What If… PSD Batch 2006 Became My Classmates

Episode 170 – Monday, July 17th, 2017 (7503)

It has been 12 years since my life was changed from so-called “Deaf World” to the ordinary world where I’ve been now belonged. Yeah, for those who don’t know about my past life, I was from an old world where there were deaf people who became my long time friends. It was because I studied in a deaf institution particularly Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) where I was a “deaf” student for many years. In August 2004, when I was in fourth year (senior) high school, I left PSD to go to the United States for the exchange program where I studied at Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) with lots of most memorable moments. However, when I came back home after almost a year in the U.S., my school life was shifted, once again, from being “deaf” to an ordinary student together with non-deaf classmates at International Montessori School (IMS), a non-deaf school located just few meters away from my home. This move led the end of my life in the “Deaf World” as I never came back at PSD to resume my fourth year high school (my graduation at ASD was not accredited due of exchange program).

The main reason why I was transferred to IMS from PSD was my avoidance from the PSD Batch of 2006 led by my “deaf mortal enemy”, just called her “Nita”. After involving a controversy back in 2004, she became my adversary because of her “favoritism” at school (thanks to the teachers who were once my allies and became bandwagons after favoring her) and slapping me one time during my class because of her anger. She was chubby, intelligent, and consistent first honor in her batch (of 2006). She had many “allies” who were her classmates in section one. Even after the incident and when I was in the U.S., I was still mad at her because of what she did to me that almost ruined my reputation. That’s why it was a good move for me to be transferred from PSD to continue my high school studies at IMS with new classmates who were non-deaf.

Oh well, that was a long time ago, and I still remember the move which changed my school life as well. But I’m wondering if this did not happen to me 12 years ago. I’m now thinking what if… the Batch of 2006 became my classmates at PSD? What if I wasn’t transferred to non-deaf school like IMS and continued my high school at PSD instead? Hmmm… that’s interesting, and there are possible alternate scenarios if ever happened to me after I came back from the U.S. in July 2005.


As you know, in 2004, I was selected one of other 40 Filipino high school students to become exchange students and to study in the U.S. for one academic year. This ended my school life at PSD “temporarily” after 10 long years. And thus, my long time classmates who were the Batch of 2005 were no longer my batch mates upon the graduation. It was so sad for me to bid goodbye to them (some of them had been my classmates for 10 years) after attending my final school day in a PSD uniform.

This is the main building of Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay City where I studied for 10 long years with some wonderful memories. (Photo courtesy from LolPhilosopher)

Fast forward. In June 2005, just few weeks before my returning back home from my wonderful “exile” life in the U.S., I was thinking about my homecoming at PSD where the Batch of 2006 led by my “mortal enemy”, just called her “Nita”, would become my classmates. This would be my biggest challenge because she, as well as some of her classmates, hated me so much after involving a controversy in 2004 happened months before my departure to the U.S. Back at home, all of my former long-time classmates (Batch of 2005) were already graduated, and most of them were already in college, so that I was left behind from them as I would repeat to study fourth year high school at PSD. I was about to prepare my reconciliation with “Nita” upon my homecoming. But fortunately, it didn’t happen.

On July 6, 2005, just few days after my returning back home from the U.S., I was so shocked when my mother told me that I had been already transferred to a non-deaf school from PSD. I really saddened because it ended my school life at PSD after 10 long years (and also my life in “Deaf World”), but I felt confident because it saved me from any conflicts with “Nita”. But my transfer from PSD caused a controversy after I was accused for violating the agreement where I must go back to my original school, which was PSD, upon my return back home from the exchange program in the U.S. I supposed to leave my new (non-deaf) school, IMS, to go back at PSD in August 2005, however, when the case was quickly dismissed after I was given a consideration by the AFS Philippines. And the “conflict” between me and “Nita” in one class never happened.

This move might probably save me from any possible conflicts from my mortal enemy because she had been favored by most teachers (considered as school favoritism), and most of her classmates might have any anger to me after involving my controversy with her in 2004 (I don’t want to discuss the main reason because it’s already “past”).

But I’m thinking about the happen 12 years ago that what if… she became my classmate at PSD? I guess I would have felt discomfort her being my classmate in one class.

what if batch 2006

My Alternate Timeline

If ever my transfer to other school from PSD didn’t happen upon my return, there would have been lots of possible scenarios that might happen in my alternate timeline. As you know, in reality, my school life was divided into two “worlds” – Deaf and Non-Deaf because of my transfer to non-deaf school in July 2005. But if ever I wasn’t transferred, I might have been with my deaf friends in their “Deaf World”.

