My Top 10 Most Memorable Christmas Moments (in Post-Deaf World Era)

Episode 110 – Thursday, December 1st, 2016 (7275)


Well, Christmas is now near, and I know you’ll be excited because there will be Christmas parties, exchanging gifts, raffles, contest, and of course, a long rest and holiday. But there’s one question to you: what was your most memorable moment during Yuletide season? Of course, you have experienced a lot of memories during the cold and breezy season. And there were some precious moments that made you so happy and unforgettable during Christmas.

It’s already December and just 24 days before Christmas, and in this episode, I just share to you about my most memorable Christmas moments that I had in Post-Deaf World Era (since 2005 or after I was transferred to a non-deaf school from a deaf school). I just make Top 10 lists which year from 2005-2015 was the best and the most memorable for me.

  1. 2005 – My first year in Post-Deaf World


This was my first year where I studied (for my fourth (senior) year high school) in a non-deaf school, located some few meters away from my home in Santa Rosa, after my wonderful adventure in the United States as an exchange student and studying in a deaf institution. Although I had some bad experiences while studying in that school (because some of my non-deaf high school classmates bullied me), I adjusted my life into a new “world” from my old ones where I was once belonged with deaf people for more than 10 long years. During the school’s Christmas party, there was a game called “Truth or Consequence” where there’s a bottle spinning until its top pointed to a person to be asked. When I was pointed, I chose “consequence” rather than “truth”. Then, one of my classmates challenged me that I would kiss a girl who was also my crush. And suddenly, I just kissed my crush, who was the class president and the smartest in class (I don’t reveal her name), on her cheek. She was just blushed while I was amused after I kissed her. That was the only time when I kissed a non-deaf crush (after all I never had a kiss to any girls or crush until 2012 when I had a first ever non-deaf girlfriend). And attending Christmas party was my first (and only) time in Post-Deaf School Era and also my last in high school.

  1. 2015 – My first Christmas after break-up


Although Christmas season last year was not so memorable for me because of being heartbroken after the break of long distance relationship, I was still happy because of some moments that I had never seen. During last November 2015, I was so excited to attend and to serve Kerygma Conference (KCON) for the first time. It was supposed to be held for four days when the APEC Summit was also held in Manila with very tight security causing the conference to be delayed. But it didn’t hassle the KCON event which the organizers made it for just two days with jam-packed speakers and guests. (Read Episode 32)

Attending and serving (for Media Ministry) for KCON made me so proud and memorable because I was the part of the extraordinary event, and this helped me to be stronger from the heartbroken. But well, Christmas 2015 was my first year to be single and loveless.

  1. 2010 – Still trauma but hopeful

The year 2010 was somewhat mediocre for me. It was just a year after the worst incident that almost ruined my entire life. But somehow, I was about to rise again from the downfall.

My friends and officemates from ASEC Asia during our own Christmas Party on December 23-24, 2010. (Photo courtesy from Sharmagne Joy Maulanin)

Christmas season in 2010 made me glad because of two things. The first one was when I was recently hired in a graphic company in Alabang (after being a trainee for two months). It was my first (and legitimate) job after my college graduation in May. And the second was a perfect time for me, as a fresh employee, to attend the company’s Christmas party. This was the first ever Christmas party that I attended as a career man. These were the greatest gifts that I ever received after months of being jobless and hopeless.

  1. 2011 – Still fine…

By the following year, even though there was still a mediocrity especially in my love life, I was so great to be happy during Christmas season of 2011. It was the time when I had a textmate (sooner became my girlfriend), a stable job (working in Alabang for one year even though there were lots of overtimes and stress), and having happy officemates. In late December, I joined with my officemates led by our team leader, Romy Enriquez, to have an early morning drinking session during our one-hour break. We took some beverages and snacks during the dark hours. But then, after our working hours, we held our drinking session again for the second time around. This time, we had our bonding time at a bar near Festival Mall, Alabang, and we made some funny moments with other officemates (mostly guys). But again, after our happy hour, I didn’t go home despite of being dizzy. I and my closest officemate, Jonathan, made our “movie date” at a cinema in Festival Mall when we watched a comedy movie which was the one of filmfest entries during Yuletide season. By then, I also went to a computer shop to buy my own laptop that I always wanted (and one of my dreams to be granted). (Note: this laptop that I bought on that day has been still in use until now, in fact I’ve used it for typing new episodes for my journal.)

