Episode 165 – Sunday, June 25th, 2017 (7481)


How time flies! It has been two years where my life is filled with blessings and grateful moments. But in other side, it has also been two years that I became bored, depressed, and my life is filled with distractions, disasters, and restless struggles.

But I’m so glad for this moment because I have been writing my journal (this blog) for two years. I can’t believe that I already wrote more than 160 episodes in the past two years! I think I can compile all of my past episodes into a book (or probably about two or three books) about the happenings around my life and its surroundings. I still remember about my first ever episode published on June 24, 2015 where I shared about the relocation of the Feast of Bro. Andreus “Dreus” Cosio from Central Mall Biñan to SM City Santa Rosa and my trip to Bataan with my… well I’ll discuss it later! Hehehe!

And speaking of Feast, two years ago, the Feast Central Mall Biñan was formally dissolved and transferred its operations back to SM City Santa Rosa where it was originally started several years ago. I wasn’t there when Feast SM Santa Rosa (SMSR) was launched on June 14, 2015 because I was in Pampanga after my anniversary date with my love (which was unexpectedly our final meeting before our break-up 11 days later). However, especially after being heartbroken, I began to lose my desire to attend the Feast at SM City Santa Rosa because due of security reasons. I only attended Feast SMSR for the first time was on July 5, 2015 after my terrible incident at home. But after that, I didn’t attend for two months because of my depression due of being heartbroken.

Not until September 2015, I was back to attend and to serve at Feast SMSR. And the rest is history.

It has been two years after Feast SMSR was started. There are lots of changes happened in the past two years where it was started as one and only session, then it grew into two sessions, and again there’s a holy mass held in between both sessions. Also, I met several new friends at Feast SMSR where they became my close friends as well, and in Media Ministry where I serve for a long time, there’s a change regardless to the output of the presentation, from the old one into the new and exciting software program. And of course, there are lots of new servants came, and the old ones were gone.

Feast SMSR Second Anniversary – 2gether

(Photos courtesy from Feast SM Santa Rosa Facebook page)

Last Sunday, Feast SMSR celebrated its second anniversary, and it was so special because it was also Father’s Day. I came almost late at SM City Santa Rosa just before the start of the first worship song. I was greeted by two pretty sisters – Reign Joy and Wendy who gave me a Feast bulletin before entering Cinema 1. After the opening song, I sat (as usual, unaccompanied) near the Media Ministry booth where Mylene and AJ operated as teleprompter and visual operator respectively.

Bro. Dreus shared his experience about dogs where he was afraid to pitbull running outside while he and his wife, Love, were walking on the street, and his pet puddle named “Putita” who was accidentally stabbed to death by his brother who thought it was a cloth after washing and rinsing. Because it’s Father’s Day, he discussed a special talk about fathers, as son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. And because it’s the second anniversary of Feast SMSR, he also discussed about being together that we’re never alone (well, although I’ve been alone all the times, I’m with my “guardian angels” throughout my life). “You can’t do it alone; you need to have support,” he stated.

After the powerful talk from Bro. Dreus, I was in charge to operate the visuals on the holy mass led by the special presenter, Father Eugene Fadul. He discussed during the sermon about the three important events on that day – the Corpus Christi, the Father’s Day, and the second anniversary of Feast SM Santa Rosa.

After the holy mass, I just decided to leave and not to attend the second session. I only told Che Bughao who was the operator for the next session that I was going to leave. I didn’t call my other friends to talk and to tell goodbye before I left from the cinema. I just went somewhere (not SM City) to eat a lunch alone (as usual) before going home. Although I missed the great ending of the second session, I was satisfied to attend the second anniversary of Feast SMSR.

The Beginning and the End


Prior June 2015, I was thinking on my mind about sharing my stories on the internet. In fact, I had my commentary article called All About Tent back in my college days. But it was only read to my close friends and classmates back then. In mid-2012, I created my account on WordPress to have my own personal blog. But it was left idle due of my busy works at the office, and I didn’t publish any articles on it. However, after three years, I finally decided to reopen my WordPress account and on June 24, 2015, I published my first ever episode. This was the beginning of My TENT Journal.

As I mentioned earlier, in the first episode back two years ago, I shared about the relocation of Bro. Dreus’ Feast from Biñan to SM Santa Rosa and my wonderful trip to Bataan with my… former love. Yeah, I was so happy when I read my first ever episode that I wrote. I had a date with my long distance girlfriend, and we had bonding time together because we celebrated our third love anniversary. However, I didn’t expect what happen next. If there was a beginning of my blog, there was also an ending – the unexpected break-up. And that was the end of my wonderful love life a day after publishing my first episode.

