My Adventures in Travel

Episode 98 – Monday, October 17th, 2016 (7230)

Young man walks in park

Two years ago, I joined with my team from a financial school in Makati to go to Hong Kong to attend the financial seminar. We had our great experience to visit some nice tourist attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland where the seminar was held (but we didn’t take rides there), Chinese temples, Giant Buddha, Avenue of the Stars, Symphony of Lights, and Mongkok night market. This was my first time since my adventures in the United States to travel overseas, but this was also my one and only time to have an out-of-country trip with my friends (later I decided to quit from the team because of my personal reasons with my former college classmate). While my other friends in the team have traveled several places outside the country, I’ve never traveled in far places especially after the break of long distance relationship with my textmate last year.


Although I have traveled from home going to work and vice versa (via commuting) everyday, there’s nothing good without accompanying with my friends in travel. For almost all the times, I just travel alone thru commuting in public transportation (particularly jeep). But I would have enjoyed myself if I would travel in far places or accompanying with a friend or friends. Sometime this year, I spotted on Facebook where some of my friends enjoyed their trip outside the country. This was because they’re the members of exclusive travel club (providing cheap, discounted airfares and hotel accommodation) that I was once belonged (and again, I left their team because, coincidentally, my former college classmate let me to join with him in a financial school). But despite of their enjoyment in travel, I just miss to travel far places, whether accompany with someone or not. Nevertheless, I just share this episode about my past experiences in travel, and I really miss these.

School field trip


When I was a young student in a deaf school, I joined with my classmates and other students to take our school’s field trip where we visited some interesting places within the Metro and nearby provinces for educational purposes. My first ever field trip that I joined was in first grade when I and other elementary students traveled to Nayong Pilipino in Pasay City. The farthest place that we traveled for a school field trip was at Expo Pilipino (now defunct) in Clark, Pampanga when I was in fourth grade. In 2002, I joined field trip for my final time with other students in high school. Also, in the same year, when I was a member of Boy Scouts, I and other Boy Scout students went to Candelaria, Zambales for our three-day camping. It was the farthest that I ever reached. And in the following year, we traveled to La Mesa Dam together with non-deaf Boy and Girl Scouts for our four-day adventure camping. I miss the way when we were inside the bus, having playful and chatting (even though they’re deaf) while we’re traveling.

However, when I became an exchange student and was brought to the U.S., there were some school field trips that I joined either educational or just having a fun. I just miss when I rode on a yellow school bus (which was not air-conditioned because it’s already cold in the U.S. during most fall and winter months). When I came back home to continue my studies, I went with my high school classmates and other students in non-deaf school in Biñan, Laguna for our “short” field trip. However, that was the only field trip that I ever joined in Post-Deaf School Era. In college, I never had a single field trip provided by the school (I and some of my college classmates provided for our travel to do our important school assignments).

Although right now, in our career life, where some of my friends go for company outing (except me at my work) once or twice every year, the school field trips will never be the same when I was a student. And these will never be happened again in the rest of my life.

Going to My Relatives

When I was a child, I joined with my parents going to Batangas where my father’s relatives were living there. I was so excitement to go there because of nice beaches, eating fish straight from the shore, and playing with my childhood relatives. But in summer of 1999, when some of my relatives came at my home in Laguna, I wanted to accompany with them going home in Batangas. I was the only one in my family to go there while my parents were busy in their duties. I stayed there for four days until my mother picked up me to bring us back home. Two years later, I and my family went there again for the family reunion. As I grew up, I didn’t play with my childhood relatives because I had been socially awkward on that time. However, that was my last visit in the province to see my relatives. Since then, I never go there because my parents are already old (my father can’t be able to go there due of his illness – suffered mild stroke last year) and my elder siblings are too busy at home and at work.

Although some of my relatives came quite sometimes to visit my family (especially the condition of my father) in Laguna, I’m just too shy to show up myself to them as I’ve grown up into adulthood. But I miss the life when I go to their province to visit them even I’m no longer a child.