As what I’ve mentioned earlier above, I supposed to have reconciliation with “Nita” upon my homecoming. Well, in my alternate timeline, this would have happened when I came back at PSD to continue my fourth year high school studies, and she would become my classmate with her long-time classmates. However, my reconciliation with her might not be enough even though we’re in one class. I know about her personality that she’s too snobbish because I still remember, when I was asking her for forgiveness after the worst incident in 2004, she was too mad at me. I also remember, when I was planning to go back at PSD due of transfer controversy in late July 2005, she intentionally sent me her blank text messages to me using her beloved teacher’s phone number. This indicated that she was mad at me because of her “trauma” on the worst incident. If ever we’re in one classroom, we’re in off limits where we didn’t talk (or sign, rather because she’s deaf) all the times.

As being classmates in one batch, we would have a “rivalry” in academics because we were both consistent first honors. I had been on the top among my batch (of 2005) for 10 long years while “Nita” was the most intelligent among her class (Batch of 2006) for a long time. If ever we became classmates, in my alternate timeline, this would have been a “battle” between us because we’re both intelligent in academics. But I had already felt that she would be the top of the class because of “favoritism” which I really hated. Madaya siya kasi malakas sa “taas”! I knew most of PSD teachers favored her as she’s so active in school activities while I wasn’t, and also I knew that my reputation had been “vanished” because of the worst controversy that I had back in 2004, so that I felt she’s the winner over me. If this happened, on the graduation day, she would be the valedictorian while I would become salutatorian in the whole batch of 2006. And that’s because of “favoritism”. If ever, I would have rather to walk out from the graduation rites as a sign of protest. In the reality (my history), she was actually the valedictorian in her batch upon the graduation at PSD, and being “second” to her was never materialized to me because I really didn’t go back to study there for my final year in high school. But instead, I rather chose to give her “chance” to be on the top of the class better than defeating me with embarrassment thru the help of school “favoritism”. Parang nasa kitchen lang, may “luto”. That’s why it was better for me to study in a non-deaf school like IMS rather than PSD in school year 2005-2006 because of her (and her “favoritism”).


In my reality, I thought my school life at IMS would be nice like what I had in PSD and ASD, but it turned to be miserable because I was bullied by some freaking classmates, and the school that I attended was not so nice and messy such as lack of school facilities even though it was a private school. But in my alternate timeline, if ever I didn’t study there, these things would not happen in my school life. Upon my return, it might be the same as what it had when I left PSD in 2004. I would meet the same teachers but with different classmates in one room and one batch. I might not be bullied by my new classmates at PSD even though they might hesitate on me because I was the “mortal enemy” of their beloved classmate, “Nita”. And after high school graduation, I might be still with some of them and other deaf students studying in college (particularly in College of Saint Benilde (CSB) in Taft, Manila). “Nita” was still active around the campus and received some recognition while I just remained simple as a college student (probably in other courses rather than her course which was Applied Deaf Studies). After college graduation, I might join with them working in a company where it admitted deaf employees. But in contrast, I studied in a non-deaf college (which was Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Santa Rosa Campus) in my current timeline back in 2006 up to 2010 with my non-deaf classmates.


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Unfortunately for the Batch 2006 of PSD, they never spotted me as their “new” classmate of their batch. I guess they might be excited for my return to PSD after my wonderful life in the U.S., but they might be shocked when the news spread throughout the school that I was no longer a student of PSD after my return back home in July 2005. “Nita” might not be aware that I just avoided her being my classmate because the conflict that we never solved, but she might understand the situation. Months later, in late 2005, I was so surprised when she asked me for forgiveness thru my e-mail, but I strongly refused to forgive her because of the damage that she already did to me. In 2010, I felt it was the time to reconcile with her after having a chat with her best friend thru Facebook. However, because she’s already in my “past” life, I just decided to not contact with her anymore and closed my doors (and windows, too) for reconciliation. Up to this date, she’s no longer contacting me in any form of communication as she’s already excommunicated from my life. And none of her batch mates (either they’re from PSD or CSB) became my friends in Facebook.


I guess the Batch 2006 of PSD would have been my “new” classmates upon my return from the U.S. if ever I wasn’t transferred to other (non-deaf) school back in July 2005. But it’s fortunate for me to be not with them because of the long-time conflict with “Nita” that might cause into a heat-up rivalry. They might regret the happen that I didn’t return to study PSD again for my fourth year high school with them (and my former teachers who once supported me before became furious after my unexpected transfer). But for me, my life became better when I was studying in a non-deaf school and meeting with new (non-deaf) friends in my “new” world.

Oh well, that was already 12 years ago, and these “alternate” scenarios never happened in my real life. But what do you think if I continued my studies at PSD and became a classmate of Batch 2006? Would my school life still be changed because of new classmates? And would “Nita” become my friend again after a long conflict? Hmmm… It’s just an alternate scenario where many things might possibly happen and alter my current history forever.

That’s it for this episode. And have a nice day!


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