What If… I Didn’t Fall In-Love with “Chubby”?

Episode 134 – Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 (7364)

Well, well, well… February is considered by many as the “love” month because of Valentine’s. Yeah, I know this is where most lovers out there are making kilig because of their sweetness. What? Some are buying flowers, chocolates, having romantic dates, and others… well you know. But before the month of February ends, I still remember, when I was in college, there’s one of my classmates who made me something “special”. I remember 10 years ago (Valentine’s of 2007) that I made a “twist” to choose one to be my Valentine. And I picked that girl who unexpectedly became my crush. However, in the end, our friendship was broken because of controversy that made me so mad. I don’t want to reveal her real name because of reputation, but I just called her “Chubby” because of her physical appearance (you know she’s too… oh just never mind).

I was wondering why I fell in-love to that girl who is too short and too chubby (that’s why I just called her “Chubby”). Was this because of her charm and being friendly? I don’t think so because she was just my college classmate back then. However, because of broken friendship that we had before, we are simple no longer as friends. That’s so sad. Oh well, that’s a reality. But I’m thinking what if… I didn’t fall in-love with her when we’re in college? Hmmm…

Right now, I’m talking about my alternate scenario where “Chubby” should never become my college crush, and our friendship might be still existed up to this day. (I’m sorry to open up my story from my “past”, but I just made this for my “alternate” story if things didn’t happen from my current timeline.)


When I entered college at Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Santa Rosa Campus for my first year, I had no common friends or former high school classmates to be my college classmates in the course of Information Technology (I.T.). This was my second year since 2005 that I studied with non-deaf classmates after years of being “deaf” student. But there was a group of female friends (four of them) who became my classmates for the first encounter in college. One of them became so close to me especially when we became members of a club called Artist Guild where both of us had skills in graphics. But I never had any feelings to her until February 2007 because of my “twist”.


Few days before Valentine’s, I made a “twist” to pick up those who were my potential crushes to become my Valentine. I had been single and no girlfriend for almost two years, and I just wanted this to have a chance to be my possible girlfriend in college (unfortunately, it didn’t happen until 2012). I made a piece of paper, divided into 6 pieces, and put these on an empty box. The first pick would be my Valentine. When I picked the first one, I didn’t reveal who the girl was, and I picked up 5 others that were not chosen. After I opened up the other 5, I revealed that “Chubby” would be my Valentine. And on Valentine’s Day, I just gave her a flower, a bar of chocolate, and a Valentine card that I created from recycled materials. At first, I thought that it was just a fun, but later on I didn’t realize that there’s something “special” towards to her.

At the end of first year college, she became my crush and close friend as well. However, there’s one secret thing that she kept which made me upset. So, I started “Cold War”, a series of ignorance and staying away from “Chubby”. This was happened, not once, but twice during our second year in college. The first one happened when she had “old man suitor” who waited at the campus to accompany her after our class. Because of this, I was so stunned, and I started to not meet or talk with her. The first “Cold War” ended within a month after she confessed me about her “suitor”. However, she had another controversy after she secretly had a boyfriend which made me broken causing into second “Cold War”.


The second one lasted longer than the first one, and this was so complicated because she felt cried after I broke my friendship with her because of her relationship with that “freak” guy. Our conflict lasted until when we’re in third year college after I decided to reconcile with her. However, after “Cold War”, we didn’t restore our friendship that once we had before, but we remained classmate though until our college graduation. In 2013, we met again during Kerygma Lenten Recollection, and we’re seeing each other attending The Feast with her boyfriend who coincidentally became a member of Music Ministry during that time. But despite of our friendship that we restored during attending at The Feast, I was not so comfortable with her especially with her “freak” boyfriend when we had Light Groups with my other friends from Feast Biñan. When The Feast moved to SM City Santa Rosa in mid-2015, I just decided to break my friendship from her again because she’s already my “past”. As of now, she’s no longer my friend (even though she still claims me as her “friend”), and my decision was done right.

Well, she’s just one of my former friends who are no longer considered as my friends of the present. That’s so sad because I had an intimate friendship to her in college before, but now it went to be wasted (just like my long distance relationship). I know most of you will be mad at me because of what I did. But this was my own decision, alright?

But I have asked something that what if I didn’t have something “special” with “Chubby”? I didn’t suppose to fall in-love with her. The two “Cold Wars” against her would not be happened, and our friendship might be existed until now. Well, I guess.

In my “alternate” timeline…


There’s a possible scenario that might change my current timeline. What if I picked other crush to be my Valentine rather than picking “Chubby” from the box 10 years ago? Hmmm… this might save my friendship with her, and we might remain friends up to present but not as close as what we had in my current timeline. Her secret “old man suitor” might be there, but this would not bother our friendship since I had no feelings to her in my “alternate” timeline. So, there would be no “Cold War” that made us any conflict situation in class. There would also be no snubbing moments that we had unlike in my current timeline where I literally didn’t talk her.

During the second semester of second year college, she had a boyfriend (outsider) who was waiting for her to accompany going home. If she didn’t become my college crush like in my current timeline, this might not bother me, and I might really not care about her life. And since her boyfriend was a servant of Music Ministry, he might become my friend at The Feast if bad things didn’t happen in my alternate timeline. At the end, my friendship with “Chubby” might be still existed until now as she should be my friend for more than 10 years since college.

Well, that’s only my “alternate” scenario if ever I didn’t have any feelings on her during college. And many things might be changed in my present situation. But that’s my fault because of “love”. That was a freaking love that I was stuck an arrow from cupid to fall in-love with her. Damned it! Blame that cupid! Hahaha!

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I might probably have a “stupid love” because of falling in-love to a girl who was far from my expectations. I would like a girl who is pretty, thin, and having no secrets, but why did I fall to “Chubby”? I didn’t understand why, but every time when I remembered these bad incidents between us, I just laughed because it’s already my “past”, so I should bury it. Oh well, if there’s an “alternate” timeline, we might still be friends until now, but I know this will never be happened again in the present and even in the future because it’s a reality. All bad things that we had before were already happened in reality. I can’t change the history that already happened, but it is considered as my bad memory from the past. Well, let’s move on.




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