My adventures in the United States

Together with my host dad, Danny Woolmaker, and my fellow exchange student, Fharhana, visiting Underground Atlanta on September 4, 2004. This was the one of the places that I visited while I was in the United States. (Photo courtesy from My Tent Archives)

These were the best and the most memorable moments that I ever had in my whole life. But these were 12 years ago, and I still never forget the most wonderful moments when I was living in the United States for almost a year (as a foreign exchange student). Well, just few months ago, I scanned lots of pictures taken to put in my computer. When I looked at these pictures from the box, I really, really miss the moments when I was in the U.S. I visited numerous places in the U.S. that I traveled by land (mostly in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina) and by air (mainly Washington, D.C.). I can’t discuss the details to you about my visits in the U.S. this episode (that’s my long story which is not enough to fit in one full episode!). It might not be possible for me to back there once more (might require Visa, travel documents, and provide travel and hotel expenses, etc. because I’m just a poor guy), but hopefully I will go back there in the future. Nevertheless, my adventures in the U.S. way back in 2004-2005 were absolutely the best that I really, really miss.

After my wonderful life in the U.S., I had never traveled abroad to explore and to have experience outside the country. But 10 years later in October 2014, I finally went abroad – in Hong Kong together with my friend to attend a financial seminar.

Travel with my friends

When I was in college, I joined with my college classmates in their bonding such as overnight swimming where I went with them during semester break of 2006, going to National Library in Manila for our school assignment (that was 2007), and exploring Rizal monument for our subject (December 2009). In 2010, months after our college graduation, we had our post-graduation overnight swimming somewhere in Santa Rosa, Laguna. However, that was my final bonding with my former college classmates. In the following years, some of them traveled to Majayjay, Laguna for their cool swimming at the falls, but most of us, including me, couldn’t be able to take for vacation because of different working schedules and lack of communication (just like me).

In my career life, when I had my two jobs in Alabang and in Mandaluyong, I thought there would be company summer outing with my work colleagues. But it was never happened. Although I joined an overnight swimming with some of my friends in Team Romy of Dex One in late May 2012, just few days before I left my work in Alabang, it was not provided by our company. Since then, I never had any summer outing with my officemates and provided by the company where I had worked there.

Until last May 6, 2016, I and my current officemates had our “own” summer outing in Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite where we swam in a nice, cold waterfall, and with lots of beautiful ladies taking their bath. That was my first (and only) time to have “company” summer outing with all of my officemates (actually we were just five members, hehehe).

Travel going to the North alone

From 2012 to 2015, I rode on the provincial buses to travel alone going to the destination (particularly in Central Luzon) where I had a romantic date with someone special. Sadly, I really miss to travel going there after the end of LDR.

The time when I had a long distance relationship (LDR), I had to travel from my hometown in Laguna (in the south) going to Nueva Ecija (in the north) just to see my love who was living there. I just wanted to go there to meet her and to have a nice romantic date together. In the span of three years, I went there 15 times, and I really enjoyed despite of long distance and long travel time (about 5-6 hours from Santa Rosa, Laguna). I really, really miss to travel going to the North alone thru commuting. I miss riding in the provincial bus (via North Luzon Expressway or NLEX), the bus stop where the passengers need to break after the long hours of travel, and of course the pasalubongs that I bought to bring these back to my home. And when I arrived there, especially at night, I really miss to stay in a motel nearby for my overnight sleep. That was my best moment to have a relax sleep overnight alone and without any distractions outside the home. And when the morning came, I was so ready to go to the destination to meet my love.

Riding a bus for a long travel going home from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija in Sept. 2012.

I traveled in a far place alone but would meet special someone in one wonderful and sweet day together. That was a satisfaction. Unfortunately, after the unexpected break-up last year, I never go there ever since. These will never be the same again. Somehow, I really, really miss these that I had done before.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I really enjoyed traveling far places during my past life although it caused me tired especially when I spend some money for the expenses (commuting in a public transportation, staying in a hotel, etc.). I might encounter these experience from my past, but at least I learned to be an independent traveler, not just a simply travel that I’ve already done every day because of my work, but to the other destinations that I’ve already reached. But because of the traffic condition that has become worse than ever, it’s not so easy to travel in the Metro (and even in Laguna) which cause you stressed and hot-tempered. But if you travel to the provinces and overseas (just what I’ve done before), it might comfort you with a lot of good experiences and adventure to explore freely from the stressful environment of the city, and somehow at least you need to spend a lot for your expenses to travel far either you’re commuting or driving with your car.


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