End of Drought… But When?

Episode 102 – Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 (7247)


Just earlier today (at my work), I was able to watch Game 7 of 2016 World Series (of Major League Baseball) where the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series champion over Cleveland Indians four games to three to end their long, long championship drought after 108 years (their last won in 1908). They came back from 1-3 deficit to win a World Series title which has been only their club’s third championship and first since 1908 (I don’t know how many people in this world who born before 1908 are still alive until now), ending the Curse of the Billy Goat that was existed since 1945 (Cubs’ final World Series appearance until this year). And for Indians (the Tribe), well, they continue their championship drought after winning their last World Series title in 1948, but that’s okay for the City of Cleveland because last June, the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, led by Finals MVP and Northeast Ohio native, LeBron “King” James, ended the city’s sports curse of 52 long years (since Browns winning NFL championship in 1964) after winning an NBA title over 73-win Golden State (not Golden City where I live there) Warriors in the best-of-seven finals (they also came back from 1-3 deficit to win the series).

And for the Indians who blew 3-1 lead and lost: “…of course, the disappointment… the stunning disappointment in the other end.” – Mike Breen

The championship drought of one team was also ended just last October 19 when I watched a championship match between Meralco Bolts and a crowd favorite, Barangay Ginebra Kings of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). And this one made me and others so thrill and nervous when the score was tied within few seconds remaining. On the final possession, Kings’ import player clutched his big three-point shot before the time expired, and the crowd started to celebrate so wildly when his team finally clutched a crown breaking 8 long years of championship drought. I was so glad that one of my favorite teams was finally crowned as champions.

Now, I know that these teams are finally ending their championship drought, but how about my drought in love life? Hmmmm…. My “love” drought is not so long because it has just been 16 months since I became single and loveless. But because I’m already in early 30s (actually exactly 30), I’ve hardly found the right girl who will love me faithfully (and legitimately) forever.

There are some reasons why I don’t have a right (and legitimate) girlfriend instantly despite of my matured age (I probably discuss this before in my past episodes). It’s probably because I think I’m now afraid to be friendzone from the ladies that I court (or plan to court somebody). Another reason is that most of the ladies out there (not all, just clarify) are now looking for the men who are younger and rich (most of them are looking for foreigners especially thru online dating to ease away from their poverty, or they’re just “jobless”). Third, it’s because of their personalities and their backgrounds. Yep, that’s too complicated. I know not all ladies out there are Catholics, having stable jobs, at least college graduate, and “neutral”, as in, they favor either one side that others don’t (such as Yellowtards or Dutertards, Kapamilya or Kapuso, AlDub fantards or not, Ginebra fan or not, bandwagons or haters, etc.). And lastly, the worst one is that the lady might be a “parasite” when she’s looking for a “victim” to solicit for cash (just like what happened to me last August). Ugh! So, nobody is perfect, and looking for the “one true love” might be hesitated. And if I had contacted with strangers before as my textmates, I didn’t really think that one of them would be my next girlfriend because I knew she would not be so serious in love relationship.

Oh well, I’m still hoping that I’ll finally find the right girl to be as my partner forever. Being single for 16 months might be enough, but I don’t want to be loveless up to 7 long years like what I did before! 7 years of love drought (2005-2012) was really considered as the longest drought of having no girlfriend in my life. While most others are getting another love relationship after a short time of being single, I don’t want to have another 7-year no girlfriend (or longer than 7 years). I’ll become an old (poor) bachelor if it will happen. But if I’ve still not found the right one, will it be another long drought in my love life? I don’t think so. No more another 7 years and no more love drought! If the other sports teams did to end their long championship drought within this year, I will end my long love drought when I’ll find “one true love” to be my next girlfriend, maybe not this year (because of freaking financial situation right now) but hopefully it will happen next year, and I hope she will be my forever…. finally.




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