Episode 100 – Monday, October 24th, 2016 (7237)


Good day! There’s another milestone that is already achieved on my blog.

This is the 100th episode of My Tent Journal that I started since June 24, 2015. And I can’t believe that I have written 100 episodes already about my stories from my past up to present, and “what ifs” in my current situations.

100 is just a number, but I have encountered about the number in the past. On June 12, 1998, I witnessed the 100th anniversary (Centennial) of Philippine Independence. That was happened when I began to study in fourth grade elementary. During my school days at Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD), I had always gotten the perfect score of 100 in all exams, in all subjects. I think about 90% of all exams (quizzes, periodical, and final) that I got 100 in the past 10 years at PSD (despite of “not” being deaf). But sadly, I rarely got 100 in most exams when I was studying in a non-deaf school (fourth year high school and college). And I still remember about my first and my last 100 days in the United States as an exchange student with lots of most memorable moments.

Perfect Grade and Sticker on Homework

Well, the number 100 is just a satisfaction. No more or less, but it’s just perfect! Because it’s Episode 100, I just share about 100 things and reasons that happened in my life since the Journal was born (in the last 16 months to be exacted). (Note: I suppose to publish this episode on my 500th day of being single and loveless which will be on November 6th, but since I have published already too many episodes before November, I just decided to publish this 100th episode too early.)

