What If… There’s a Female Version of Me?

Episode 108 – Thursday, November 24th, 2016 (7268)


Happy Thanksgiving! Although I’m not living in the United States, I just still remind that occasion despite that I haven’t eaten turkey for a long time (I already ate the turkey meat when I was in the U.S. way back in 2004), and it is not a holiday here at my home. While the Americans are celebrating for their feast, however, this is my second Thanksgiving that I’m… single and loveless.

Yeah, in the past 17 long months, I’m still empty love. While my other friends have sweet moments with their love relationships (ewww…), I’m so really desperate to look for a new girlfriend to end my love drought and to set up my independent life from the distractions at home. Right now, my life has been so boring where I’ve not talked with somebody and loss of appetite of interacting my friends either thru personal or thru media communication such as text messaging. As you know, I’m just type of silent and introvert person, and I have my own “world” (I’m crazy though). I’m still looking for the right girl to be my next dream girlfriend (and possibly a future wife as well). But I’m thinking what if there is a girl who has the same character as I am? Might there have the “female version” of me where she has the same traits as I am? Is there possible that she can become my girlfriend? Hmmm…

I’ll explain about this “weird” type of alternate scenario on this episode.

A “Female Version” of Me

This might be strange from my own imagination that a girl can be the same as I am. She might be a shy-type (introvert) and soft-spoken person as I am. She might also be silent, melancholy, not so socialize with her friends, and has only few friends as what I am. And I might not know that she might also have her own “world” as I have also my own “world”. If my pen name (other than my nickname) is Tent Tertional, her pen name might be almost the same as I am (probably Tenty (?) as in twenty, thirty, forty, and so…? Hehehe!) I don’t know but I just guess that she might use other names reflecting to her “world”.

Like what I’m doing in my life (or world rather), she might have the same hobbies such as drawing (in other things or people rather than Anime because I don’t sketch Anime characters) and writing personal ideas and things. She might have her own blog as I am where writing personal stories similar to the diary, I think. Another, her personal interests might be the same as I am such as being a Kapamilya (refers to watch a top Philippine TV network, ABS-CBN; however, nowadays I don’t take to watch TV so much), loving to watch sports events such as NBA, and her dislikes such as AlDub (and its elements), Korean or Japanese pop, Chinese, and being a fantard and biased in dirty Philippine politics (she should not be Dutertards or Yellowtards). And like my struggled love life, she might also be desperate to look for her boyfriend. Hmmm… are we perfect in love because of our similarities? Hmmm maybe it will work.


A girl might be almost similar as I am in terms of characteristics, hobbies, and personal interests. If ever I have a “female version” of mine, a girl might be almost look like as I am such as the face, the height, and the shape of the body, but the difference is that her hair, the absence of Adam’s apple (mostly), and the private parts. Well, that’s just my “crazy” imagination that she might be look like a gay because of the same physical appearance as I am. And that would be ridiculous if ever I would become a girl in my alternate scenario (but the magic of chromosomes which made me a boy ultimately when I was born 30 years ago). Or I might have a twin identical sister where her physicality, traits, and personal interests might be the same as mine. However, not all are the same like physical appearance and family background.

But… there are some differences

If a girl has the same character as I am, she might have something different from my own life. While I’m just an ordinary poor guy (note: my family is not so rich but not so poor), she and her family might be rich or even poorer than mine. And if I was born to be the youngest, she might be not. She might be a breadwinner of her family where she gives her financial support to her younger siblings.

But, as what I mentioned earlier, her physical appearance might be far different as I am. I don’t even know if she’s petite or tall, slimmer or chubby, and pretty or slightly pretty. She might also have foreign blood (half-Filipino, half-foreigner or pure foreigner). Her religion might be the same as I am (by the way, I’m a Catholic), but I don’t think if hers is different other than being Catholic. And how about her age? Well, she might be younger (absolutely) than me, but how young is she? Teens? Or born before when I was born? Hmmm… I don’t make any guess, but this is just my imagination.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —


If there’s a girl who might have similar characteristics as I am, might it be possible that she can become my girlfriend? It might be possible, but who’s heck the girl that has the same traits as mine? And will it have a love compatible between me and the girl to make our love lasts forever? I don’t think if this “weird” alternate scenario can be happened in real life.

Obviously, it seems impossible for me to have similarities between me and a girl in real time. This is just my alternate scenario where it might be possible but doesn’t. I really wish to have a nice and lovable girlfriend who might not be similar as what I have in my life, but she might have some similarities as what I am. Well, that’s my simple but somewhat complicated and “weird” explanation about the “female version” of me which is not actually existed in reality. But who knows, someone might have possibly similarities as I am in this world.


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