What If… AlDub Never Existed?

Episode 136 – Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 (7371)


There’s one loveteam in the Philippines where they made kilig moments and were loved by most Filipinos. AlDub is considered as one of the most famous and most popular loveteams because of their magic. After they were accidentally paired on one segment of the longest-running noontime show, they never thought they would become so popular, trended million tweets worldwide, and endorsed several advertisements in every aspects of media. This made many Filipinos to forget the situations happened in our nation and instead they’re having fun to discuss AlDub-related topics such as Kalyeserye (series on the streets). During most second half of 2015, almost whole nation were watching every afternoon because of AlDub, and the rest is history. Now, they have ongoing primetime TV series (teleserye for Philippine TV) that was begun last week, and as usual, the show has been trended every night as well as registered higher ratings (because of this, my family now watches two TVs separately, but I don’t even watch TV anymore because it’s so non-sense at all).

Well, I’m so hard to explain about this phenomenal loveteam because, first of all, I’m NOT really a fan of AlDub, and secondly this made me so distracted because, you know, they only came on the airwaves just few weeks after my break-up from a long distance relationship which was a “wrong timing” for me. Because of this, I was so hating to watch or hear or discuss about this while I was single and loveless (even until now though). I just closed my door in my bedroom every time when my mother began to watch Kalyeserye because she suddenly became a “die-hard” fan of AlDub. I just closed my ears every time when someone played their love theme songs. And I just unfollowed some of my friends on Facebook every time when they posted something about AlDub. Gosh! You might probably know that I was a “hater”, but in reality, I was just distracted on them.

Yeah… yeah, I know most of AlDub “fantards” out there might read this on my blog and might react (in violent reactions) on this. I’m sorry to tell honestly about my feelings earlier, but although I was so “bitter” on my past episodes about them mostly in second half of 2015, this is my first time to write a topic about them but in some sort of “twist”. In this episode, I’m just talking about what if… AlDub never existed? This is just an “alternate” scenario where there would no AlDub happened in our timeline right now. And I’ll explain this later on.


On the Problem Solving portion of Juan for All, All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga, comedian Wally Bayola began to play his character as Lola Nidora, a rich grandmother of Doktora Dora de Explorer (also portrayed by Bayola) who had been on the portion about a month ago. He (or rather she) introduced her nanny (or personal assistant) named Yaya Dub (fictional real name: Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash) portrayed by soon-to-be phenomenal celebrity, Maine Mendoza. Her character was a serious and snobbish nanny who didn’t smile or laugh. She initially communicated only thru lip-synching audio clips of songs and some speeches (something imitating from Dubsmash phone application) and did not actually speak onscreen. However, at one time, she broke out from her “Yaya Dub” character when Alden Richards watched her on the show’s live split screen as she began to smile at him with kilig moments. Thus, this moment accidentally led into the creation of the loveteam: AlDub, portmanteau of Alden and YayaDub (played by Mendoza).

This loveteam came on July 16, 2015 which led the creation of the portion, Kalyeserye, replacing the previous Problem Solving portion of Juan for All, All for Juan. Kalyeserye was a drama-comedy series on a live TV performed by improv acting with the elements of parody of Philippine TV dramas, comedy and reality TV, and it was broadcast live from the streets of different barangays in the Metro. Since Day 1, many viewers began to tune-in on the segment which turned to be a success in both TV and social media. The segment helped the longest-running noontime show boost in ratings and trending millions in social media such as Twitter.

It also created the cultural and social impact among Filipinos worldwide as fans (and “bandwagons”) formed their fan base thru social media for their respective idols. It was also praised by many individuals and earned positive feedbacks. Alden Richards, who was just a matinee idol back then, became popular and made success on his showbiz career after pairing with Maine Mendoza who was also unaware that she became from being simple and ordinary girl dubbing her Dubsmash videos on YouTube into one of the phenomenal stars of the current generation.

It sounds surreal, isn’t it? But what do you think if they didn’t exist on our “alternate” timeline? Will this affect our pop culture and social life? Let’s see why.

In Our Alternate Timeline

There are lots of possible scenarios if ever AlDub never existed into our society:



— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Although I don’t have any interest on AlDub, I really appreciate them because of their showmanship and making Filipinos to unite and to “love” each other. It has been almost two years after AlDub came into TV airwaves and also in the nation. But I have some simple questions: will they become couple in real life, and will they last forever and ever? Hmmm… let you judge, and what do you think about my “alternate” scenario that what if they never existed in show business? Would this affect our current pop culture if they didn’t come? Well, that’s all for this episode. I hope you’ll enjoy reading. Have a nice day, and spread the love (even though I’m still single by the way, hehehe).


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