Episode 101 – Monday, October 31st, 2016 (7244)


It’s Halloween, and I don’t know if there are lots of Halloween parties (only few are occurred in the Philippines) or “trick-or-treat” (kids going to the doors to receive some candies) around there. I remember way back 2004 when I was in the United States where I wore a Grim Reaper costume (as shown in the photo below) for the Halloween party with other exchange students. Well, my costume was not so scary but just more like “comic”. Here in my beloved country, some people are wearing scary costumes to attend Halloween party or decorating Halloween materials at their offices. But most of our beloved Filipinos refer to go home to their provinces and to the cemetery every year to visit their loved ones who are already “rest in peace”. Yeah, that’s because tomorrow and the other day will be All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively or most popularly known as Undas. But, the last time when I visited the cemetery during Undas was about 20 years ago when I was still a kid. I visited there with my family (and my relatives) in Batangas to see the graves of my grandparents (I don’t remember if I had seen them alive because I was so young back then). Continue reading ““Undas””



Episode 100 – Monday, October 24th, 2016 (7237)


Good day! There’s another milestone that is already achieved on my blog.

This is the 100th episode of My Tent Journal that I started since June 24, 2015. And I can’t believe that I have written 100 episodes already about my stories from my past up to present, and “what ifs” in my current situations.

100 is just a number, but I have encountered about the number in the past. On June 12, 1998, I witnessed the 100th anniversary (Centennial) of Philippine Independence. That was happened when I began to study in fourth grade elementary. During my school days at Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD), I had always gotten the perfect score of 100 in all exams, in all subjects. I think about 90% of all exams (quizzes, periodical, and final) that I got 100 in the past 10 years at PSD (despite of “not” being deaf). But sadly, I rarely got 100 in most exams when I was studying in a non-deaf school (fourth year high school and college). And I still remember about my first and my last 100 days in the United States as an exchange student with lots of most memorable moments. Continue reading “100”

Is This The End of Having Textmates?

Episode 99 – Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 (7232)


In the past few weeks, I have never tried to contact any of my friends, including my “textmates”, thru text messaging. That’s a kind of boredom, isn’t it? This is the reason why I’m so bored in my life right now because nobody text me to greet, “Hi” or “Hello”. If ever I send a text message to everybody, only some will reply. But the worse is that a friend never replies me back after my first text message even I already registered for unlimited text. I think he/she might be busy or talk with others.

Well, although I still have some “textmates”, I have never had any contacts with them because I’m so tired to entertain with them. Remember the terrible incident from an “evil” textmate called “Miss Parasite”? It caused me so traumatic, not only emotionally, but financially. That’s why right now I never trust all of the unknown strangers who might be the one to be my next textmate after the freaking incident last August! And aside of that, I have lost my appetite to entertain other people to be my textmates. That’s why boredom is still existed to me right now. Continue reading “Is This The End of Having Textmates?”

My Adventures in Travel

Episode 98 – Monday, October 17th, 2016 (7230)

Young man walks in park

Two years ago, I joined with my team from a financial school in Makati to go to Hong Kong to attend the financial seminar. We had our great experience to visit some nice tourist attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland where the seminar was held (but we didn’t take rides there), Chinese temples, Giant Buddha, Avenue of the Stars, Symphony of Lights, and Mongkok night market. This was my first time since my adventures in the United States to travel overseas, but this was also my one and only time to have an out-of-country trip with my friends (later I decided to quit from the team because of my personal reasons with my former college classmate). While my other friends in the team have traveled several places outside the country, I’ve never traveled in far places especially after the break of long distance relationship with my textmate last year. Continue reading “My Adventures in Travel”

Missing Happiness

Episode 97 – Friday, October 7th, 2016 (7220)


At the start of October, I’m still numb in my life right now. It has been 15 months since I became single and loveless, and it’s almost two months since the worst incident came in my life emotionally and financially, so that I’m almost crying, angry, and unhappy in the things happened in everyday lives. Within this week at work, I’ve done nothing, yeah, nothing to do for almost whole day. I and my other officemates have been idle at work because the magazine for the next month has not been yet already to be written or assigned. So we’re just surfing on the internet for the whole day watching some videos on YouTube, logging in on Facebook, and other things on the web. It’s so relax to have idle time for the whole day at work. I supposed to be happy for the lifestyle during working time, but… it sounded boring for me. Continue reading “Missing Happiness”

SMS Communication – Third Quarter of 2016

Episode 96 – Monday, October 3rd, 2016 (7216)

In July 2016, my communication thru text messaging was so lukewarm just like in the previous months since the end of long distance relationship (LDR) in June 2015. But in the next following month, my lonely life became energetic unexpectedly when I got some textmates to interact thru text messages. However, despite of high numbers that I collected from text messages, it turned into disastrous because of one of them almost ruined my life emotionally and financially.

From June 26, 2015 (a day after the break-up) until August 9, 2016, the average of text messages collected per day was just 1.35; that was very far from 15 SMS per day in June 2015 – the time when I had LDR. But since I tried to search for another textmate, there was a dramatic change. Continue reading “SMS Communication – Third Quarter of 2016”