The Cycle: Best-Bad-Good-Worst

Episode 149 – Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 (7421)


Good day! Right now, I have to remember my past memories where there were lots of the best and most memorable moments happened to make me and my life wonderful and happy. Last episode, I wrote about my three best eras in the past 20 years in my life, and I really missed the best moments that I had in happiness, freedom, and in love life. But in exchange, my best memories turned out into bad incidents where distractions came unexpectedly into my life. Although I needed to move on from the best, my life has been just a mediocre with some good (not the best) memories; however, I didn’t enjoy because of one worst case scenario which almost ruined my life. But then suddenly, my worst incidents turned into the best, and the routine has been on and on. Continue reading “The Cycle: Best-Bad-Good-Worst”


My Three Best Eras in 20 Years

Episode 148 – Thursday, April 20th, 2017 (7415)

3 best eras in 20 years

In the past 20 years, there were many good things happened throughout my life. These made me and my life into happiness, having freedom, and love. There were several good and some memorable moments happened within the last 20 years from 1997 to 2016, but I analyzed the years that I had where there were many best and most memorable things happened during their stretch.

I really found out that there were only three periods or eras in three different decades which were the best and the most memorable in my entire life. In late 1990s, I had my dominance and having “superpower” mostly in my school life. In mid-2000s, my life was so wonderful because of staying abroad for a year. And in 2010s decade, I had a happy and colorful love life despite of having long distance. Well, these were considered as my best eras in the past 20 years. And in this episode and because it’s throwback Thursday, I will discuss these three most memorable eras/periods in my life. Continue reading “My Three Best Eras in 20 Years”

Mysteries… Unsolved

Episode 147 – Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 (7413)

mysteries unsolved

Last February, most of high school students from third and fourth year (or Grade 9 and 10, I guess) attended their Junior-Senior (JS) Prom where they wore formal dresses and danced with their partners (or crushes, too). In the United States, the JS Prom is held around early April where Alabama School for the Deaf, my host school that I attended during the exchange program 12 years ago, was recently held its promenade night. I still remember that I had no partner to walk on the stage, but I just really regretted it (because I refused to have a partner who was looked like a “tomboy” but in reality she was a pretty girl though). But by the very next school year when I was in fourth (senior) year high school in a non-deaf school (my first school year in Post-Deaf School Era), I attended JS Prom for my third and final time where I had a cute partner. Yeah, my partner was cute, pretty and young from third (junior) year where I escorted her together entering the prom place as part of cotillion. However, up to this date, I still don’t remember who that cute girl was (in fact, I gave a simple gift for her before the prom). I don’t know what the name of my partner in the prom was; I don’t know if she’s still alive (absolutely) or somewhat gone (?), and I don’t know if she’s still here around in my community or she’s already married and has children. Hmmm… She never became my friend or high school crush either, but I don’t understand why I never befriended her or asked her name during the time when we first met during the prom practice 11 years ago. I might ask some of my former high school (non-deaf) classmates about this, but I guess they don’t remember this because it has been already 11 years ago. That girl who was my partner at the prom will be forever a mystery in my entire life. Continue reading “Mysteries… Unsolved”

Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2017: Follow

Episode 146 – Sunday, April 16th, 2017 (7411)

(Photo courtesy from Kerygma Lenten Recollection Facebook page)

Good day! It’s Easter Sunday – the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross. And throughout last week, the Holy Week, all of my friends from Feast SM Santa Rosa (SMSR), Technopark Hotel, and Pacita gathered for three-day recollection. It’s the Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2017, and this year’s theme was Follow, which somewhat identified on a social networking site, Twitter, with birds flying over, I think. This was my fifth consecutive year to attend KLR this year since I first attended in 2013 – its initial year.

KLR is an annual Holy Week special of the Feast/Light of Jesus Family. When I, together with some of my former college classmates, saw this for the first time, I had no idea about this event, but I got curiosity on this discovery which was the way for me to attend (and to serve) The Feast regularly in which I’ve been doing for almost four years. Since then, I’ve been a part of this Holy Week event as an attendee and also a servant (for Media Ministry) which was my third time to do for this year’s KLR after 2014: Adik (Christ Is Enough) and 2015: Lost (last year, I didn’t serve because of feeling alone after being heartbroken despite of attending for two days without any companion). And it was also my second year to attend in post-LDR (long distance relationship) era. Continue reading “Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2017: Follow”

Reconnected To My Old Deaf Enemy… Almost

Episode 145 – Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 (7406)

reconnect almost

Within final week of March, there was something confusing from my mind when I decided to reconnect my former love in a long distance on Facebook. And unexpectedly, she accepted me to become friends again on Facebook after 642 long days. She eventually responded me on FB chat after I sent my simple message on her. This was the first time that we restored our communication after a long, long time. The last time that we had was a night of our break-up almost two years ago. However, after becoming “friends” again on Facebook a week ago, we haven’t exchanged our chat conversation up to now. I don’t know if she’s busy or whatever while I have a new job for almost two weeks from now. But I feel I have lost my “feelings” on her because she’s already in my past despite that she’s already a part of my life since we became textmates in 2011. If ever either two of us haven’t responded, I will decide whether I’ll continue to stay connect with her on Facebook or I’ll disconnect my contact from her forever. Well, but it’s too early to judge.

But before this recent happen, it was not my first time to reconnect again to someone who once loved. 7 years ago, I was thinking to reconnect to one of my old deaf enemies, and I almost did however. Well, in this episode, I just want to share my past experience where I had almost reconnected to my past life from the so-called “Deaf World”. Why did I tell “almost”? I’ll explain this. Continue reading “Reconnected To My Old Deaf Enemy… Almost”


Episode 144 – Sunday, April 9th, 2017 (7404)


What’s up? It has been a long time that I didn’t post any new episodes of my journal because of my busy time at my new job so that I couldn’t have a free time to post on my blog because the computer at my work has lack of plug-ins and interrupted internet connection. And during the past week, I got sick because of different weather conditions. There’s a hot weather where I get lots of sweat, but sometimes there’s also a cold weather especially at early evenings while I’m taking my bicycle going home from work. Also, I feel so cold while working because of air-conditioning inside the office. Oh well, I hope I’ll get feeling well before Kerygma Lenten Recollection (KLR) where I’ll serve for the third time since 2014 (except last year). Continue reading “Publicity”