SMS Communication – Third Quarter of 2016

Episode 96 – Monday, October 3rd, 2016 (7216)

In July 2016, my communication thru text messaging was so lukewarm just like in the previous months since the end of long distance relationship (LDR) in June 2015. But in the next following month, my lonely life became energetic unexpectedly when I got some textmates to interact thru text messages. However, despite of high numbers that I collected from text messages, it turned into disastrous because of one of them almost ruined my life emotionally and financially.

From June 26, 2015 (a day after the break-up) until August 9, 2016, the average of text messages collected per day was just 1.35; that was very far from 15 SMS per day in June 2015 – the time when I had LDR. But since I tried to search for another textmate, there was a dramatic change.

Thanks to my new textmates, although they haven’t interacted frequently, the data were so higher compared to the data collected in July 2016. There are the figures:


It was increased by almost 950% – the highest since I started to collect SMS from my phone in 2009. For the first time since June 2015, the received SMS was in three digits, and the total of SMS collected was back in 300+ mark. There’s another chart below that shows the data from August and September 2016 were higher than those from January to July 2016 combined.


However, my text communication with “Miss Parasite” may be benefited on this dramatic change last August. But because of her “weird” attitude where she hypnotized me emotionally and financially, I didn’t include her on my SMS communication database (considering that all of my text messages with her are nullified). In all of my textmates that I had interacted in the last 5 years, I really considered her as the worst textmate that I ever contacted thru text messaging. There’s a graph shown below that just only one week of text communication (actually we had interacted in just two weeks until I decided to deactivate one of my SIM cards to avoid receiving any “annoying” text messages from her).


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

In September 2016, after the disaster happened from evil “Miss Parasite”, there were still some textmates that I contacted. However, they barely contacted with me, and even sometimes when I already registered for unlimited text promo, they never texted me back. That’s so irritating and wasting the cellphone load! Before the month ended, I was expecting that the SMS data might be lower than what I had last August. But because of boredom and being desperate to search for “One True Love”, I tried to search for another textmate once again, and this time I just picked up from their messages on a textmate website instead posting my own number. Eventually, I was easily contacted by this next one.

This new textmate was almost similar to my former first ever textmate (that turned into my first ever non-deaf girlfriend). She’s nice and charm, and every time when I texted her, she replied me back immediately without wasting my time to wait for her reply. She eventually became my friend in Facebook after she asked me to accept her friend request. She’s pretty and so young when I saw her picture. However, she’s so young (in fact, she’s too younger (just 18) than TENT itself which was established in 1997) and still a college student (just like my former girlfriend in Nueva Ecija). And since I’m already in 30s, it seems not really perfect for me to make her as my text friend (or some sort of). I supposed to be happy because of her when I observed that she’s not so serious about having a textmate. Although I knew that she has some textmates rather than me, she didn’t reveal her real identity to unknown strangers (including her textmates like me). It might be good to not reveal her real name to someone, but I don’t really satisfy what she’s doing. I don’t think she might be flirting or playing to them, but it’s probably because she’s bored, as what she said, so that she contacted somebody to ease her boredom (just like me).

Probably in the next following days, I will never interact, not only to her, but to my other textmates because I’m not satisfied on what they did in text communication.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Is this the end of having a textmate?

Because of the trauma that I had last August, I feel I don’t want to have another textmate anymore. Not all of the unknown strangers are good friends. Only few are good, but most are mysterious and dangerous just like “Miss Parasite”. I might be stupid enough to have contact with the strangers as my textmates, but I’m so bored and depressed. Most of my friends may contact me thru text messaging, but most of the times they don’t text me back after I contact them. They may prefer to chat on Facebook with their friends and loved ones, but most of them are so busy in their own responsibilities so that they are not always online.

Interaction and having communication are the ways to ease my boredom and depression. But how come if most of my friends don’t contact me at most? Is it because I don’t give my number to them? Or when I contact them, will they reply me back? That’s why I like to have textmate to make me happy rather than my friends. But not all textmates are real people and good friends. That’s so sad for me, isn’t it?

Despite of having moving-on from the heartbroken, I still consider my former girlfriend as my best textmate that I ever had. We had contacted together for more than 25,000 text messages in the last four years (2011-2015). In that span, I focused my life on my cellphone when she contacted me thru text messaging so much even I was waiting for her reply, so that she made my life so happy despite of long distance. That’s so credible that no one can surpass the record (see figures below) despite of the new technology (most people prefer to chat such as Facebook, Viber, or WeChat rather than old-style SMS). However, since our break-up from long distance relationship, I never have the best textmate that I could contact in all times when I have trouble and to ease my boredom life. It might be the end of having a contact with a textmate thru text communication.




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