More Mysteries… Unsolved

Episode 154 – Sunday, May 21st, 2017 (7446)

mysteries unsolved 002

I was so upset when one of my USB storages was broken after using for a long time. I didn’t understand what happened to my USB after inserting on my laptop many times without being recognized or read from the Windows system. Although I have some back-ups from this USB storage, I really regretted because it was the biggest USB capacity that I ever used which had the capacity of 16 gigabytes. For now, I have used only one USB left which is the smallest capacity storage of (less than) 4 gigabytes and is the oldest since I bought it around 2010. It has been used mostly to store the articles for my journal every time when I rent a computer in an internet café. I had three USBs before during the time when my life was so grateful. Since one of my USBs has been broken, I had another one USB which is black and has the storage capacity of 8 gigabytes that I gave to my former girlfriend for her college studies during our (long distance) relationship. But sadly I don’t know if she still keeps it, along with other items that I gave to her, after our break-up almost two years ago. This is still a “mystery” for me.

Anyways, last month, when I still had a new job, I discussed a topic about the mysteries throughout my life that they have still been unsolved. Things and events that involved my life have been remained mysteries such as having my former playmate, the controversial transfer of my former deaf enemy (she now rested in peace), and the unknown teenager who became my partner in JS Prom. But these are just the few that I had discussed last month. In this episode, there are more unsolved mysteries that were once happened throughout my life either from a school incident or at work.

Well, I think I can explain these events that until now I have never found the real conclusion. (Note: I don’t mention their names because I don’t want to eradicate their reputation on this topic.)

PSD “Mute-tiny”

I just coined “mute-tiny” from the merging “mute” which means a deaf person who is unable to speak and “mutiny”, an open rebellion against the authority. And this happened unexpectedly at my old deaf school, Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) in Pasay City, because of somewhat allegation.


This was started when I was in third year (junior level) high school in 2003. I found out from one of my beloved mentors told me that the school principal was accused for corruption and using school funds for her personal things. I learned about this from her because she was not the only one to discover this allegation but also to her close friends who were my teachers mostly from third year high school. Later, one of the subject teachers discussed to me and my deaf classmates in the first section about that situation where all of the supporters of my beloved mentor wore black T-shirts every Fridays to protest against the “corrupted” school principal. Most of my classmates learned from them and wore black dresses during our Physical Education class although I didn’t wear these because I just stayed neutral. However, the school principal called me, as a class president, and my first section classmates to discuss about wearing black dresses. She warned us that this situation might affect our grades as well as our moral character in PSD. But despite of the warnings, most of my classmates and schoolmates from other section still wore black T-shirts during Fridays.

During that time, I was so confused and affected on that situation because, at first, I just stayed neutral on this unexpected event around the school, and secondly I had been dating with a witty deaf lady who favored the school principal as well as her teacher-adviser who was against the “rebellion”. Even my existing friendship organization, Tent & Co., was affected because some of my members were starting to wear black T-shirts as a sign of protest. So, I and my close classmate, Michael, remained neutral; however, on October 3, 2003, almost all of the teachers who supported my beloved mentor and the students of third year high school wore black dresses to protest the allegation against the school principal. Because of serious confrontation between the “blacks” and the “reds” (supporting the school principal), I just decided to cut-off my next class before the situation turned into worse where the protesters tried to have arguments to the supporters of the principal. I didn’t foresee the next scenario after my “escape” where Michael intentionally joined with the “blacks” and started to “beast mode” where he hit one of the teachers. That’s so embarrassing, wasn’t it?

After the incident, I and other students from third year placed to calm down the situation where I had a dialogue with some of them, but they suspected me that I was belonged to the “reds” because of my dating with “loved one” who supported them. However, I denied their accusations, but instead I just stayed silent and neutral. Months passed by, I, my schoolmates, and the teachers had some hesitations to see and to meet each other within the school because of the situation even in school events such as Christmas party, JS Prom, and Sportsfest. However, when I was chosen to become exchange student in the United States in mid-2004, I never heard any news or update about the incident that I thought it had never been solved.


Fast forward to the present, I have no idea what happened to the case where the petitioners filed complaints against the school principal of PSD who had still been in the position (I don’t know if there’s already a new principal of the deaf school few years ago). It’s because I’m now no longer in the world of “deaf people” like them since I was transferred to the “Non-Deaf World” in mid-2005, right after coming back home from my wonderful experiences in the U.S. I still don’t know if this has been already finalized or pending in the court (I guess). Late last year, I deeply saddened when I found out from my old Facebook account that my beloved mentor who fought her bravery against the principal was gone in her resting place. Up to this day, no one tells me about this case which, I think, has remained a mystery throughout my life.

Stalking Me at Workplace

I was so happy to have a new job in Alabang as a graphic artist which was my first ever (official) job after graduating from college. However, I didn’t know that someone would stalk me because I was the one of the new employees of the workplace.


In the final days of 2010, while it was idle time, I wrote something on a note about being single and my love life and tried to keep some of my notes about my love life to my own folder that stored in the public computer storage. But on the next day, I was surprised when somebody bothered my folder with a note. I read a note where it contained some insults on me that I was alleged as a “gay”. Because of this, I just replied to the stalker on my folder. However, on the following day, the stalker replied me once again where there’s a note written that I was somewhat “weak” about courtship. This made me furious on that stalker, and I just replied on a note filled with anger (in all caps) where I stated that my personal life must not be intrigued or made any non-sense issues. Because of my anger, on the next morning, the stalker replied on my folder in the public storage stating an apology. I just accepted on that unknown person’s apology, but I had still no idea who was that stalker. When the new year of 2011 entered, the stalker sent another note to me talking about my personality because I was new in the workplace and quite shy. Although that stalker had already seen me in the office around, I didn’t see him/her who stalked me on the public computer storage, and I had no idea who was he or she. Unfortunately, the public computer storage was unexpectedly shut down for days, so that I couldn’t have any chance to communicate with that stalker. And when it was resumed, the stalker who stalked me before was disappeared on the storage.

Days passed by, I had no clue who was that stalker where I got furious at first after he/she told me as a “gay” (considering as “digital bullying”). My short-lived communication with that stalker left me into a mystery that has never been solved. Whoever the unknown stalker was, I had always thought him/her on my mind forever during my working days in Alabang. He or she will be remained a forever mystery in my job career.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I don’t really understand why I have lots of mysteries that I can’t solve because of many untold secrets. There were some controversies and conspiracies that involved my whole life either were from school or from work. But I don’t let to know these which make my mind blank up to the present. I can ask somebody to find the true answers and to solve these mysteries, but I guess they might not answer because they have already forgotten about these which were happened many years ago. I’m still clueless on these because of already in my “past” life, so that I already “buried” these from my memory. Well, that’s another mysterious episode for this day. Enjoy yourself and have a nice day!


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