What If… I Didn’t Fall In-Love with “Chubby”?

Episode 134 – Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 (7364)

Well, well, well… February is considered by many as the “love” month because of Valentine’s. Yeah, I know this is where most lovers out there are making kilig because of their sweetness. What? Some are buying flowers, chocolates, having romantic dates, and others… well you know. But before the month of February ends, I still remember, when I was in college, there’s one of my classmates who made me something “special”. I remember 10 years ago (Valentine’s of 2007) that I made a “twist” to choose one to be my Valentine. And I picked that girl who unexpectedly became my crush. However, in the end, our friendship was broken because of controversy that made me so mad. I don’t want to reveal her real name because of reputation, but I just called her “Chubby” because of her physical appearance (you know she’s too… oh just never mind).

I was wondering why I fell in-love to that girl who is too short and too chubby (that’s why I just called her “Chubby”). Was this because of her charm and being friendly? I don’t think so because she was just my college classmate back then. However, because of broken friendship that we had before, we are simple no longer as friends. That’s so sad. Oh well, that’s a reality. But I’m thinking what if… I didn’t fall in-love with her when we’re in college? Hmmm… Continue reading “What If… I Didn’t Fall In-Love with “Chubby”?”


Overnight Stay

Episode 133 – Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 (7359)


Staying away from home overnight is one of the challenges that I have in my whole life. I don’t feel comfortable to sleep on other bed rather than sleeping on my own bed at home. And I eat dinner either taking out from a fastfood/restaurant or cooked by other family friend which seemed that I miss the dinner cooked by my mother at home. But I feel better when I stay away from home overnight especially when I’m alone in a room without any distractions or interruptions from my family.

Last January, I and my officemates traveled to Baguio for our adventure trip where we stayed there overnight which was my first time after almost two years and also my first time with them in my current job. And this coming weekend, I will join with other friends from Singles Ministry of Feast SM Santa Rosa for Love Life Retreat which will be an overnight event for two days. This will be my first time to stay overnight with them from Feast since 2014 and my first time involving a ministry (Singles). Thus, I’ll have a total of four overnights within 2017 (and Post-LDR) where I’m not staying at home for the whole night – two of those were at the office, one in Baguio with my officemates, and one will be at Tagaytay with Singles. Continue reading “Overnight Stay”

Love Comeback (?)

Episode 132 – Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 (7357)


Throughout the year, I’ve witnessed the greatest comebacks in sports. In the world of basketball, there have been several comebacks when the team was down by huge deficits then came back to win the ballgame. Last NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 1-3 deficit to win an NBA title over the Golden State Warriors. It’s same thing with Chicago Cubs where they won last three games over the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. And lately, the New England Patriots managed to have an incredible comeback after they were trailed from 25 points to force overtime and to win their fifth Super Bowl title. In sports personalities, there were some superstars who came back to play again for their “unfinished business”. Michael Jordan came back to play again for Chicago Bulls in 1995 after his brief retirement where he shortly played for a minor baseball team. LeBron James, who was once called a “quitter” after he left Cleveland in 2010, was able to return his hometown team, the Cavaliers, after playing four seasons for Miami Heat. Continue reading “Love Comeback (?)”

What If… I Have A Foreign Girlfriend?

Episode 131 – Thursday, February 16th, 2017 (7352)


Valentine’s is now over, but the “love” month is still not yet over. Ewww… I know most lovers out there are still fresh from getting sweetness last Valentine’s. Most of them are from their different backgrounds – religion (Catholic and non-Catholic), places (long distance), personalities (good and naughty), physical appearances (slim and chubby), and race (Filipino and foreign). And speaking of, there’s one episode on a weekly drama anthology where one Filipino guy fell in-love to a foreign girl who was a Korean. I didn’t know about their story because I didn’t watch this last Saturday due of a task for my service on the next day at The Feast. But I really notice that most Filipina ladies out there are trying to look for foreign guys thru social dating sites for their love. Yeah, I think it’s because they want to get rid from their poverty. Of course, we’re in third world country though. But I don’t know if there are some Filipino guys who have relationships to foreign ladies. I guess though, but there are only few of them who are luckily married to foreign women. Continue reading “What If… I Have A Foreign Girlfriend?”


Episode 130 – Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 (7350)


Recently last Friday, I watched two of some latest commercials from a leading fastfood chain which are now trending throughout the weekend. The first one commercial that I watched was the guy thought that he finally found his “TL” (Tent’s Land?) after they met to order the same food, and suddenly they became close friends. But in the end, the girl was getting married to other guy rather than the one who first met at the fastfood chain. Many internet viewers thought that they would end into marriage, but the commercial made these two into “friendzone”. What the heck! On the final part of the commercial, the guy cried seeing his “best friend” to be married to other. Damned it! I really hate to be freaking “friendzone”! That lonely guy probably “choked” because he didn’t confess his true feelings to that girl as he “blew” it na ala-Golden State Warriors who blew 3-1 lead in the last year’s NBA Finals! Hehehe! Damay nanaman ang Wackiors eh este Warriors pala. But don’t worry to him; he will join to our “exclusive” club to be single with lots of benefits, hahaha! The second one was another guy had a crush to a girl in school, and every time, he secretly gave hamburger with his simple message on a sticky note to her. But until he found out that the girl had other guy who probably her ‘B’. Whatta… is it now called a “third party”? Freak! But many years later, in a school reunion, the girl was waiting for someone, and the guy, who had a crush on her, was now her husband. At the ending, he gave another hamburger with a note to her. What a waste of sticky notes, and why did he give hamburgers to his crush? That’s unhealthy, ah? But the good thing was that girl didn’t become fat after eating those hamburgers given by him, hahaha! Continue reading “Single”

Choking Curse Strikes Again!

Episode 129 – Thursday, February 9th, 2017 (7345)


Last Monday, I was able to watch Super Bowl LI of National Football League (NFL) between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons thru internet live streaming. I just came at the office late, and I only watched the halftime show where Lady Gaga did her solo superb performance. Right after halftime, the Falcons led 21-3, and I thought that they would go to win their first ever Super Bowl championship. But things made worse once again. Trailing by 28-3 in the middle of third quarter, the Patriots made their historic and unbelievable comeback when they scored 25 straight points including two 2-point conversions after touchdown to force overtime which was the first time in the history of Super Bowl. I didn’t finish watching the match because the live streaming was buffering, and I felt shocked because I wanted the Falcons to win the championship rather than the Patriots who had been a 4-time Super Bowl Champs. When I checked at ESPN.com, I showed that the Patriots already won the match over the Falcons, 34-28, to capture their fifth Super Bowl championship. Pareng Tom Brady, nakararami ka na ah? Hahaha! Continue reading “Choking Curse Strikes Again!”


Episode 128 – Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 (7343)


I don’t feel that Valentine’s is now near. It has been one week away before those lovers out there will celebrate their love, love, love. The month of February is about love, “Feb-ibig”, kilig, and lots of hearts spread around the corner. While those who have sweethearts, girlfriends/boyfriends, or spouses are sweetly in-love each other, how about single people like me? I don’t know some of single people are bitter (I don’t think so), and they call February as their “hate” month. Hehehe! Before, I really hated to celebrate Valentine’s especially the time when I was single for many years before someone came into my heart (I had no Valentine’s for 9 long years until 2013). I also hated that occasion last year when I was still broken-hearted (that’s why I didn’t attend Feast on that Valentine’s Day last year because… you know). Because of this, I didn’t want to hear love songs, to witness kilig moments from loveteams, and to watch romantic scenes on movies. But was I so bitter back then? Hahaha! Continue reading “Sweetness”