The Day That Made Me So Happy

Episode 162 – Saturday, June 17th, 2017 (7473)

june 17

Hi there! Today is June 17, and it’s just an ordinary day for everyone, including yours truly. But just few years ago, June 17 was a special day for me because it was the day that made me so happy most especially in my love life. Exactly five years ago, I didn’t expect that I finally had a girlfriend who was my long distance textmate. Yup, she’s my first (and only) textmate that I ever had after she accidentally sent a wrong text message to me in one breezy afternoon of February 2011. And I never thought that she was the “key” to break my 7-year love drought (or having no girlfriend) and the curse that I had after transferring from so-called “Deaf World” in 2005.

I still remember the day – June 17, 2012 – where my life was quite wonderful back then. I was recently hired in a company in Mandaluyong, and that day was my rest day after two-week training in my new job. On that time, I had no idea what I would do next for the rest of the day because of my usual routine during my rest day. The Feast didn’t exist in my life during the time (it would be introduced to me a year later), and I didn’t attend Sunday mass back then (I was unchurched although I prayed before I slept). My own bedroom was so nice, and there was a freedom because my elder brother was working in abroad so that I was so happy to have my own privacy. Strangely, I didn’t even text my textmate at the start of the day. I thought about this because there’s no cellphone signal that I received mostly inside my house, so that I needed to go outside to find the signal (Globe had no signal inside my house until late 2013). But hours later, one unexpected moment came and made me from being loveless into one of the most wonderful times that I ever had in my love life.

How Did My Ordinary Day Become So Wonderful?

1195453-352-k80319Before this happen, I had been courting her for few months after I expressed my true feelings to her thru text messages late March of 2012. Even though we totally never met personally due of long distance, I already had strange feelings on her because she was the only one to have a text conversation with me so that I felt I had never been alone because of her (averaging 14.48 SMS per day when we’re just textmates from February 2011 and 55% of all text messages that I collected within that year were from her alone). After expressing my courtship, I started to take my time on her thru text messaging. But I never thought that she started to have love feelings on me especially when she entered her college life in Nueva Ecija. It was until one day when we emerged our love in a long distance.

For the first time ever in the history of my journal, I want to share my text (SMS) conversation with my long distance textmate who later became my first ever (non-deaf) girlfriend on that day: (Note: I made these text messages translated into English from the original text. These were real-time text messages with date and time when I sent and received on my old cellphone from my SMS database. I made some modifications to make this story timeline short.)June 17, 2012-1June 17, 2012-2June 17, 2012-3

When we became lovers during that afternoon, we exchanged 225 text messages (115 were from her alone). Overall, there were total of 275 text messages that we had exchanged thru cellphone (141 SMS that I received from her) within one day alone – the record that will never be surpassed or broken.

Despite that we already became lovers (gf/bf), we had still never met personally. I had no idea about her face, her physical appearance, and her personality as same as what she thought about me. That was not until 6 days later when I decided to go to her place in Nueva Ecija for our first ever meeting (coined as our “eyeball”). This was my first time to go there in a far place alone (about 120 miles away from my home). In that place, I was in front of city hall to wait for her (together with her companion who was her classmate in college), and when I saw her face for the first time after a year of being textmates, I was so glad that she’s the only one who had been texting me for a long time. Sya pala yun, hehehe!


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Unfortunately after three sweetest and most memorable years of having love despite of being long distance, we broke up in an unexpected situation to end our love story. I was so stunned with disbelief that I lost my heart from her. Almost two years later after our break-up, I just decided to reconnect her once again thru Facebook, and she accepted me to become friends, but it seemed that we’re not the same as what we had before when we’re textmates and later lovers. I feel some regrets on our great (text) friendship that we once had.

broken heart

If our unexpected break-up didn’t happen two years ago, we would have been five years from now, and my life would be different as what I really have right now where I’ve been struggled, lonely and bored. Five years would have been our achievement in love. But it’s already broken. My happiest day that happened on June 17, 2012 will be forever in my history books, and it’s just a memory lane for me to be “buried” into my past life. From 2012 to 2015, June 17 was celebrated as my greatest day in my love life, but today I just consider the date as an ordinary day because it’s just forgotten in my present life.


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