Honestly, buying my own laptop was my great achievement (not a gift because it was from my own money) that I always dreamed of. But I was still single back then, and I wanted to have a love life to make my Christmas happy. For years since I was moved to Non-Deaf World in 2005, I never had a girlfriend who greeted me a sweet “Merry Christmas” with a hug and a kiss. But by the very next year, my wish was finally granted.

  1. 2013 – Jobless Christmas

During that time, I was out of job after resigning from my second work in Mandaluyong. Despite of having a happy love life, I remained jobless throughout the Yuletide season of 2013. But in exchange, I was starting to serve with the Lord at the Feast during the time when it was at Central Mall, Biñan.

Thanks to my new friends at the Feast, I began to socialize with them making my Christmas one of the happiest. At one time, I attended Feast Laguna’s Christmas Party for the servants led by Bro. Jeff. This was my first time to attend a Christmas party that neither a school nor a corporate provided but a religious group such as the Feast.

  1. 2006 – My first Christmas in my college life
(Note: this was not actually parol that my college classmates made from recycled CDs)

It was my second Christmas season in Post-Deaf School Era and my first that I studied in college. During the Yuletide season of 2006, there were some moments that I took part. I and my college classmates created a Christmas lantern (or parol) where we used defective CDs to decorate into a lantern. This was made to represent our course, Information Technology (I.T.), to compete against other courses (unfortunately, we didn’t win first place). And when I was a member of Artist Guild, I was a part of the production team for our school’s Christmas presentation.

  1. 2008 – Wonderful times

Christmas of 2008 was a great season for me. It was probably the coldest season ever that I had experienced. Despite of my unease participation with my group mates for a major I.T. project, it was the wonderful time to socialize with them who had never been my close classmates before in college. And one of the best moments during the season was the escort of one of my pretty classmates who, during that time, was one of my college crushes. I really enjoyed accompanying with her together going to and from school (but she never became my girlfriend though).

  1. 2007 – Best Christmas season during college times
It’s me with my college classmate, Hector, during our Enchanted Kingdom trip on December 14, 2007. (Photo courtesy from Tent Archives)

During Christmas season of 2007, there were some memorable moments that I ever had during my college life. For the only time during my college stint, I, other students and faculty staff of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Santa Rosa Campus (PUPSRC) went to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) in Santa Rosa, Laguna to have some fun. It was my first time to have some rides at that place. A week after, I was the one of the volunteers (in Artist Guild) to take part of the annual Christmas program of PUPSRC despite of misunderstandings in our club. And a day after, I joined with some of my college classmates to have our own Christmas party at the house of one of my classmates. We had some fun like singing thru videoke, playing with them, silly acts, and drinking session. It was the only time to have a joyful Christmas party with my college classmates. 2007 Christmas season was considered as the best during my life in college.

  1. 2014 – Double Christmas dates


It was the best Christmas moment that I had ever done when I was in a long distance relationship. Despite of being hospitalized in November 2014, I was able to remain stable and in a good health. So, I had a romantic Christmas date with my girlfriend, not once, but twice. The first one was happened last day of November (it was also a holiday) when we had a lunch date and watching a romantic movie that almost made me in tears. And the second one was happened just few days before Christmas. It was actually our second Christmas date to be held in December. I just made this wonderful Christmas date within less than a day after attending Christmas party of a company that I’m working for. It was my first participation for Christmas party after being jobless in 2013. But the party was supposed to be joyful with my fellow officemates when our main boss, based in Macau, forced to stop the fun and to let us finished our tasks. He eventually said in his e-mail, “Stop the party!”, and we’re pissed out. We didn’t enjoy the party and instead, we needed to finish our jobs. And also, I couldn’t even be able to attend the Christmas presentation of Feast Biñan where I supposed to serve for Media Ministry. That’s bad timing, but nevertheless it was the best moment that I had with a love life.

