My 2016 Yearend Review: The Best and The Worst

Episode 117 – Friday, December 30th, 2016 (7304)


Advanced Happy New Year! And before the year 2016 ends [so badly], let me share this special episode to you about my best and my worst in my life during that year.

As you know, the year 2016 was so awful year for me because of bad happenings occurred in my life. Distractions, financial disaster, frustrations, and love problems were the main reasons why I was not so happy in the past 12 months. Although there were some important events happened this year like the presidential elections, sporting events that I watched, the deaths of celebrity and sports icons, natural calamities, and the national events where most Filipinos were arguing over the political issues at home, most of the times were not so satisfying, and I’m still frustrated with these things. As I published this for the final time this year, there are the lists of the best and the worst happenings in my life of 2016: Continue reading “My 2016 Yearend Review: The Best and The Worst”


My 2016 Yearend Review: My Love Less Life

Episode 116 – Thursday, December 29th, 2016 (7303)


The year 2016 was the year of mediocrity in love. It has been 18 months after the end of my (long distance) love life which made me depressed and bored in life. For the whole year, I’ve no girlfriend or any love relationships even I don’t have any crushes around as I’ve still been single and loveless. I tried to entertain for those girls who wanted to be my prospects to become my new girlfriend, but I failed. And the worst, there was a “love” disaster that made me so frustrated and anger, not only emotionally, but financially.

Just only few days left before the year 2016 ends (I really need to end this so badly), I just want to share the happenings about my love (less) life which was so dull and placed into mediocrity. Continue reading “My 2016 Yearend Review: My Love Less Life”

My 2016 Yearend Review: Droughts and Comebacks

Episode 115 – Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 (7302)


I’ve witnessed the sporting events that gave the team into success. Thanks to the powerful internet live streaming, I was able to watch live sports most especially from the professional leagues in North America (particularly United States) such as the National Football League (NFL – American Football), the Major League Baseball (MLB), and my all-time favorite, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Throughout this year, I had watched some significant match-ups such as NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals, NFL regular season games, and the World Series of MLB thru live streaming. I loved to watch sports, and these caused me to ease my boredom from work while being idle or feeling some frustration especially my loveless life, so that I really enjoyed watching these games live (and I loved U.S. commercials too) straight from the computer (rather than TV set).

But this year, I witnessed the biggest and most shocking sporting events that I ever watched either thru live TV or internet streaming. In this episode, I just want to have flashback about the happenings in the world of sports this 2016. Continue reading “My 2016 Yearend Review: Droughts and Comebacks”

My 2016 Yearend Review: My Family

Episode 114 – Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 (7301)

Paper family in hands

In the past 12 months of 2016, my life has been dull and boring because of being depressed. And most of the times, I’ve lived with my family with somewhat never ending distractions and noisy environment. Right now, in this episode, I just want to share about my life this year with my family at home. Continue reading “My 2016 Yearend Review: My Family”

My 2016 Yearend Review: The Feast

Episode 113 – Friday, December 23rd, 2016 (7297)


(I suppose to publish this episode on Monday, December 26th as part of 5-day yearend review special, but due of long holiday weekend, I just decide to publish this too early.)

The year 2016 was somewhat an awful year for me. This was the whole year where I’ve been loveless and full of mediocrity in life. It had full of frustrations and distractions which made me unhappy. I really want to end the year so badly, and I need to start for another new year. And as the year 2016 nearly ends, I just want to review the whole year in my life. I’ll make this summarization to remember the incidents and events happened in 2016.

In the first of five episodes, I’ll discuss about my attendance and service at The Feast in 2016. Continue reading “My 2016 Yearend Review: The Feast”


Episode 112 – Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 (7295)


Only few days left before Christmas! But I’m not so much excited for this Christmas season because of the distractions came in my life this year. Yeah, I feel I’m just bored because I didn’t have written new episodes for my blog for days, and I’m just thinking what I will write for. I haven’t even started to write my 2016 review (5 episodes about my life in 2016) which will be published next week. And I don’t know if I’ll do this before the year ends because of having a busy work at my job. I have lots of free times though, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to take a nice rest and relaxation (yeah, thanks to my jobless elder brother who plays his noisy radio everyday). I doubt if I can finish my last remaining episodes (including my 2016 review and The Best and The Worst of 2016) to be published before the New Year. I also doubt if there will be a Christmas party in my work despite of some changes, and I also doubt about my future. Because of doubts, in this episode, I’ll discuss about doubts in my life. Continue reading “Doubt”

Things That Did Not Last Forever

Episode 111 – Monday, December 12th, 2016 (7286)


This Christmas season, I’m not really happy because of the bad things happened in the past 11 months of the year 2016. Yeah, there were lots of distractions (my jobless elder brother, family problems, dirty politics, etc.), frustrations (losing financial savings because of freaking evil chubby textmate), depression (being loveless, alone, no one wants to talk with me), and hopeless (losing appetite, gaining my finances, and job security). I think these negative things stuck in my life right now, and I’m so tired to be bothered from these. Continue reading “Things That Did Not Last Forever”