Mysteries… Unsolved

Episode 147 – Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 (7413)

mysteries unsolved

Last February, most of high school students from third and fourth year (or Grade 9 and 10, I guess) attended their Junior-Senior (JS) Prom where they wore formal dresses and danced with their partners (or crushes, too). In the United States, the JS Prom is held around early April where Alabama School for the Deaf, my host school that I attended during the exchange program 12 years ago, was recently held its promenade night. I still remember that I had no partner to walk on the stage, but I just really regretted it (because I refused to have a partner who was looked like a “tomboy” but in reality she was a pretty girl though). But by the very next school year when I was in fourth (senior) year high school in a non-deaf school (my first school year in Post-Deaf School Era), I attended JS Prom for my third and final time where I had a cute partner. Yeah, my partner was cute, pretty and young from third (junior) year where I escorted her together entering the prom place as part of cotillion. However, up to this date, I still don’t remember who that cute girl was (in fact, I gave a simple gift for her before the prom). I don’t know what the name of my partner in the prom was; I don’t know if she’s still alive (absolutely) or somewhat gone (?), and I don’t know if she’s still here around in my community or she’s already married and has children. Hmmm… She never became my friend or high school crush either, but I don’t understand why I never befriended her or asked her name during the time when we first met during the prom practice 11 years ago. I might ask some of my former high school (non-deaf) classmates about this, but I guess they don’t remember this because it has been already 11 years ago. That girl who was my partner at the prom will be forever a mystery in my entire life.

Well, she was the one of the people or things around my “past” life that remains “unsolved”. There are some incidents around in my life that have been controversially questionable. There’s somehow that I can’t solve or answer their mysteries even up to this day. And in this episode, I will share the mysteries that I can’t solve throughout my life. I have the lists of my incidents that have been unsolved and considered as mysteries forever.

My Former Playmate

When I was still young and my family still lived in our old home in Paco, Manila, there was one little girl who became my childhood neighbor (or sweetheart?), just called her, Irish. Her mother was somehow closed with my mother, and when I visited with my mother to their house nearby, I wanted Irish’s mother to have breastfeeding on me. Really? I don’t understand why, but it’s because I was so young back then (around 4-5 years old). I still remember from my old memory when I played with Irish either at her house or outside together with our childhood neighbors. Sometimes, I was so bad when I fought her and made her crying so loud so that her mother scolded me for some incidents, but I was so childish back then. And I have some flashback from my old memory when I and Irish became partners in a wedding (I don’t remember I was there, but I looked this on one of my old pictures from my family photo album (obviously, Facebook didn’t exist in 1990s though, hehehe)). But being childhood neighbors ended in late 1992 when my family moved to our present home in Santa Rosa, Laguna. In early 1993, my mother and I visited one of Irish’s relatives in San Pedro area to attend a birthday party. That was my final meeting with Irish, and after we’ve never met again ever since.


Some years later when I grew up, there was “popped up” on my mind that I was thinking about her. In 1999, I asked my mother where Irish was. But she told me that Irish was in Pangasinan with her family (I guess, but this was my only thing that recorded on my memory). When I was in high school, I had a plan to look for Irish and her relative’s house in San Pedro area, but I failed to do so. In 2004, I got her full name after I asked my elder brother (they were also neighbors back in Manila) about her. Many years later and with the advent of social media, I was trying to search her name on Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, there were some similar names of her shown on the search results, and I didn’t even recall or recognize her face and appearance. I tried once to send a message to one of them, but it was never replied (I didn’t know if she was or she’s just a stranger with the same name).

Well, Irish has (always) remained a mystery throughout my life. Where is she now? Hmmm…

The Controversial Transfer to a Deaf Family

In late 1998, I was so surprised when there was a deaf girl came with her family into my community in Santa Rosa. Her name was Nelissa, and she was my schoolmate from Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD). Because of this, I was so furious why she and her family came to “invade” my “territory”. During that time, I wanted to investigate about this controversy, and I asked some closed friends of her as well as some of my neighbors living near at her house (thru one street where my house is located). They told me that her former house was in Muntinlupa, and it was said that her place was a flood-prone area. It might be the reason why Nelissa and her family transferred their home to Santa Rosa where there were some relatives living on that place.

bad deaf neighbor
(Note: just an illustration)

However, despite of theories that being told, I still couldn’t convince on this because of one place where it was flooded. And I was thinking there were so many places that they could move and lived, but why was my place? Damned it! Sa daming-dami lugar na pwede nila lumipat, bakit sa lugar ko pa? Was this a coincidence that their relatives were also living in my place? Or was this a stupid move for them? I don’t know, but it was unbelievable that’s why I was so mad on her and her family for years while I was studying at PSD. During that time, I couldn’t even go outside because of them that they were free to gather around my place. I still remember in 1999 when they were invited to my nephew’s birthday where they “illegally” entered my house! And I got so mad after Nelissa’s freak brother bothered me as he passed thru my house. Because of these bad incidents, they became my “enemies” during my life in so-called “Deaf World”. However, when my life was changed into “Post-Deaf World” after coming back home from my wonderful experience in the United States, I just simply forgot them as my “neighbors”.

Throughout the years after leaving my old “deaf” world, I just ignored Nelissa and her family around the community even I had seen them gathering. I felt that they no longer “harassed” me or teased me. Until I found out that Nelissa has already died since last August due of health reasons according to Nelissa’s mother who’s now selling pichi-pichi (or whatever called this merienda snack), and my mother confirmed me about this news last January. I might not be happy about my former “enemy’s” death, but oh well, may she rest in peace. But I never forgot on what she (and her family) did to me which ruined my teenage life in my neighborhood, and her controversial transfer to my community in 1998 has still remained a mystery.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

These mysteries are remained unsolved that I can’t even find out the true answers. These might have some controversies involving me, but I don’t let to know why they did these to me which made my mind blank. I can ask somebody because in what the famous commercial said, “Kaya wag mahiyang magtanong… kung may RiteMed ba nito?” (So, you don’t hesitate to ask…. if is this a RiteMed?) Hahaha! But I guess they might not know or can’t answer because these happened many years ago, and they might forget these. I remain clueless on these because they are already in the past, and only some may know about these from themselves. I have more things to come about unsolved mysteries around my life, and I’ll discuss these in the future episodes. But for now, it has been a mysterious day for me. Have a nice day!


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