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Episode 150 – Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 (7428)

I don’t imagine that my journal (blog) has already been published 150 episodes in the past 22 months. Wow! Time is so fast since it was first published in June 2015 where I was fresh from being heartbroken. Awww… forget it. I have already written 150 episodes about stories in my current situation, happenings, data facts, and throwback from my archives. That’s another milestone for my blog, and I feel I can do to write up to 200th episode before the year 2017 ends. I hope so, but I’m now sad because I became jobless again after my momentary job stint in Cabuyao due of pressure and stress (thanks to my mother who bothered me especially about finances that my salary was not enough to support her needs in our family).

Anyways, don’t you mind that my own office (called My Tent Office) inside my bedroom where I’m now writing (or typing rather) this episode on my own laptop that is already five years old and still working. This laptop is the one of many things that I keep in my own office where there are lots of old notebooks, books and some other stuff that I collected. This may be looked some messy place, but these are my things that I still keep throughout my life. It’s funny that I collect memorabilia, either these were bought or given from my friends, although some are just bizarre that are supposed to be thrown into garbage bin. But I still keep these because they are my memories considering as history. Well, I’ll share to you something in this episode about my collections that I still keep in my own office. Some are just bizarre, but most of them are important and historical with good memories throughout my life. I only choose five things that I’ve collected since when I was growing up from a young kid, into a teenager, until I became a young gentleman.

This is my Tent Office where many collections are kept there. (Photo courtesy from Tent Archives)

Old notebooks from elementary and high school

Most of my friends when they’re still young may no longer keep their school notebooks which were written while studying during their elementary or even high school days. I guess because these are looked like junks, and most of these might be sold to the junk shop because they are made of paper. But for me, I still keep my old notebooks that I wrote during elementary years.

Although all of my old notebooks from preparatory and first grade are already lost (or probably thrown away into the junk), I have still kept my old school notes from second grade. Under my table, there are lots of old notebooks from elementary and high school that I still keep until now – considering as my old archives. The oldest notebook that stores under my table was already 21 years old (older than some of my younger friends out there), and it was a non-school notebook where I wrote some bizarre notes when I was only 9 years old (see, I’ve been a good writer since then, hehehe). There are some other old notebooks that I used for school when I was Grade 2 elementary, and almost all were written in granite pencil where all of my childhood writings might be still intact even these are already more than 20 years old.

1996 notebook
This is one of my old notebooks from Grade 2 Elementary that I still keep until now (Note: on the right side, there were handwritten notes that I made when I was a young kid). This is already 21 years old (bought and written in 1996).

There are some old notebooks that I still store under my table from Grade 2 up to fourth year high school (1996 to 2004), mostly from my study in a deaf school. In 2007, I removed the metal springs that held the pages because these became rusty and replaced into cloth strings. Few years later, I also removed the rusty metal springs from my big notebooks that I used for my studies when I was in the U.S. and replaced all into cloth strings. All of these are still kept on my shelf, and some of these are still unused or unwritten even they are already more than 10 years old.

old notebook

Overall, these are now considered as my historical archives because these are reminded of my childhood memories back in school.

School programs and other stuff

Aside of old notebooks from elementary and high school, I also keep some school stuff when I was studying at Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) and Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD). There are some school programs from PSD that I still keep until now. The oldest one was back in 1997 when PSD held its recognition day program where I was awarded first honorable mention for my third consecutive year (part of 10 straight first honor recipients that I had). I found out that the program brochure (or whatever we call this) was so low-tech back then. In the years passed, the recognition program brochure had been changed using computers.

PSD recognition day 1997
This is the oldest recognition day program from PSD that I ever keep from my box (it has been already 20 years old!)

Another school stuff that I still keep up to the present were from my host school, ASD, when I was an exchange student in the U.S. back in 2004-2005. Most of these were so memorable for me, part of my wonderful experiences back in the U.S.

These are the programs mostly from Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD).

Old receipts

When most of us buy something from a store, we usually throw the receipt after we purchased. It might be annoying because it’s just useless, wasting paper and becoming messy on your pocket or bag. But when I buy something, I just keep the receipt instead. I don’t know why I decide to keep the receipt that I purchased from a store, a restaurant, or even a bus ticket rather than throw (but not all most of the times). In fact, I have been keeping the receipts that I purchased since when I was in fifth grade elementary.

7-11 receipt 1999
This is one of the oldest receipts that I ever keep (and the ink is still intact even though it has been kept for almost 18 years!)

To be honest, I keep lots of receipts on a small box, and these might be looked so messy. But for me, these are just memories that I can remember the date when and the place where I bought the stuff. The oldest receipt that I still keep until now was, guest what, almost 18 years old! It’s already legal in this age, hehehe! Yeah, I got this receipt after I bought something from a convenience store in Olivarez, Biñan, Laguna back in 1999 when I was Grade 5 elementary. The convenience store where I purchased an item to get the oldest receipt in 1999 has been operating until now (its front neighbor was a small establishment holding with only two fastfood chains which both of them were torn down and replaced into a bigger building called Central Mall around early 2010s where The Feast was located there until June 2015). I also collected receipts from the United States where I stayed there in 2004-2005 (some of them are still intact).