  1. I published my first ever episode on the Journal on June 24, 2015. (Read Episode 1)
  2. This was the first time that I wrote again about my personal stories after almost 6 years (All About Tent was the predecessor when I wrote for the final time in late 2009).
  3. The topic that I wrote on the first episode was the creation of Feast SM Santa Rosa.
  4. I also discussed on the first episode about my trip with my textmate/girlfriend in Bataan for our anniversary date.
  5. However, I never thought that our anniversary date would be the last.
  6. A day after publishing my first episode, the unexpected break-up came through.
  7. At the night of June 25th, my heart was extremely broken when we decided to break our long distance relationship after three wonderful years (or 1,103 days).
  8. These three years of LDR gave my life so happy and having a great love life despite of long distance.broken heart
  9. Minutes after the break-up, I immediately got my laptop to type (or write) my new episode about that incident which caused me so sad and heartbroken. (Read Episode 2)
  10. My second episode was published on the next day after the break-up.
  11. On that day, I just “celebrated” my first day of being single when I treated myself some snack.
  12. This was the beginning of boredom in my life.
  13. I started to be alone, lonely, and loveless.
  14. But despite of the loneliness, I continued to write and to publish my new episodes on the Journal.
  15. Two weeks after the end of LDR, I went to SM Santa Rosa to attend The Feast for the first time after the transfer from Central Mall Biñan.
  16. I just went there to attend because of bad incident happened at home which made me so upset. (Read Episode 7)
  17. That was the only time that I attended Feast SM Santa Rosa just few weeks of being heartbroken.
  18. I had never attended The Feast for two months because of being lonely and alone.
  19. That time was the beginning of the phenomenal TV loveteam, AlDub who came into unpredictable popularity.
  20. Because of this popularity, it made me distracted as I was about to heal from the heartbroken while they made their romantic roles.no to pabebe
  21. So, I really hated to watch (Kalyeserye, their first movie, etc.), to hear (their love theme songs), and even to make participation (Pabebe Wave, etc.) on AlDub fever.
  22. They came into loveteam popularity in the wrong time just a month after the break-up.
  23. During that time, I left from home and stayed alone in so-called “exile country” at the office to stay away from this type of non-sense.
  24. Because of this, I started to watch other TV shows mostly from the United States rather than non-sense TV shows in the Philippines.
  25. Most especially, I preferred to watch live sporting events from the U.S. such as NFL (American football), MLB (baseball), and my all-time favorite, the NBA (basketball).
  26. Thanks to the powerful internet streaming so that I was able to watch these in real time and freely.
  27. And to ease my boredom and depression, I just started to enjoy myself thru playing (mostly basketball) in the arcade.
  28. But despite of that, my text communication with someone was started to be declined from 450 collected SMS in June 2015 to only 19 in the following month (down by almost 96%). (Read Episode 11)
  29. In August 2015, I celebrated my birthday for the first time as being single and loveless. (Read Episode 12)
  30. On that time, nobody texted me to greet my birthday thru text messaging – the first time to do so (except some of my friends greeted me thru Facebook).
  31. In September 2015, I came back to attend and to serve again (for Media Ministry) at Feast SM Santa Rosa. (Read Episode 18)
  32. Little by little, I started to move on from the broken love relationship.
  33. Entering October 2015, the Journal and being single/loveless/alone had been reached 100 days. (Read Episode 24)
  34. Another distraction came in my loveless life again when my jobless elder brother teased me as he called my name sound like a goat.vukb2
  35. He was also the reason why there’s no privacy in my “own” bedroom as he made the way thru his bedroom.
  36. That’s why I liked to stay at the office alone for my freedom rather than staying at home because of him and to stay away from distractions at home.
  37. And up to now, I’m still fighting for my own “independence” from the distractions, not only at home, but in all problems and bad situations in the community. (Read Episode 30)cover
  38. In November 2015, I supposed to be ready with my friends in Feast SM Santa Rosa to serve at Kerygma Conference 2015 when the APEC Summit was held in Manila.
  39. This summit affected the conference which was to avoid heavy traffic going to Mall of Asia due of tighten security reasons.
  40. But KCON didn’t make for reschedule, but instead it was moved to weekends after the summit.
  41. Although I had already attended this in 2013, this was my first time to attend classes and to serve in the biggest spiritual event led by Bro. Bo Sanchez. (Read Episode 32)
  42. It was a busy weekend for me as a servant (for Media) and as an attendee together with my Feast friends.
  43. But despite of the positivity that came after the heartbroken, I was still loveless in my life.
  44. In the following month, this was my first Christmas (since 2011) that I was single and having no love life. (Read Episode 34)
  45. After three wonderful Christmas that I had a love life, this was my loneliest Christmas ever.
  46. As entering the new year of 2016, I just slept on my bed with loneliness rather than celebrating with noisy fireworks outside.
  47. At the beginning of brand new year, I started to search someone to be my new friend and eventually to become “one true love”.
  48. One of my officemates gave me a cellphone number which was owned by one of his friends; this might be the one to be my next potential textmate.
  49. I had new text friend, and we had communicated thru text messages.
  50. Unfortunately, our newly text friendship didn’t last long.
  51. I seemed her “non-sense” to chat thru text that I didn’t feel.
  52. She’s not similar in text communication compared to what my first textmate/girlfriend did before.
  53. In that situation, I just missed having a textmate and text communication with someone.
