What If… I Have A Foreign Girlfriend?

Episode 131 – Thursday, February 16th, 2017 (7352)


Valentine’s is now over, but the “love” month is still not yet over. Ewww… I know most lovers out there are still fresh from getting sweetness last Valentine’s. Most of them are from their different backgrounds – religion (Catholic and non-Catholic), places (long distance), personalities (good and naughty), physical appearances (slim and chubby), and race (Filipino and foreign). And speaking of, there’s one episode on a weekly drama anthology where one Filipino guy fell in-love to a foreign girl who was a Korean. I didn’t know about their story because I didn’t watch this last Saturday due of a task for my service on the next day at The Feast. But I really notice that most Filipina ladies out there are trying to look for foreign guys thru social dating sites for their love. Yeah, I think it’s because they want to get rid from their poverty. Of course, we’re in third world country though. But I don’t know if there are some Filipino guys who have relationships to foreign ladies. I guess though, but there are only few of them who are luckily married to foreign women.

Well, I’m still single for quite long and still looking for “one true love” (OTL). The possible prospects for my next dream girlfriend might be around – probably from The Feast or an outsider or a common friend of mine or… even another stranger (e.g. textmate, again). But one of the possible prospects to be my better girlfriend is a girl who is non-Filipino and from other country. In this episode, I’m thinking… what if I have a foreign girlfriend? Hmmm… it sounds possible, but I don’t think so.


Last time, I had written an episode about there’s a possible to have a deaf girlfriend. That’s only my “alternate” scenario that might happen, but for me, I honestly don’t want to have any girlfriend who is deaf. Sorry for those deaf ladies out there even they’re pretty though. Ouch! But in this episode, this is not an “alternate” scenario, but this is a possible scenario that might happen to me in the future.

There are possible things to get communication to a foreign lady, and these are Facebook and social dating sites. Facebook has billions of strangers around the world. They can add me as a friend and thru chat even though I don’t know them either. They might come into my life accidentally or thru common friends (e.g. business partners or so). However, it seems impossible to have a foreign friend on Facebook to be my crush then become my girlfriend. Although I have only few Facebook friends who are from other countries (most of them are from United States and mostly are deaf), I don’t seem to find a prospect there. Another possible thing is thru social dating sites. Yeah, I supposed to try this once before, but I felt inconvenience on this because they’re not free regarding to their features where I can’t read any messages from my possible prospects. Yup, that’s a mandatory to pay every month for just having communication with them. Well, that’s their business. I’m not selfish to pay a “cheap” amount for a social dating site every month, but I don’t want to waste for just dating with strangers (because I don’t have internet connection at home).


But sincerely, if ever I try to search for a prospect either thru Facebook, social dating sites, or even those who are working for missionaries in the Philippines (I know they’re non-Catholics though), is there possible to find OTL who is a foreigner? Hmmm… If ever I find the one who lives in other country and becomes my girlfriend, there will be a longer (not long) distance relationship between us. Our love relationship is separated by several miles than what I had before! But if she’s already here at the Philippines, either she’s just visiting or working, I might be happy to have a girlfriend who is not a Filipina. She might be taller than me or prettier than any girls around (having blonde hair and her skin is more whitened). However, there are possible consequences that I might face if I have a foreign girlfriend.

  1. Language Barrier


If I have a girlfriend who is from an English-speaking country (such as United States), it’s okay for me to speak English with her since it is our second language after Filipino language. But what if she’s from a non-English country? That will be a trouble. I might speak some simple English words to my possible foreign girlfriend because she might not know to speak English or just little. And if she wants to teach me some words of her native language, it’s okay for me to learn these to encounter the experience. Same goes to that girl wanting to learn some simple words and phrase of Filipino language.

  1. Culture


If we have different nationalities and race, of course, we have also different cultures. That’s a culture shock for us, only if I have a possible foreign girlfriend. While I’ve been stuck with the Filipino culture and traits, she might learn these, and same goes to me where I must learn her culture in her foreign land. It might be difficult and somewhat confusing, but I’ll learn it step by step (just like what I had when I was in the United States back in 2004). Filipino delicacies are also one of the things that she must encounter as same as I am for her native food.

  1. Family and Friends

Since we’re just strangers on the first time, we don’t have any friends in common here and in her country. That’s a bizarre situation since we’re living in different “worlds”. While most of my friends are Filipino, my possible foreign girlfriend has her friends from her own country. Of course, if she comes to visit me here at my own country, I might introduce her to my family and my friends, and vice versa. But there might have some misconception if she meet my family as same as I am to her family in her country. Of course, I must not think about my personal background (you know I and my family are not so rich but not so poor) if they ask me. But love doesn’t matter if we are different.

Different culture, different language (if she speaks non-English), and different traits are those that we might encounter because of our different nationalities. That’s only if I have a foreign girlfriend. Will it be possible… or not?

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Having a foreign love is no stranger to me because I had encountered it in my past. In fact, when I was in the U.S. in 2004, I had some crushes who are Americans. The one became my crush because of being nice; but unfortunately, we became only good friends though especially when we became teammates in a tournament for our school. However, there was the one who became my sweetheart only for a short while (just few months before I went back home). But all of them are deaf, and they are no longer to be included on my history books about my love life. (Note: all my love life records prior July 2005 are considered to be nullified in my present life especially in Post-Deaf World Era.)

Our national hero, my idol, Jose Rizal, had several lovers who were Filipina and some foreigners (where he visited abroad), but he ended up to fall in-love with an Irish lady who became his wife. Like him, I have almost same situation where I had been in-love, not just Filipina ladies, but also to the foreigners when I was an exchange student. Well, I don’t think if someone will come into my life from a foreign land that she’s not a Filipino. But who knows? It might be possible to happen in my life in the future. But, for my honest opinion, it’s better to have a girlfriend (as well as my future wife) who is a Filipina because of our same culture, trait, language, and of course, nationality that we don’t need to have hard time to learn from foreign aspects. So we must be proud of being Filipino.


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