  1. 2012 – Christmas with love and nightlife

Despite of harsh working environment in Mandaluyong for my second job stint, I enjoyed my job with the most pleasure moments during Christmas season of 2012. It was a perfect time for me because I was working in an afternoon-evening shift, from 2 to 11 pm. Most especially at night, I felt the atmosphere at the workplace when there were only few officemates working at night about 5 or 6 workers. And, especially during Saturdays, I really enjoyed the 90s music on the FM radio hearing the best songs. Although there were some dangers when I got home from work almost midnight, these didn’t bother me as I felt the cold, breezy December nights even I was stuck with traffic, waiting with almost no public jeeps travelled, arriving home as late as 1 am, and eating my (actually) early morning or midnight “dinner” (or breakfast, I don’t think so) at home before getting rest and sleep around 2 am. I was even joyful when I logged out from the workplace to go home at late night.

My officemates from RR Donnelley during the company’s Christmas party on November 30, 2012.

Another thing was the Christmas party where I attended, not only once, but twice! Yeah! The first one was the Christmas party provided by a main company, and another one was for my team or department. Of course, I got two Christmas baskets (or groceries) from both parties, and these were actually memorable for me. Aside of having two Christmas parties, there was one time when some officemates invited me to have a midnight drinking session. It was happened when it was supposed to be “End of the World” because someone predicted that Dec. 20, 2012 was the “end of the world”, but in reality, it was just a hoax. Nevertheless, I joined with four of my officemates (who also worked in the same shift as mine) to have some fun. Actually, after our happy hour, I was able to go home in the middle of early morning and arrived home during Simbang Gabi mass at the church behind my house (around 4 am, I think).


But the most memorable Christmas moment that I ever had during that year was my first ever Christmas date with my long distance textmate/girlfriend. It was really my first Christmas ever to have a love life (after years of being single and loveless). Of course, I was so happy to have a nice Christmas date with my lovable and beautiful girlfriend which was our only third time to meet each other after becoming lovers in June. Before our first ever Christmas date, I had some memorable time after leaving at work around 11 pm. I had hard time to find the place where I could stay overnight. Most cheaper and affordable hotels in the Metro were full of guests waiting to check-in. I was so hungry on that time, and then I rode a public bus back to find some affordable hotels nearby. Until I found an expensive hotel, just few meters from my workplace, to stay overnight with some short sleep (I had no choice to stay overnight in an expensive hotel or else I could sleep on the streets unsafe!). I had only short sleep probably less than three hours or so, but that’s enough to have energy to travel a long journey going to Nueva Ecija just for a wonderful Christmas date with my girlfriend.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

In the past 11 years since my life was shifted from the old “deaf” world into the current one, I had so many memorable moments during Yuletide season. Do you notice that there are only 10 from 2005 to 2015 on the list? And what year was that I didn’t mention? That’s the year 2009. It was really considered as my worst year ever in my life in Post-Deaf World Era because of controversies and worst nightmares that I had involved so badly. That’s why Christmas 2009 was not so happy and memorable for me because of the trauma that I had from these distractions and controversies.

Despite of only few days before Christmas, I’m not expecting that this coming Christmas season will be great for me because of being loveless, mediocre, disasters, distractions, and frustrations that already happened in my life in the past 11 months of 2016. I’m so really unhappy for this year, and I suppose to have a quite merry Christmas for me if these bad freaking things didn’t happen to me this year. Although there are only few days left before Christmas and the New Year, I really want to end the year 2016 so badly, and the year 2017 will be the brighter and better year for me. And, of course, I’m still hoping probably for the next year that I will be happier if someone will come into my life to love me so much and deeper from the heart.

Because this Christmas 2016 is my second consecutive time to be loveless, I just posted a lonely Christmas song that I have to miss someone who made me so happy most especially my love life.

Well, honestly, I really miss the Christmas moments in 2012 and 2014 because, you know, I had a happy love life. That’s all.


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