SMS Communication for 2016

Episode 118 – Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 (7308)


In the whole year of 2016, I didn’t have any communication so much to most of my friends thru text messaging. Even though there were some textmates who became my new friends to have some communication, it was not really enough to make me and my life alive. It was because I felt so bored and alone when I had no any friends to talk or to chat.

As the year 2017 has been started, I just want to share my data for text messaging in 2016.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

SMS facts 2016

I have long details (see the image above) about my collection of SMS in 2016. There were lots of explanations on this because it will be boring, I guess. But I get over it.

As expected, my text communication with my friends was still low compared when I had a long distance relationship (LDR) which ended in June 2015. Last year, I collected only 1,088 SMS compared to 3,814 SMS in 2015. That’s down by 71.5%. That number was lower than 6 of the 10 first months of LDR (from June 2012 to March 2013) where those months were registered more than 1,100 SMS within one month. The received text messages (SMS) were also lower than expected. 556 SMS were received within last year which was even lower those collected data from received SMS when I had LDR within first half of 2015. And since then, the collected SMS data from June 26, 2015 to December 31, 2016 were still lower than those from January 1 to June 25, 2015. That’s down by almost 60%.

Within 12 months of 2016, my collected SMS data were registered 100-mark only four times. However in other months, most of text messages that I collected were only registered less than 40 which was almost equivalent to the text messages within one day (even the number was still lower than the total average of SMS per day from June 2012 to March 2013).


Not enough to have textmates

Within these months where my collected SMS data were registered more than 100, it was because of having some potential textmates. In January 2016, I collected only 107 SMS which was considered as one of the highest since Post-LDR. However, I didn’t have any textmates until August after I started searching for other textmates. Excluded from my text communication with evil chubby textmate, some other textmates may help to regain the collected data. For the first time since Post-LDR, I collected more than 300 text messages (received more than 140 SMS) within two months – August and September. I might thank to them for having some text communication to me, but that’s not really enough. Because of the trauma that I had from evil chubby textmate last August, I decided to stop having any text communication with other textmates, and the SMS data for the following months were sharply declined. From 110 total SMS in October, I collected only 39 and 13 text messages in November and December respectively. That’s down by almost 65%. In December, I received only four text messages from my friends (mostly from the Feast) – lower than the number of received SMS in May and the lowest since I started collecting SMS data from my phone 8 years ago.

Although I had some textmates who contacted me thru text messaging, they couldn’t surpass the record of collected SMS from my first ever textmate who turned to be my girlfriend. They didn’t last long as my textmates after my decision to give up my text communication with them (blamed the evil chubby textmate) because of losing my appetite.


Is this the end of having textmates and SMS communication era?

Because I lost my desire to have another textmates to ease my boredom, I started to lose my appetite to have text communication with someone especially my friends. I knew most of them would not reply at me after my first text message sent because they might be busy in their own works or they might not have cellphone loads to contact me. Most of the times, they were online on Facebook chat, but mostly they didn’t reply at me after my first greet even though they’re online. This frustrated me that I felt I had no friends to talk. This was the reason why I didn’t almost have any text messages on my inbox. There’s almost an empty inbox on my phone. I could send any text messages to somebody, but would they reply? Mostly, they didn’t. That’s why my phone could become useless at all.

There’s a big question that I’m always thinking about. Is this the end of text messaging era? Since I had a cellphone when I was in college, text messaging was the one of the convenient ways to have communication with someone. And because of this, I started to collect my text messages (inbox and outbox) from my phone in 2009, and until now I’m still doing this (although this might be weird for others but it’s because of “history”). However, in the past months, my text communication has been dull and almost “dead” because no one is texting me. Unlike before when I had my long time textmate/girlfriend in a long distance, my inbox was full of text messages mostly from her. In the past 18 months after the break-up, text messaging has been endangered.

In the past few months, I’ve been able to connect on Facebook via free data to have chat with somebody especially the one (from the Feast) who has been communicating with me most. She probably might be considered as my new “chatmate” rather than textmate because we use Facebook chat. However, most of the times I haven’t connected thru free data due of weak signal inside my home (and somebody might be busy though).

So, are having textmates already considered obsolete? Is text communication over? I don’t think about it because of declining numbers that I collected SMS from my phone, but it might be resurrected if someone (probably my “one true love”) will come to have a text communication with me in the future and bring the SMS communication back into the highest level.


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