Reasons Why I Didn’t Attend KCON 2016

Episode 107 – Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 (7266)

Last weekend, Kerygma Conference 2016: Forward was held on its 10th year, but unfortunately I couldn’t able to attend the 4-day event due of some reasons (Photo courtesy from Kerygma Conference)

Last week, most of my friends from the Feast Laguna went to SMX Convention Center for the Kerygma Conference (KCON) 2016: Forward where they attended 9 selected classes for three days and the Grand Feast which was recently held last Sunday. Some of them volunteered to be servants for this year’s KCON. I checked the news feed on Facebook where they posted their photos while happily attending and serving at the KCON. Well unfortunately, I was not able to go there despite that I already had my ticket for the biggest charismatic and spiritual event. I was not envious to them though, but I had some reasons why I couldn’t attend there for the classes.

Unlike last year where I was able to attend and to serve for the KCON, it was really unfortunate for me to not go there even though I was not too much busy at my work. I didn’t make myself into laziness or having lost of appetite, but there were some reasons why I decided to not attend.


Badly, last August, the love disaster was happened to me after I had a notorious textmate who almost ruined not only my love feelings but also my finances. Yeah, I made a huge mistake after I gave up almost all of my savings for that evil chubby textmate because of solicitation. During that time, I was so desperate to look for my new girlfriend, and I took my risk to post my cellphone number on a website where some people were searching for their textmates. One of them were that evil chubby textmate from Bulacan who just contacted me a day before we met for eyeball date. Within one week after we met, it went into a disaster, not only emotionally, but financially. She thought I was her “guardian angel” because of generosity. But this generosity turned into abusive especially in my finances. This was probably the worst love incident ever in my life this year.

That’s why I need to save my money wisely and to avoid spending too much (although I barely buy for my personal things such as hygiene). And because KCON is a 4-day event, I would be spending for commuting public transportation (going to SMX and vice versa) and buying for my lunch in an affordable fastfood (sounds unhealthy though, and bringing own lunch (or pabaon) may be strictly prohibited inside the convention) four times (from Day 1 of the event until the Grand Feast). To clarify, I’m NOT complaining about spending money for the commuting and for the food within four days, but I need to save because of the incident last August. That’s why I decided to not go because of these. Ok? Some others might stay overnight in an expensive hotel for 3-4 days, but I couldn’t afford it, and I didn’t like to have accompanied with somebody (I’m just such a silent person, and I don’t like to have open forum from somebody else).

And by the way, you may ask me why I already had a ticket for KCON even though I didn’t attend last week. Well, I already bought the ticket last August just before the worst love disaster few days prior. If ever the incident didn’t happen to me, I might be there at the KCON attending my selected classes and the Grand Feast. However, there’s another reason why I decided to not attend the KCON.

Personal Security

For me, I hate crowded places such as mall but not always. I might attend the KCON with a bunch of Feast attendees all over the country. But since I’m not so socialized with my other friends, it’s so sad for me to walk around and to attend one of my classes… alone. Yup, because most of my Feast friends chose their own classes, we’re not always attending together in one class, and the worst I might be the one to attend together with other strangers (hoping that a nice lady would sit beside me only if… she’s still single). And this is nothing new for me. Even attending the regular Feast session, I’m not accompanied with my friends, not only in SM Santa Rosa, but elsewhere like what I attended other Feast locations in the southern part of the Metro early this year. And this was also happened last year’s KCON where I was waiting for the next class alone (just before I went to serve for Media in the other room).

But in recent days, when I checked on Facebook, I spotted my former college friend together with one of my Feast friend (actually my former mentor in travel business) attending the KCON. Obviously, he’s no longer my friend because of personal reasons that I felt him being “bossy”. That’s why I’m staying away from him for some reasons. If ever I was there attending classes at the KCON, oh well… just never mind.


And another thing is the security. I know most of them travelled from their far places thru commuting (if they don’t have own car). However, not all the times, personal security might be placed into danger because some notorious criminals might be anywhere in the Metro such as snatchers. But again, to clarify, I’m not thinking negatively about this reason (even in Laguna where they might be there), but it is better to safe than becoming a victim, and you know it. Safe travel is a MUST especially when you’re commuting in a public transportation. And of course, the worsened traffic condition in the Metro is always the problem when you travel there especially during the rush hours, so they might avoid it making so stressful.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

While most of my Feast friends were attending at the KCON in SMX, I just came at the office for my ordinary day of work. And during last weekend, I just washed the clothes at home and made a funny video about my love disaster (you may visit My Tent Journal Facebook page to watch the video). And last Sunday, I just stayed at “exile country” (in my workplace) for my personal “freedom”. But later in the afternoon, I just decided to log-on via live streaming, both Facebook and YouTube, to watch the afternoon mass shortly prior the Grand Feast at the Mall of Asia Arena.

After attending and serving last year, it’s so regretful for me to not attend Kerygma Conference this year where I missed the classes that I chose because of these damned reasons. These really distracted me most especially the worst incident happened last August. Damn it! But that’s ok. I hope I’ll make to come for the KCON next year which will be entitled: Committed. What do you think that I’ll commit to go KCON 2017? Let’s find out next year, and I hope I’ll see you there.



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