderful life back then. I enjoyed being solo in my bedroom while my elder brother was working abroad. I started to attend Feast (when it was held every Saturday evenings at Central Mall Biñan). And of course, I had a long distance relationship with my textmate/girlfriend. These were only my bright sides while I was out of work in 2013.

In 2017, my birthday is somehow the unhappiest (and somewhat darker) because I’ve faced many struggles, not only being jobless, but also in my family as well. In 2010, everyone in my family was so healthy and quite happy. But, because somebody has been suffered illness (my parents and my eldest sister) and jobless like me (my elder brother), I feel I’m not so happy on this situation due of family problems in health and in financial.

Also, this is my third consecutive birthday that I’m single and loveless (since 2015). Yeah, that’s a double whammy (not a snack which is one of my childhood favorites) for me because I’m not only out of work but having no girlfriend as well. And my God, I’m already old enough after increasing my age on my birthday, and I’m still single! Next year, I will be out from the calendar where most months have 31 days, but I still have no love life! (Ooops! Sorry, I did tell my real age! Hahaha!) I hope someone (or she might be already there nearby) will come into my life to open my heart again or else I will become an old bachelor, and my life will be devastated forever! Oh NO!!!


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

In the past 7 years within Post-College/Working Career Era, I have three occasions where I’m out of job. The other five were when I had a job in three different companies. Let’s breakdown my previous birthdays since 2010:

2010 – Despite of being “jobless”, I just celebrated my birthday, and I was invited for a simple birthday celebration by a deaf friend who, ironically, was my first unofficial “boss” in a deaf travel agency where I worked there only a month because of non-I.T. related tasks.

2011 – Because it was my birthday, I didn’t come at work although it was a mandatory because of large volume of production in the company where most of my colleagues were forced to work 12 long hours for 7 days. (What? No resting day?!!! WTF!!!) It was my first birthday that I had a stable (but stressful) job.

2012 – When I worked in a printing company in Mandaluyong, most of my colleagues actually didn’t know about my birthday because we were working in night shift (we came at work in Sunday evening just before the changing our four-week rotating schedule). I just remained silent to not act about the following morning which was my actual birthday. I went home from work in the morning without receiving any birthday greetings from my colleagues. It was my first birthday that I had a long distance relationship (LDR).

2013 – It was my second consecutive time to celebrate my birthday while I had a LDR, but it was also my second birthday that I was out of job.

2014 – It was my third (and last) birthday to have a LDR. My birthday in 2014 was so blessed because of many wonderful happenings throughout that year including my new job in San Pedro (ironically my officemates didn’t know about my birthday while we’re at the office during that time) and my service at the Feast.

2015 – I treated my officemates a free late-lunch bonding for my birthday. This was my first birthday to be loveless (just weeks after being heartbroken).

My birthday blowout with my work colleagues in 2015. (Photo courtesy from InstaMag)

2016 – Same in 2015, I treated them a free lunch for my birthday despite of bad weather. However, this would be my last birthday to be with them before being dissolved in March 2017.

2017 – It might have probably been the “unhappiest” birthday that I ever have because of many struggles.



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