Choking Curse Strikes Again!

Episode 129 – Thursday, February 9th, 2017 (7345)


Last Monday, I was able to watch Super Bowl LI of National Football League (NFL) between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons thru internet live streaming. I just came at the office late, and I only watched the halftime show where Lady Gaga did her solo superb performance. Right after halftime, the Falcons led 21-3, and I thought that they would go to win their first ever Super Bowl championship. But things made worse once again. Trailing by 28-3 in the middle of third quarter, the Patriots made their historic and unbelievable comeback when they scored 25 straight points including two 2-point conversions after touchdown to force overtime which was the first time in the history of Super Bowl. I didn’t finish watching the match because the live streaming was buffering, and I felt shocked because I wanted the Falcons to win the championship rather than the Patriots who had been a 4-time Super Bowl Champs. When I checked at, I showed that the Patriots already won the match over the Falcons, 34-28, to capture their fifth Super Bowl championship. Pareng Tom Brady, nakararami ka na ah? Hahaha!

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons
Tom Brady holding Vince Lombardi Trophy after he and his team, New England Patriots, won in an incredible comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI (Photo courtesy from Reuters)

I really laughed on the Falcons when they collapsed in fourth quarter after leading 28-9. Many thought they would upset the heavily-favored Patriots in Super Bowl, but they choked! Akala ko champion na sila pero naging bato pa! ‘tong Atlanta Falcons na’to naging “Nalanta Failcons” dahil na-choke sila! Hahaha! Because of their meltdown, the Falcons were now the new victims of choking and blowing huge leads when they were sacked by the memes on the internet. Yan tuloy pinagpipiyestahan sila ng mga internet memes! Hahaha! The comeback made by the Patriots is real, but the choking act made by the Falcons is another curse in professional sports history. No huge leads are ever safe.

Many people, especially haters and bandwagons, still never forget the fate of Golden State Warriors after they choked and blew 3-1 lead in last year’s NBA Finals against Cleveland Cavaliers led by LeBron James. The Warriors had won 73 games out of 82, breaking an NBA record of 72 wins from 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, but they choked in the end after blowing 3-1 lead in a championship series. So, the Falcons were also comparing to what Golden State Warriors did last year. Pati Warriors dinamay! Hahaha! Also on that year, in Major League Baseball (MLB), the Cleveland Indians had only one win away to capture their first World Series championship in 68 years, but they choked and blew 3-1 lead after the Chicago Cubs won three straight games to capture their first ever World Series title in 108 years. Before these things happened, here at home, in the Philippine basketball, the Alaska Aces choked after blowing their 3-0 lead in 2016 PBA Philippine Cup Finals against San Miguel Beermen who were the first team ever to overcome 0-3 deficit in the world of basketball. And recently this week, the Aces choked again after losing to Barangay Ginebra in two games despite having of twice-to-beat advantage.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and Warriors guard Stephen Curry have their same fate where they both won season MVP in NFL and NBA respectively but not winning championship after blowing huge leads.

The year 2016 was the year of “choking”, not only in sports, but also in politics. In the recent presidential election in the United States last November, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was favored, and many thought that she would win for presidency. But she “choked” and was upset by Republican candidate Donald Trump who won to become the 45th U.S. President. Not only that, even my (love less) life was affected by “choking” curse. Yeah, I “choked” and “blew” my finances last August because of evil chubby textmate who “hypnotized” me in love which made me almost in-love with her. I really regretted that bad incident, but I just moved on and forgot that. Well, let’s move on to the present and the future.

I’m so really laughing out loud every time when I read comments on Facebook about choking and blowing huge leads in sports. “The Warriors blew 3-1 lead… bha.. bha…, (Stephen) Curry choked…, 73-9 without a ring…” are the things that most haters (and bandwagons) can’t move on. These jokes never get old on the internet memes, but the haters will be tired of these ridiculous jokes if their hated teams will overcome to win championship in the years to come. And for me, I’m already moving on from the worst fate that I had last year where I “choked” and “blew”. That’s a lesson that we need to learn from the past mistakes.

(Photo courtesy from NBA Memes Facebook page)

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