Most of the details on the receipts are no longer intact because of the ink fading over few years, but some are still visible. Some stores where I purchased an item for a receipt may no longer exist throughout the years, but most others are still there operating.

Old photographs

In our modern world, people are now taking pictures thru their cellphones or digital cameras, and already looking their pictures in seconds thru the small screen. But back then, we used film rolls on old camera to take our pictures and waited for days to develop.


That’s true, and when I was in the United States for my wonderful experience 12 years ago, I just used a cheap film rolled-camera to take my good memories. Because I was just a poor kid, it’s so unfortunate for me that I had no cellphone or digital cameras to use for taking my pictures with friends, and even there was no social media to post my most memorable photos back then. So, by using a film-rolled camera, I took some photos only in limited slots (24 or 36 frames per film, I think unlike today where we can take up to 1000 photos depends on storage capacity), and I needed to wait for days to develop the film and to see if the pictures that I took were okay or not. That’s why I have a box where I keep the collection of my old photos that I took when I was in the U.S. (more than 250 photos). Because these old printed photos might be fading over the years in the future, late last year, I decided to scan all of these into digital format which store on my computer so that these are still stored for my past wonderful memories without looking on a thick set of printed photos just like decks of cards or a photo album.

Feast bulletins

Last Holy Week, I attended a recollection called Kerygma Lenten Recollection where I enjoyed bonding with my friends from the Feast and recalled my past mistakes to cleanse. This was my fifth consecutive year that I attended KLR, and I reminded that I have still kept some old bulletins from past KLRs since 2013. So, I looked up these from my shelf and took a photo and posted it on Facebook during the recollection where some of my Feast friends were so amazed. (My bad, I supposed to not open my Facebook during Holy Week.)

These are the bulletins that I collected from Kerygma Lenten Recollection since 2013.

Last February, right after Love Life Retreat, I took some past Feast bulletins where there were announcement sections about the retreat back in 2014, 2015, and 2016 – these years that I missed to attend the retreat until just early this year. It’s so amazed that I still keep Feast bulletins since my first attendance back in 2013. Most of the bulletins were from Central Mall Biñan which was later relocated to SM Santa Rosa, Paseo de Santa Rosa which was also later relocated to Technopark Hotel, Festival Mall Alabang, Pacita, and one time at Alabang Town Center last year. There are also some Kerygma bulletins such as Grand Easter Feast (2013 and 2014), Kerygma Conference (2013 and 2015), and Kerygma magazines (old issues that were given for free). And also, I still keep the small post cards in all talk series that I’ve attended in the past four years.

Text messages

Although these are not physically touched in our hands, I have kept these digitally. In fact, I started to collect all the text messages, both inbox and outbox, as early as 2009. Thanks to the unknown who invented this type of software where it could save all text messages from cellphone, I like to save text messages that I collected on my phone for historical matters – considering as a diary. Yeah, there were lots of good (and some bad) memories that I had communicated with my friends thru SMS especially the one who later became my textmate and eventually my long distance girlfriend (making SMS communication so dominant in 2012 and 2013 collecting more than 10,000 text messages).

2009 SMS
This is an example of a database where I have collected my SMS (text messages) since 2009.

It’s just bizarre that I’m the one of only few people to save text messages rather than to delete that most of us usually do this to have enough space on phone memory. I don’t need to write down all the text messages collected from my phone on my old notebooks because I comfortably save all of these digitally to my computer in a structured way (using Excel). I’ll explain about saving text messages in the future episodes.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

There are some other things that I collect and still keep in my office such as souvenirs from tourist places that I visited before (both here at home and in abroad) like magnets, tickets and brochures, several cylinder tubes of Pringles (either I bought or got from other elder siblings), loading cards that I purchased for my cellphone, my written diaries (2001-2010), and coins from foreign currencies (I have a collection of quarter coins from the U.S.). It’s so interesting and odd that I never throw most of these as my mother seems as “trash” especially papers such as old notebooks and receipts, but I just keep these instead because they are now part of my life in the past more than 20 years (more than half of my entire life). I don’t know what the term is about collecting old receipts, magnets, or even old notebooks. I’m just a collector of all these things that were once used in school or in the office. I’m not addicted to collect items that I’ve loved, but I like to collect for my archives. They might be the “time capsule” where I might open these in the future to remember the happen in my past life.

Well, I guess you have collected something that reflects in your life. Personal things might be either kept or thrown away into the trash, but good memories must be kept in our mind. They might not be stored physically, but these are stored mentally in a long term.


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