Jobless + Loveless

Episode 140 – Monday, March 20th, 2017 (7384)


What’s up? I’m still looking some vacancies for my next job after becoming jobless earlier this month. And aside of searching for my new job, I’m also still looking for “One True Love” after becoming loveless almost 21 months ago. Oh well… that’s crucial because I’m already in 30s, and I might have hard time to look for a better job and for a right girl to be my dream girlfriend. But while I’m looking for both things (I would like to look a new job first rather than a new girlfriend, hehehe), I feel I’m just going back in 2010 when I was jobless and loveless. Yeah, it might be similar to what I had almost 7 years ago where I was looking for my first job and my first girlfriend.

I’ll discuss my life back in 2010 when I was quite young and not-so having working experience because I was just a fresh grad back then. Here’s my flashback, using my “time machine”, in the year 2010.

2010: From Fresh Grad to Jobless

The year 2010 was somewhat a sweltering year because of presidential election in my beloved country. Benigno S. Aquino III, the son of slain senator, Benigno, Jr. and former president, Corazon, was just elected to become the new president, and there were some bad events around the country such as hostage taking of Hong Kong tourists, typhoons, and controversies in show business. And most of my current friends were still in college or even in high school back then. But during the time, my life was somewhat boring because I had no work and also no love.

Right after my college graduation in May, I was recommended to work with a deaf entrepreneur who owned a deaf travel agency in Mandaluyong. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay to work there for so long because of strange working environment (I’ll discuss about this in the future episodes). After working for only four weeks, I resigned from there and looked for another to have a better job. Actually, this was not my “first official” job at the deaf travel agency because it was just a “training background” for me; at least, I had some lessons and experiences about having a job after years of being a student.


After my very short-lived job stint in Mandaluyong, I became jobless for months. And I was not the only one because most of my former college classmates were also jobless, looking for their first jobs. In my situation back then, I spent my time in the internet cafés to search for vacancies thru online. When my resume was accepted by recruiters, they called me to have an initial interview and examination. I traveled back and forth in some business districts in Alabang, Makati and Ortigas. However, none of those companies qualified me for their job openings in I.T. and graphics field.

Aside of being jobless, I was also loveless because I never had any (non-deaf) girlfriend since my return home in mid-2005 after almost a year of my wonderful experience in the United States. I had been single, loveless and no girlfriend for 5 long years, and I had also hard time to look for a new girlfriend in my new life in Post-Deaf World Era. That’s why, during the time, I was dull and bored because I didn’t have any crush to entertain due of being jobless. My life was almost filled with loneliness, and I almost lost my “fighting spirit” because of miserable things happened especially I was about to start my recovery from the worst incident that I ever had in 2009 because of non-sense controversy involving my former college crush which almost ruined my life.

However, after three months of being jobseeker, I finally found my first ever job after I applied one of the advertising companies in Alabang where some of my former college friends were also working there, and it was so easy because I was finally admitted there as a graphic artist (first as a trainee and later became a regular employee). Being jobless was finally ended in October 2010 after I had my first (official) job. When I started to work there, there’s one thing that I couldn’t achieve over and over again – having a first (non-deaf) girlfriend. Yeah, despite of having a new job, I was still loveless. For several months working in my first job, there were several pretty co-workers around the office, but none of them became my true girlfriend. But it was until one stranger who sent a wrong text message to me which was the start of having my bizarre friendship to her as textmates, and sooner we became lovers starting our long distance relationship (LDR).


From being miserable in 2010 because of being jobless plus loveless, few years later, I was finally recovered, and my life became so great, blessed and wonderful because of having a stable job and also having a colorful love life (in a long distance).

Back to My Present Situation

Right now, I’m just thinking about my past situation in 2010 where I was so miserable back then, but in few years later I was so blessed because of having a job and a love life. Thanks to my patience and efforts that I did since I had my first job back in October 2010. But if I already could do this kind of situation to bounce back from being jobless and loveless almost 7 years ago, can I do this in my present situation where I’m now jobless plus loveless? Yes, I can do what I had already done before; however, there are some “pre-cautions”.

Since I’m already in 30s, I’m already matured enough to have my own decision in life, but I might have a hard time to find a better way for my future. Unlike in 2010 when I was young, I think my present situation is different from what I had before. There’s a comparison about having my jobless times that occurred three times since my college graduation (Post-College Era):

data facts

I have noticed that there are almost similar on what I have in 2010 and in the present where I have no job, no love, staying with my elder brother who is jobless, no privacy in my bedroom (and my own office) because of him, and have a bad situation that I still recover. The difference is that I was just a fresh grad back in 2010 while I already worked three different companies for graphics (and have working experience too). But after 2010, things were changed within few years when I got a new job and had a happy (long distance) love life. Question: if right now I’m jobless and loveless, will the best things happen in the future just like what happened after 2010? Hmmm… having a new job will be absolutely possible, but having a new girlfriend…? I don’t know, but it will also be possible if I’ll find a better girl for my next dream girlfriend (and a future wife too).

I also include my jobless times in 2013-14, but it was a different compared these two. Despite of having no permanent job, I was so blessed because the Feast was introduced where I started to attend and to serve together with my new friends. I also had a happy love life with my long distance girlfriend, and while I was out of job, I was still able to travel going to Nueva Ecija for my wonderful dates with her (thankfully I had some savings to use my expenses for our dates). Although I felt sad because I had no job during that time, I never thought that I was still blessed because I was not loveless. That’s really different from my situation right now.

I can’t imagine I had a miserable life back in 2010 where I was lonely, feeling down, and looking for miracles. But thanks to my patience and efforts that I made, I resurrected from the downfall to rise again to the highest level because of so many blessings, not just in my working career, but also in my love life. I can’t believe that I already did this before that’s why my life was so grateful in the past few years (2012-2015). I didn’t realize these beautiful things already happened during that time because I was busy at work and communicating with my textmate who later became my first ever girlfriend in my new era (making my love life so colorful and full of happiness). But unfortunately, these were already gone, and the happiness has been no longer existed in my current situation. I thought I already had these forever, but why were they gone?!!! My God, why?

Well, I’m back to zero again, and if I already did this before, shall I try to do this again? Why not? I’m very optimistic because I will do this in time with patience and efforts that I already made almost 7 years ago. I was jobless and also loveless in 2010, but in few years beautiful things happened because I had a better job and a happy love life. In my present situation, I’m now jobless and also loveless, but will these best things also happen in few years to come? My future might be scarier yet more exciting. But let’s see. And I might be shocked if these will be granted, and hopefully these will be forever in my future life. Please pray for it.

no job no love


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