Yeah, it has also been two years since I became single and loveless. I don’t want to explain again and again about this because I had written this in several past episodes, and yet this was already in my past life. In the past two years of my blog, most of the episodes that I wrote and published were about my sadness, not only in my desperate love life, but also the problems in my family, my finances, and my freedom. But despite of the struggles, I have continued to write the stories about my everyday life and its surroundings.


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Things that Happened Two Years Ago…

It’s so unforgettable for me that there were lots of things that I encountered two years ago (June 2015 or right before the end of LDR). Sadly, these are no longer existed in my present life, but I really miss these that made me so happy.

  • The Feast of Bro. Dreus Cosio was at Central Mall Biñan, and it was held every Saturday evening after the holy mass. Bro. Jon Escoto held his Sunday Feast in the morning also after the holy mass. The number of attendees during that time was less than 100 (due of small space, but now, Feast SMSR accommodates more than 300 attendees in both sessions at Cinema 1).
  • Also, Bro Jon’s Feast was held at Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center in Paseo, Santa Rosa every Sunday afternoon after the holy mass. In late 2015, it was transferred to Technopark Hotel just few meters away from its old site.
  • Of all these friends that I had from Feast Biñan, only Earl Pascua, Carlo Carrasso, Sony Camelon, Carol Poblete, and Jonah Rodas are still active to attend and to serve at Feast SMSR, and I’ve been seeing them there. Almost all of my former friends who had been attending and serving at The Feast (both Biñan and SM Santa Rosa) are either gone or having other commitments. (Although Ralph Deniega, Marian Carpo, Maeliza Tavera, and some others are still attending and serving at Awesome Kids Ministry, I barely see them around at the Feast.)
  • Most of the times, McDonald’s Olivarez branch was the place where we had our Light Group meetings after attending Saturday Feast (and we usually went home before midnight).
  • I didn’t know all single (and pretend to be “single”) people in the Singles Ministry (including the one who had chatted me on Facebook before) especially those who would be my batch mates in Love Life Retreat Batch 4.
  • The AlDub phenomenon (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (“Yaya Dub”)) did not exist.
  • “God Gave Me You” by Ed Sheeran was not yet a popular love song even though it was already played in most FM stations.
  • Forevermore, a hit primetime TV series was recently concluded, and its shooting location, La Preza, was the popular tourist destination back then.


  • Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, was defeated by undefeated Floyd Mayweather after their most-waiting fight.
  • Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was still training for upcoming Miss Universe pageant. Six months later, she was crowned Miss Universe after 42 years.
  • Golden State Warriors recently won an NBA title for the first time after 40 years defeating Cleveland Cavaliers.


  • Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett were still playing in the NBA.
  • Jurassic World, Minions, and Everest (starring Jake Gyllenhaal), were released in the movie theaters.
  • I was still working in San Pedro as a graphic designer. (But now, I’m still looking for a new one.)
  • I still had a long distance relationship (LDR) with my girlfriend, and we had been in a love relationship for three years. (However, few weeks later, we broke up our LDR unexpectedly. Until now, I’m still single, looking for a better girl.)


  • Throughout June 2015, the average of text messages per day was 15 SMS (450 SMS in total). Thanks to my long distance girlfriend. (But right now, as of June 22, the average SMS per day throughout June 2017 has been only 2.32 SMS (total of only 51 SMS accumulated within June 2017). Since I’ve been single and loveless, text communication has been almost in extinction because nobody text me or even in Facebook chat, making my life so boring.)

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

There are two reasons that I have in the past two years: happy and sad. I’m happy because I’m still active in writing my personal stories on my blog and in serving with the Lord at The Feast with lots of blessings. Two years of my journal and Feast SM Santa Rosa. But in opposite, I’m sad because I’ve been struggled in love life, finances, family problems, distractions, depressions, and looking for a new opportunity. Two years of my struggle in Post-LDR era. Two different perspectives in two years, but I’m still thankful because I’m still here so much alive. I’m still here because God guides me to do my best.

Two years is already a milestone for my blog and for Feast SMSR, but two years as being single and no love life… it seems alarming. Because I’m growing older (no longer within 20s), I need to be ready to face my future consequences, not just only in my love life, but also in my working career as well. My future might be scary but yet exciting. It has been two years after the glory days that made me so happy were gone. I really miss and never forget these wonderful things happened two years ago. But now, I’m thinking that in the next two years, my happy life will be resurrected from what I have been struggling right now. Let’s see and keep praying!


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