Love Comeback (?)

Episode 132 – Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 (7357)


Throughout the year, I’ve witnessed the greatest comebacks in sports. In the world of basketball, there have been several comebacks when the team was down by huge deficits then came back to win the ballgame. Last NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 1-3 deficit to win an NBA title over the Golden State Warriors. It’s same thing with Chicago Cubs where they won last three games over the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. And lately, the New England Patriots managed to have an incredible comeback after they were trailed from 25 points to force overtime and to win their fifth Super Bowl title. In sports personalities, there were some superstars who came back to play again for their “unfinished business”. Michael Jordan came back to play again for Chicago Bulls in 1995 after his brief retirement where he shortly played for a minor baseball team. LeBron James, who was once called a “quitter” after he left Cleveland in 2010, was able to return his hometown team, the Cavaliers, after playing four seasons for Miami Heat.

All of these were once falling behind, but they’re able to come back to accomplish their victories. But there’s one question that I’m always thinking about: is there possible to have a “love comeback”? I mean, once I was broken from a love relationship before, but then suddenly years after the girl that I loved before surprisingly come back into my life. Hmmm… may nagpaparamdam? And is there possible to give a second chance after a break-up? Hmmm… may nangangamoy balikan?

I don’t know why because my “past love” has been already buried, but the time when I think about my past, there’s a “pop up” from my mind that I still remember my former love. Meehh… One of the bizarre things that I have done is to stalk my ex thru Facebook. Really? Yeah, I tried to see her profile and happenings on her life, and I was thinking, “Kamusta na kaya sya…?” or “Nagmove-on na kaya sya after break-up namin…?” But, for quite sometimes, I can’t forget about my great memories with my ex if there’s something that comes into my mind (playing theme songs, spotting particular places where we had visited, food that we ate before, etc.). My God! I tried to block her on Facebook before, but later I was thinking what if she wanted to contact me again because she had some obligations that she never returned to me after our unexpected break-up. There are some of my things that she might still keep (or probably give to others, I guess) like a book from Bro. Bo Sanchez that I bought in 2014 and a black USB drive that I gave it to her before to use for her school assignments. The last time that I checked her thru Facebook (thru her common friend) was that she finally graduated from college after attending mid-year graduation recently.

I already changed my mobile number last year, but there might be possible to have a contact between me and my former ones thru social media. Facebook might be the “best” way to contact one person again who has been (almost) forgotten. And again, my ex might be still around, either she’s active to log-in her Facebook account or not, but I don’t want to add or to have a message to her because I’m afraid that she already forgets me or ignores me for the good reason (as a sign that she’s already moving on), and it might bother her “past” feelings. Of course, it’s weird if there’s a surprise communication between ex-lovers (like in most romantic movies for those heartbroken). But I don’t think it’s a good idea to contact my former love again thru social media. And as you know, I never had any problems with her when we were still lovers. We broke up almost two years ago because of her complicated reasons regarding to her family. So, I respected her decision to split up with me after three years. That’s so sad, but I needed to move on slowly. Last year, I tried to shift my attention to other girls, but they didn’t deserve because I observed that they’re not so perfect to me (most of them were my textmates who failed to surpass the “achievements” of my former love).

But there’s a complicated question that I can’t answer. What if… she suddenly returns into my life to have our “second chance” in love? That will be a complicated consequence if I’ll be going to accept her again in the future. That’s okay for me to accept her again; however, it will be a wrong timing for me because right now I’m going to find a new one who might be my “one true love” (better than my old one), and that’s what I’m looking for to accomplish it. If she’ll come back into my life while I’ll have already a new girlfriend, it will be too late for her. And it might cause to bother my love feelings (especially to my new ones) which will be confusing because of the “resurrection” of my former love. Bakit ka pa bumalik pagkatapos mo ko iwan? (Why did you come back after you left me?)


You know what… I’m talking about this right now because one of my friends from Singles discussed thru chat last Thursday about a sad song that related me to remember my former love (my ex, of course). I told that I felt I just let my ex go after our break-up in 2015, and I didn’t have any chance to defend our love relationship. I might be regretted, but it’s already done. At one time, I was encouraged to restore my connection with my ex (thru Facebook) to have “second chance”, but I almost did because, as what I said earlier, I was afraid that she might be bothered if I would go to contact her again, and I didn’t know if she would ignore me as she already forgot me for good reason. So, I didn’t have any chance to reconnect with my ex again.

For me, I think it’s better to move on and to go forward to the future rather than going back to the old ones because it’s already “past”. I don’t want to have same fate from my “past” life when I was in deaf school. Prior my adventure in the United States in August 2004, I had been hurt several times after the one who came back and again broke me up for some bad reasons. But these were already “buried” from my history books, and I don’t want to do it again in my present life. A love comeback might be possible to me if someone will come back into my life, but again it’s up to me whether I’ll choose to restore my love feelings, as well as my memories, to my former love or I’ll pursue my searching for better girl to be my “one true love”, forget my “past”, and create a new chapter for my new love life.




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