My 2016 Yearend Review: My Family

Episode 114 – Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 (7301)

Paper family in hands

In the past 12 months of 2016, my life has been dull and boring because of being depressed. And most of the times, I’ve lived with my family with somewhat never ending distractions and noisy environment. Right now, in this episode, I just want to share about my life this year with my family at home.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Distractions… More Distractions

As you know, I’m not so comfortable to live with my parents and my elder siblings at home. They’re noisy just like in the public market, sometimes arguing about the things that I don’t want to involve, and watching non-sense TV shows where my father always changes the channel (he loves to watch basketball games that’s why my mother and my eldest sister almost get irritated because of changing the TV channels). And speaking of watching TV, I rarely watch with my family because the shows that they watch everyday are pretty non-sense nowadays. One of the TV shows that my mother really loves was the Kalyeserye (series of the streets) featuring her avid fan, AlDub (a loveteam composed of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (formerly known as Yaya Dub)). Honestly, I hate to watch their kilig moments because I’m still single and loveless, you know. Since they started in July 2015, this phenomenon distracted me over and over again (not only on TV, but thru radio, print and even social media). This is proved that my mother has been addicted to read about AlDub either from tabloid newspapers or magazines and books. Although I barely watch some of their moments on TV every noon, their exposure has been gradually declined early this year as most people may become unsatisfied on their storyline of a segment from the popular noontime show.

Another distraction was my elder brother who has been still jobless for two years after he was working abroad in 2014. He has been staying at our home for so long although he barely leaves home to go to his girlfriend. And because his bedroom is connected to my bedroom thru one entrance door, there’s no personal privacy to me at my own room (thanks to him and his noisy radio that he turns on everyday). When he’s not at home, I had my short-lived “privacy” at my own bedroom; however, for the whole year, I had done only few times, and I was not really satisfied. And the worst, because he’s jobless, sometimes he asks me for some finances (he must thank to me because I have a stable job while he hasn’t), and it’s so really ashamed because he’s older than me (by the way, I’m the youngest though).

Another one was my father who has been still recovering from a mild stroke early last year. Although he barely walks, however, he sometimes commands everybody at home to do some things that he simply can do. Even sometimes I got some irritation on him especially when he calls me to throw away a small container of his urine. Is that disturbing, isn’t it? And because his health has been improved, he’s now talking something that he criticizes especially when he’s watching TV news mostly about dirty Philippine politics. He’s now also using remote control to change the channels frequently especially when he likes to watch basketball

And lastly, I had a group of “pests” lived at my home. These were the bed bugs which made me and my family so disturbing especially when we couldn’t sleep because of these pests. As usual, we tried to get rid the pests, but some of them have been there somewhere inside our house.

Experiencing Sickness

Aside of my father, no one in my family had been experiencing any sickness but not until last August. While I had a big personal problem (I’ll explain this later on), I felt so panic when my mother felt not so well. The first one was her discomfort after she vomited some blood from her throat. She was brought to the nearest clinic at night, and later she was fined after being cured. But in the following days, I thought she’s going well when she felt ill again.

This one made me so scary and panic. She felt not so really well on the night, and when I supposed to take my brushing, she collapsed on the floor so badly, and I took her to get up with care. I shouted to call my elder brother and my eldest sisters to help. I was so nervous on that time when she almost didn’t respond after her hard fall. Fortunately, she’s still moving slowly and was brought to the nearest clinic to examine her condition. I really witnessed her bad fall while I was inside the bathroom which made my heart so broken as I thought she would be gone. While she was at the clinic, I couldn’t even sleep as I kept praying and telling to my Feast friends thru text messages to have some prayers for my mother. That’s one of the worst incidents happened in my life within the month of August. For me, this was really considered as my “worst” month because of bad incidents came in my life.

Right now, my mother has been fined and still healthy even though she must take her maintenance (medicine) everyday.

Tragedy on My Pets

These three pets at home were dead within the span of two months this year.

While my parents are experiencing some illness because of their old ages but still fine, my eldest siblings are remained strong and healthy although they had felt some sickness but easy to be cured. But I just want to share about our pets that were not so fortunate this year.

Last October 10, while I was at work, one of two long-time pets was dead in a natural cause. In the afternoon when my mother went outside, she found out that our female dog was lifeless. The dog died probably because of her old age (she had been in our home for about 8 years), and she never had any children. So, there was only one pet dog left in our home, and he felt so lonely and alone after his long-time “partner” left in peace. But another tragedy for our pet came next.

On the following month, another long-time pet dog began to suffer on his leg. We thought he was just injured or feeling some illness, but it turned even worse. Days later, his injured leg began to become bloody and had a bad awful smell. He couldn’t even walk slowly as he felt so badly, and he couldn’t even eat food. On the early morning of November, I heard that he was crying in his pain, and his bad smell was spread throughout our place. At dawn, my family decided to bring our dog to the man who helped us to bury our other dog on the previous month. We couldn’t bring it to the veterinarian because we couldn’t afford the medical expenses, so that we left our dog to have his “mercy death”. After we lost one of our long-time dogs a month ago, another one was gone so badly. But, in exchange, we had a young puppy to be our next pet. The puppy was brought in our home by my eldest sister from her friend just few weeks after the death of our female dog. Unfortunately, our young puppy would not live for so long.

On December 3, while my mother, my eldest sister, and my niece went to the mall to watch a movie, I stayed at home with my father. Our puppy was still active chewing her small milky bone. But for the whole afternoon until early evening, I was busy to prepare our dinner, and I didn’t notice our puppy outside. Until I found out that she had vomited somewhere near the door, and I thought she was fine because she had eaten the milky bone. However, I didn’t realize that she was dying. When my mother came back home from the mall with my eldest sister and my niece, I told her about the incident where she looked for our puppy who was not moving already. I was scared that it had been lifeless. We didn’t know what happened to the puppy, but we theorized that she might be choked after eating a small milky bone, in which my niece bought last night, that’s why she vomited probably because of overeating (we knew that our puppy was a fast eater). On the next morning, we buried our lone pet in peace.

At this moment, we don’t have any pets at all (except the street cats outside that beg on our gates for the leftovers). Within two months, we lost three dogs – two were long-time pets and one was just a puppy – at home because of natural cause, disease, and accident. We thought our dogs might live longer at home, but they’re gone over this year. Probably next year or before this year ends, we will bring a new breed of dog to be our newest pet at home.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

There were lots of troubles, financial problems, distractions, negative things, and tragedies happened at home in the past 12 months. No wonder that I haven’t been happy with these in my family at home despite that I’m still living with them. That’s my only home where I can take rest, sleep, eat meals, and doing household things. But I’m so tired with these problems at home because I’m already old enough to have my independence from my family where my mother doesn’t let me allowed to leave. I’ve been living with them for almost my entire life since I was born (with exception, of course, my stay in the United States in 2004-2005), and I need to live with my own life.

Next year, I’m hoping that these problems at home will be solved with a positive note, and since I’m still single, I will keep patience to live at home with my family It might take few years before I’ll decide to set up my own freedom and to have my own privacy, but how? I don’t still have any prospects to be my next girlfriend and getting married to build my own family (I’ll discuss this as a part of my 2016 yearend review). I just pray for my family to stay healthy and to have positivity in their lives (because they’re not millennials like me so that their minds are far different from mine). And at home, I’m hoping that there’s no more bad and negative vibes that I can live with them.


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