Reconnected With My Former Love

Episode 143 – Friday, March 31st, 2017 (7395)


In the past several weeks, I have been confused that there’s something I can’t forget from the past. Despite that I’m already moving on from brokenness a long time ago, there’s a “pop-up” from my mind that I still remember my former love. I mean my former girlfriend who had our long distance relationship (LDR) for three long years.

And just last Wednesday, after 642 days of no contact, I didn’t expect that she accepted my friend request on Facebook. Yeah, this was after I tried to reconnect again with her for few times because I wanted to have clarity on what we had broken in 2015 and to have a sincere closure between us. I know it might be wrong to reconnect again to the past, but it’s because I want to have some forgiveness even in my present life thru post-LDR stage. But before our reconnection thru Facebook, I’ll discuss how we built our great barriers to “cut” the communication between two of us. Continue reading “Reconnected With My Former Love”



Episode 142 – Thursday, March 30th, 2017 (7394)

The month of March is almost gone, and most of the graduating students out there are already to march for graduation after finishing their elementary and high school studies (most college students might end their school year up to June). Right now, they are exciting yet sad because they will take apart after years from being classmates (either transfer to other school or study different colleges). They will wear togas and graduation dresses to march on the stage to get their diplomas (some might be dummies). After graduation, they will now look for their new directions in school life and in the corporate world (if they luckily find their first job).

For those who are still young people, they must begin their journey starting with their first schooling. When they begin as kindergarten, they are so easy to be graduated. But in the years to come, they’ll experience challenges. When they’re graduated from elementary, it’s just tough because they may continue to study high school. When they’re graduated from high school, it becomes tougher because they might have some hard time to pursue their college studies (choosing their favorite course, entrance exams, college tuitions, payments for thesis, etc.). But after all, when they’re graduating college student, it is the toughest for them to face the serious challenge – looking for their first job. I know this because many might become unemployed after graduating college, but only some might be luckily hired to start their career. Continue reading “Graduation”


Episode 141 – Friday, March 24th, 2017 (7388)


Beginning this year, I started to publish my new episodes on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday, and I did these for 10 weeks in a row. But it was until when I became jobless in my previous job. Right after I published a one Thursday episode, I immediately published my story about losing my job which was published on Friday, March 10, a day after the shocking announcement of the company where I had worked for three long years that we’re now dissolved. Because I don’t have internet connection at home, my new episodes that are scheduled to be published every Tuesday and Thursday on my blog are affected. My consistency has been broken. Continue reading “(In)Consistent”

Jobless + Loveless

Episode 140 – Monday, March 20th, 2017 (7384)


What’s up? I’m still looking some vacancies for my next job after becoming jobless earlier this month. And aside of searching for my new job, I’m also still looking for “One True Love” after becoming loveless almost 21 months ago. Oh well… that’s crucial because I’m already in 30s, and I might have hard time to look for a better job and for a right girl to be my dream girlfriend. But while I’m looking for both things (I would like to look a new job first rather than a new girlfriend, hehehe), I feel I’m just going back in 2010 when I was jobless and loveless. Yeah, it might be similar to what I had almost 7 years ago where I was looking for my first job and my first girlfriend.

I’ll discuss my life back in 2010 when I was quite young and not-so having working experience because I was just a fresh grad back then. Here’s my flashback, using my “time machine”, in the year 2010. Continue reading “Jobless + Loveless”


Episode 139 – Friday, March 17th, 2017 (7381)


Ooops… this is NOT my final episode of my journal, and I’m not telling goodbye that I now stop writing my stories on my blog. Hahaha! But this is just a title on this episode, and I’m sure you’re aware about my situation right now. Last March 9, there was an announcement for me and my work colleagues that our company was now shutting down due of low sales, and sadly we’re now losing our jobs because we didn’t have any tasks given for almost two months to design for the next issue of our magazine. So, this was the end of our working career in that company where I worked there with freedom and happiness for three long years.

Ayyy… it’s so unfortunate for me to have sad endings on the company. Its office was really a second “home” for me and was considered as my “exile country” because I had my own “freedom” from the distractions at home and also for my privacy. Right now, I’m looking for another job opportunity towards my career. I wanna miss the company, its office, and my officemates that they made me happy and funny for three wonderful years. Last Thursday, right after the shocking announcement, we had our short “farewell” party with some beers to cheer and to say goodbye. Continue reading “Farewell”

I’m Now Out of Work

Episode 138 – Friday, March 10th, 2017 (7374)


Yesterday, March 9, my boss called me and my other two colleagues after lunch to have an announcement that we knew to expect. He told us that we’re now out of job (including him) starting on that day. We really expected this development that we’re now jobless because we didn’t have any tasks or articles given within the last two months after we finished the latest issue of the magazine last December. The magazine where we created and designed for articles was already fading down due of low ad revenue, so it was a great loss for the company that my boss had for the long time. We deeply saddened about this bad news, but that’s life. There’s no forever for how long we would stay in a stable company. Wala talagang forever, di lang sa pag-ibig, kundi sa working career! (There’s no forever, not only in love life, but in my working career!) Ayyy…

Because of this happen, I was shocked, even though I already knew the possible scenario, yet I was deeply stunned. In the last three years (or over 37 months) that I worked for the company, it is my longest job stint that I made in my working career life. In the last three years, we had so many good memories inside and outside our work where we bonded together as one “family”. I’ll discuss the history how I entered one simple company to work for so long. Continue reading “I’m Now Out of Work”


Episode 137 – Thursday, March 9th, 2017 (7373)


Meeting new people means the beginning of new friendship. Yeah, every stranger meets another stranger to become new friends either accidental or intentional. It is called acquaintance where strange people are getting to know each other personally but who has not yet become close friends on the first time. This is a person that he/she doesn’t know too much but can identify them. This was what I had encountered last February 25 when I attended Love Life Retreat with other single (and pretend to be “single”) people mingled to become my batch mates (Batch 4) as well as my new friends. As of now, most of them have already connections with me just days after our retreat where we have communicated thru text or group chat messages to have our bonding times especially attending at the Feast. This has been the beginning of my new friendship with them since the retreat. Continue reading “Acquaintance”