Shall I Join…?

Episode 121 – Thursday, January 12th, 2017 (7317)

Good day! And I hope you’ll be fine. Last Sunday, I attended Feast SM Santa Rosa (SMSR) with Bro. Dreus Cosio for the first Feast session of 2017 where he discussed the new series about The Best Year Ever. I’m pretty sure that this year will be my best year after my disastrous year of 2016 that I “choked” like Golden State Warriors, blowing 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Hahaha! But it was true that I “blew” my dreams last year because of the distractions. Anyway, forget the past and we proceed to the new one where we’ve now been second week of 2017. This year, it would be my fifth year to attend and to serve (for Media) at The Feast since it came into my life in 2013. But despite of being a long time attendee and servant, there are some things at The Feast that I’ve never joined ever since.

(Picture courtesy from Feast SM Santa Rosa Singles Ministry Facebook page)

The Singles Ministry is one of the Light Groups of Feast SMSR where the single and unmarried people are gathered to socialize and to have bonding with spiritual teachings. However, last year, I had published an episode about this ministry where I condemned that not all people in this ministry were “single” because some of them have “taken” or love relationships (dating with girlfriend or boyfriend). It was after I found out that a friend who encouraged me to join the ministry had already a boyfriend (that girl almost became my crush if ever I didn’t find about her true identity). So, I was stunned and so skeptical during that time because of this. Despite of the explanation from one of my friends in Singles, I had decided to not join for some reasons. I was so hesitated back then. But this year, I might have a chance to join Singles.

Because of my dream to find “one true love” (OTL), I need to be panic before it’s too late. I’m already old enough, and I want to have my own life and my own freedom from living with my parents and my elder siblings. It’s because I’m afraid the future consequences that my life might be miserable because of facing problems at home emotionally and financially. So, if ever I’ll join Singles anytime from now, will this benefit for me to grow myself and to have an opportunity to look for my OTL? I don’t know. I’m just an introvert and silent person where I’m not socializing and talking with other people so much. Also, I have only few friends from Singles like Earl and Carlo who have been my friend for years when The Feast of Bro. Dreus was at Central Mall Biñan back then. Even though it has been already existed since, I rarely joined their light groups with some of my friends where we got go home after our LG almost midnight (that’s why my mother had been worried at me before because of this). To be honest, I miss my old friends from Singles before The Feast was relocated to SM Santa Rosa in mid-2015. And there are many new friends right now at the Singles Ministry where one of them, as my new friend, has been chatting with me on Facebook lately. Although we’ve never met each other personally, she has been encouraging me to join Singles and their upcoming event which is called Singles’ Love Life Retreat.


And speaking of retreat as she has wanted me to join, I’m now thinking about this event which will be held on February 25-26. As I know, it has been already done annually on the “love” month (in which most “anti-love” advocates hate this) where all singles (and some sort of “singles”) are gathered in a two-day event to learn and to give spiritual and inspiration to other single people. This will be the fourth batch to attend the retreat (I guess it will be held somewhere in Tagaytay or so, but I’ll find out soon). But the question is, as my new friend again really encourages me a lot, shall I join this retreat? Hmmm… again, I still don’t know. It is still undecided. But if ever I’ll join the event, will this benefit for me to meet new friends and to socialize with them overnight?

And again, I’m not thinking any negativities whether I’ll join or not, but I’m making sure about the future consequences around my life. I’m still thinking about it after my new friend told me that I need to change the way of my life. “Change is coming” is what most supporters of our current president said during the election last year. For me, I want to change eventually after my heartbroken incident several months ago, but how? It might be hard for me to change, but in the future it will be valuable.

It has been several months after becoming heartbroken and loveless, and I need to find the new one who will love me forever and ever and save from the distraction of my current life. And again, this will be my ultimate decision if I’ll join the Singles Ministry to boost myself and to have an opportunity to meet new friends and possibly a new love… or I’ll be remained the same as what I am right now.

But as of now…, I’m still undecided as I’m deeply thinking this kind of club. Hmmm… oh well that’s my episode for this day and have a nice day!



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