I’m Now Out of Work

Episode 138 – Friday, March 10th, 2017 (7374)


Yesterday, March 9, my boss called me and my other two colleagues after lunch to have an announcement that we knew to expect. He told us that we’re now out of job (including him) starting on that day. We really expected this development that we’re now jobless because we didn’t have any tasks or articles given within the last two months after we finished the latest issue of the magazine last December. The magazine where we created and designed for articles was already fading down due of low ad revenue, so it was a great loss for the company that my boss had for the long time. We deeply saddened about this bad news, but that’s life. There’s no forever for how long we would stay in a stable company. Wala talagang forever, di lang sa pag-ibig, kundi sa working career! (There’s no forever, not only in love life, but in my working career!) Ayyy…

Because of this happen, I was shocked, even though I already knew the possible scenario, yet I was deeply stunned. In the last three years (or over 37 months) that I worked for the company, it is my longest job stint that I made in my working career life. In the last three years, we had so many good memories inside and outside our work where we bonded together as one “family”. I’ll discuss the history how I entered one simple company to work for so long.

How Did I Enter There?

After I resigned from my one-year job stint in Mandaluyong in June 2013, I became jobless seeking for a better job. But I was not fortunate to find a new one until I spotted this simple company in San Pedro area. After almost 8 months of being unemployed, I was finally admitted to work for a bi-monthly gaming and casino magazine which was based in Macau, China. This was the third company that I worked for since graduating from college in 2010. Since January 27, 2014, from my first working day, I felt the nice atmosphere and “freedom” with my colleagues while working at the office. This new work was better than my first two previous jobs because of convenience (only 11.5 kilometers away from home which took only one or two rides going there), less pressure (no strict implementations, no quota needed, no slow system, no night shift schedule, barely had overtimes, less working hours), and of course “freedom” (could access any websites and having free time to explore thru internet). And because we had own keys provided, we could use the office anytime even without asking permission from our boss.

When our Australian bosses came to visit our office in San Pedro, they treated us some free good stuffs and food from some expensive restaurants. They’re so generous though, but sometimes they had some pressure on us even during the creating and designing for the next issue of the magazine. I still remember in December 2014 when one of them wanted to stop our Christmas party and forced us to finish our job for the next issue. That’s one of the memorable moments happened during my work life in the company.

This job was really considered as my best job that I ever had in my working career, so that’s why I really loved to stay there longer than my two previous jobs in Alabang and in Mandaluyong combined (only 32 months that I worked with these two), and it’s even longer than my long distance relationship with my long-time textmate for three years (36 months). And because I had privilege to open the office anytime (thanks that I had keys), it was considered as my “exile country” where I stayed there to have my own “freedom” (better than my home because of my jobless elder brother and the distractions at home) and happiness even I was alone. However, after three years, these happy things went to be gone forever.


No More “Exile Country”

Yeah, the office was not my own but my Filipino boss who operates and owns this. But as what I mentioned earlier, I had privilege that I had keys to open this to stay for my own “freedom”. Since my break-up from long distance relationship in June 2015, this was the place for me to have “cooled off” from the distractions around (especially the time when the phenomenal loveteam, AlDub, was born). This was also the place where I could use internet free anytime. However, after all, I will have no longer to use the office anymore because obviously I’m now no longer an employee of the broken company.

It’s really sad that there’s no more “exile” for me to stay for my own “freedom”. I don’t have my own privacy at home because of my jobless elder brother (thanks to the connections of our own bedrooms). And the worse, I will no longer have my free time and using free internet for my own personal interest. My God! Happiness is now over! It will be no more free internet, no more watching live streaming, no more overnight stay, and no more… privacy of my own.


But I just worry about writing my episode on my journal. Since January, I have published my new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. That’s a consistency, but I break this (like this one) because of “breaking news” where I now become jobless. I have already line-up of future episodes that I will publish on my blog in the next few weeks or so, but I might not do this anymore because there’s no internet connection at home. So I might need to rent an internet café outside to publish my new stories while I’m seeking for a new job.

Becoming Jobless Again

And again, I’m now becoming jobless for the first time since second half of 2013. But unlike the last time where I was jobless but still had a happy (long distance) love life, this might be the worst. I first lost my long distance girlfriend that I’ve been single for almost 21 months, and now I lost my beloved job. That’s shocking! I feel I’m just going back in 2010 where I was jobless and loveless. Loveless na nga…, jobless pa! Hayahay buhay! Hehehe! Although I was just a fresh college grad in 2010, I’m now already old enough to be jobless and looking for a new opportunity. There’s some doubt about hiring 30+ of the age (although most companies are hiring jobseekers with experiences).

However, one of the worst scenarios that I’m facing right now is the financial support of my family. At home, my parents are already old enough to have their jobs while my elder brother has been jobless for almost three years after working overseas. And since I now become jobless, only my eldest sister, who is now in 50s and unmarried, is the only one who has a stable job (my other elder siblings have already their own families). So, that’s what I am worrying about. And one more thing that I need to worry is my monthly payment for the healthcare (thanks to my former college classmate who encouraged me to do this in 2014). I still have four years to pay to complete my 7-year plan for the healthcare which is quite expensive but in exchange, it will give me more benefits (hoping that I need to have a new job to continue my monthly payments).

Now… what’s next?

After three wonderful and colorful years of my job, I’m now seeking for a new one. There are lots of job openings around for graphic artists/designers, but mostly are in Makati area, about 36 kilometers (or 22.4 miles) away from my home, and there’s a traffic prone area especially during rush hours. Gosh! I hate traffic with more stress because of poor public transport in the Philippines. There are some companies within Laguna hiring for graphics, but I’m still thinking about their stability (usually small businesses). And there’s one thing that I had been before in my working career – the possible return of night shift schedule. Yeah, I have never been working in a night/graveyard shift schedule since May 2013 when I was in Mandaluyong. But because of my age, there are some health concerns regarding of possible working in a night shift (particularly in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies).

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I’m really sad that bad things happened in the company that I really loved to work for three long years. It’s like a break-up from a love relationship where it hurts my heart and needs to move on for months to forget. But becoming jobless from one broken company, it might have hard times to find another one. Searching a new job is more like searching for “One True Love”. Like in courtship, there are some rejections (mostly), but when I find the better one to be deserved for my new job, it’s like answering a courtship to have connection each other. I hope I’ll find the better one (both job and love). Please pray for me and my future working career.



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