Episode 130 – Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 (7350)


Recently last Friday, I watched two of some latest commercials from a leading fastfood chain which are now trending throughout the weekend. The first one commercial that I watched was the guy thought that he finally found his “TL” (Tent’s Land?) after they met to order the same food, and suddenly they became close friends. But in the end, the girl was getting married to other guy rather than the one who first met at the fastfood chain. Many internet viewers thought that they would end into marriage, but the commercial made these two into “friendzone”. What the heck! On the final part of the commercial, the guy cried seeing his “best friend” to be married to other. Damned it! I really hate to be freaking “friendzone”! That lonely guy probably “choked” because he didn’t confess his true feelings to that girl as he “blew” it na ala-Golden State Warriors who blew 3-1 lead in the last year’s NBA Finals! Hehehe! Damay nanaman ang Wackiors eh este Warriors pala. But don’t worry to him; he will join to our “exclusive” club to be single with lots of benefits, hahaha! The second one was another guy had a crush to a girl in school, and every time, he secretly gave hamburger with his simple message on a sticky note to her. But until he found out that the girl had other guy who probably her ‘B’. Whatta… is it now called a “third party”? Freak! But many years later, in a school reunion, the girl was waiting for someone, and the guy, who had a crush on her, was now her husband. At the ending, he gave another hamburger with a note to her. What a waste of sticky notes, and why did he give hamburgers to his crush? That’s unhealthy, ah? But the good thing was that girl didn’t become fat after eating those hamburgers given by him, hahaha!

Anyways, today is… V… just never mind, and I already know this day of full of L’s… losers? Hahaha! And there are full of H-shapes. Really? As in letter ‘H’? Hahaha! But anyway, you know what I mean because those who are non-single people out there are now celebrating their L’s like they have D’s (dumps?) on the malls, eating in restaurant together, and watching a movie together. Sometimes, they have a group D’s (defenses?) in one place. And one more thing, every time when they post about their L’s on Facebook, I just “unfollow” them (we’re still remained friends, but I don’t want to see their photos with their… never mind) because that’s offended! Hehehe!

Well, they should benefit and deserve on this “special” day. But how about single people like me? No D’s and no V’s because we don’t have any G’s as of now. Even some of them have still bitterness after their recent break-ups so that they can’t still move on from the past. Gosh! For me, I have already moved on because it has been 600 days (or 1 year and less than 8 months) since I came from a broken (long distance) relationship, and I already buried my “past” (although it was already recorded in my history books).


Anyways, being single has been a long, long time for me since I was born (of course, you can’t have a ‘B’ or ‘G’ automatically after your mother gave you birth, hahaha). And entering in a relationship is sometimes like applying for a job. It’s hard to look for a stable job, but it may be hard to have a relationship. Sometimes, when I found someone, I fell almost to a wrong person like what happened last year. I met a lady from Singles that I thought she was still single, but I found out that she’s already taken. I was stunned and getting some objections about Singles Ministry that she belonged. Another “wrong timing” was the meeting of two newbie operators for Media Ministry where the first one, I thought, was so nice, and I just asked her number to have communication. But soon after I found out that she was already engaged back then. Damned it!!! I thought she was still single! Oh my God! And the second one was so shy, and I thought she’s still single until I realized that she’s already taken. What the heck?!!! It’s better to not befriend them or to not have any communication with them even within one ministry! Wala na bang single ladies dyan? Puro lahat sila “Tekken” eh mali este taken pala! My God! Buti pa sila nasa Level 2 or 3 na sa status nila, eh ako… never mind nalang, Level 0 (zero) pa rin, ganun? Hehehe! Ooops… did I mention my past? My God! Hehehe!

Yeah, I know I have historical records about my life especially my ‘L’ life. Ma ‘L’ ka ah? Landi ba? Hahaha! But the talk might not be related to my present situation because I don’t “dig” to recall about my brokenness from the “buried” past, but I remember the best memories that I had before. Ayyy… kakamiss pero di ko namiss yung nangyari na naging broken ako. (I miss, but I didn’t miss about the happen where I was broken.) Also I don’t recall about my worst incidents from “Deaf World Era” (happened before July 2005) because these are already my “past”, so I just buried these to forget!


Anyway, back to being single. Well, it’s coincidental that today is V-day, of course, and my 600th day of being single. I know I should not count the days since the break-up or becoming single again, but l just make sure that it will be a history throughout my life. And that’s just only 600 days comparing to what I had been single for 2,573 long days (7 years equivalent)! Hehehe! Being single is just like standalone – no connections, no close friends, no barkada, and no one to help/to support. I’m so related this because I have been almost all the times. Yeah, I’ve always been alone except when I’m in home and during working hours at the office. I’m alone when my other officemates leave to go home around 5 pm so that I’m the one to close down the office at night. I don’t want to go home too early because I’m not so comfortable with the “noisy” environment at home. That’s okay for me to live alone without any disturbances from home. However, I miss the way to have a relationship like exchanging text messages, chat thru Facebook, and talking one-on-one. But in the future, I will miss being single if I’ll finally find “OTL” (on the line? Hahaha).

I have experienced being single for a long time especially when I had been single for 7 long years before getting into a long distance relationship with my long distance textmate who accidentally contacted me thru wrong sent text message and only met 15 times before we broke up for good. The word “single” has been there for almost my entire life, and I’m just fine with it. I’m just happy to be single life because I don’t need to spend time and money for ‘G’. However, since I’m already old enough, I need to have my own freedom from my family at home, and my future might be ruined if I’ll stay single for life with them. I’m afraid for these consequences in the future because I’m famished to fulfill my dream to be independent from these distractions in life.

Well, that’s my somewhat short episode for this not-so special day for singles like me. For those who have ‘L’ in their lives, Happy V-day to them, and for me, as a longtime single person, Happy 600th day of having no ‘L’.


Ooohhh, by the way, why am I doing single letters relating to this day instead writing using full words? Well, this episode is all about singles that’s why I’m not writing these words because these might offend for those who are still single and having no ‘G’ or ‘B’. But I clarify that I’m not bitter on these things. Okay? That’s all folks.


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