  54. As the Valentine’s was near, I felt so frustrated to look for the new girlfriend.
  55. After three Valentine’s celebrations that I had love life, this was my first time (since 2012) that I didn’t celebrate the “heart” day.
  56. I preferred to stay at the office alone rather than joining the Valentine’s celebration for the lovers only.
  57. But instead, I liked to watch NBA All-Star Weekend thru live streaming. (Read Episode 49)SB50 NBA ASW
  58. Also, I watched Super Bowl 50 where Denver Broncos winning the championship over Carolina Panthers.
  59. This was my first time since 2005 to watch the biggest event in professional football in the U.S. also thru live streaming.
  60. Back to The Feast, I decided to not volunteer to serve at the Kerygma Lenten Recollection 2016. (Read Episode 52)
  61. This was my first time to not participate serving for Media Ministry for KLR after 2014 and 2015.
  62. But I did attend KLR 2016, and that was my fourth time since 2013.
  63. I didn’t attend the first day of KLR, but I attended for the second day with something “special”.
  64. While going to the event, I met a friend that once I met her before.
  65. We accompanied together going to KLR, and we sat together to watch the event.
  66. Unfortunately, she just left me alone before noon as she didn’t finish the event.
  67. I was sitting to watch alone and unaccompanied, and I felt so sad why I was there without any friend sitting with me.
  68. Meanwhile, I started to attend The Feast, not only in SM Santa Rosa, but in other Feast locations nearby south.
  69. In March 2016, before KLR, I first attended Feast Pacita led by Bro. Dwight Castillo. (Read Episode 53)
  70. Then in the following month, I explored Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa to attend Feast ATC led by Bro. Mike Viñas. (Read Episode 60)
  71. It was a coincidence for me because, aside of being first timer to attend, it was the third anniversary of Feast ATC.
  72. And I also attended the afternoon session of Sunday Feast Alabang in Festival Mall.
  73. Oh before I forgot something, it was the election year here in the Philippines.
  74. There were a lot of campaigns materials, noisy barrage, presidential debates, media “bias” and of course, accusations against other candidates across the country.
  75. On May 9th, despite of not feeling well, I went to the precinct (with tightened personal security) to vote for the future officials. (Read Episode 64)
  76. And the election came to be the end as former Davao mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, won to become the 16th President of the Republic.
  77. After the “hot-contested” election, the hot and sizzling summer was not yet over without summer outing with my officemates.
  78. I and my officemates went to Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite for our first ever company outing.
  79. This was also my first ever summer outing with my work colleagues in my career life.
  80. It was because I never had a summer outing in my two previous works right after my college graduation (in Alabang and Mandaluyong).
  81. Well, back to The Feast, the time was so fast when Feast SM Santa Rosa was celebrated its first anniversary. (Read Episode 72)
  82. And this was the only time when the holy mass was held for the anniversary.
  83. But I didn’t notice that it had been one year of My Tent Journal. (Read Episode 74)
  84. And it was also a year of being single and loveless.one year after
  85. And that was what I needed, desperately needed to look before my young age would be gone.
  86. Because of frustration to look for “one true love”, love life mediocrity came to make me into boring life. (Read Episode 81)
  87. So, I decided to search for another textmate again.
  88. In August, I tried to post my cellphone number in a public website where everyone was searching for their textmates.
  89. Some became my text friends and eventually in Facebook, and we had our text communication.
  90. However, there’s one textmate who would ruin me, not only emotionally, but financially.
  91. That was my worst and stupidest decision that I ever made to meet this kind of lady who was similar to my long-time enemy, “You-know-who”.
  92. Within one week, she ruined my silent life as she forced me to love her quickly because of frustration.
  93. Aside of that, she demanded me for something “help” where I gave her some money.
  94. This made me almost crazy and anger to what she had done to me after we became “textmates”.
  95. I considered her as the worst textmate ever that I had contacted thru text messaging.
  96. Because of these, I have lost my appetite as I stopped communicating with my other textmates.shutterstock_220489903
  97. So, right now, my life is back into boredom again.
  98. But despite of that, I need to MOVE ON from the mistakes.
  99. And I continue to write my latest stories and episode on My Tent Journal.
  100. And that’s the number of episodes (including this episode) that I’ve written and published on my blog in the past 16 months.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

From the very first episode, I thought my blog would be limited to my friends only. One of my friends thought that I was the only one to read all of my stories on the blog because some episodes that I wrote some “negative” and “non-sense”. But, he’s wrong. Some readers from some parts of the world have read some episodes, and some have already followed my personal blog instantly. Although I made some mistakes on my English (honestly, I’m not so good in English, but that’s fine) and the constructing my story (I think I need a proofreader though), I’m so blessed to give my opportunity to share my personal stories, not only here at the Philippines, but also in abroad. Writing is my passion, and that’s why I’m doing this to understand my feelings. Despite of only few readers came to read, it’s a big thank you for those who read this.

Anyway, I’m about to end writing (or typing) this episode. It’s just a milestone for my blog, but I hope I will continue to write and to publish my stories especially I keep praying to find “one true love”. Have a nice day to everyone!


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