My Life Between Deaf World and Non-Deaf World

Episode 95 – Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 (7210)

These are my former deaf friends during their graduation pictorial at College of Saint Benilde (CSB) in late 2009. Few of them were my former classmates in PSD (and former Tent & Co. members) where I studied for 10 long years with them as my life was flourished in their deaf culture and their “Deaf World”. (Photo courtesy from Anna-Lyn Gonzales in Facebook/CSB-SDEAS)

In Episode 92, I discussed about my old friends from the past that where are they now. Well, just last week, I tried to reactivate my old Facebook account and searched some of my them most especially my old deaf friends from Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) where I studied for 10 long years. Then I discovered that there were so many happenings that I didn’t remind from them before. Most of them are still there, but I deeply saddened when I found out that some of my former teachers from PSD are already passed away some few months or years ago. This made me shocked and heartbroken because one of them was one of my beloved teachers and also my mentor when I was a student. Before she died in June, I checked some pictures from one of my former PSD classmates on Facebook that she was at the hospital and was visited by some of my old deaf friends. I saddened and cried when I saw her pictures lying on her hospital bed because of the complications of Parkinson’s disease. The last time I met her personally was happened in January 2014 when I presented with my Feast friend, Yani, about our travel business to her in Quezon City. You know what… if I checked this too early, I could have visited her at the hospital to talk with her for the final time before she’s gone. Unfortunately, it’s too late.

Anyway, I just looked back to my past, which was my old world called the “Deaf World”, where most of my friends and classmates are deaf. And it was also the “world” where I studied at the deaf institutions – PSD and Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) where I studied for one year as an exchange student. However, in mid-2005, when I came back from being exchange student in the United States, my life was shifted from “Deaf World” into a “new” world. The “world” where I’m belonged right now is called “Non-Deaf World” (or literally the “normal” world just like we are).

Right now, if I am currently living in the world where most people live in their normal way (appearance, communication, etc.), how about my past “world” where I was belonged with deaf people? Well, in the past three decades, there are two different worlds that influence my entire life – the “Deaf World” and “Non-Deaf World” (or normal world), and hence there are some comparisons between these.

Deaf vs Non-Deaf World 1

Deaf vs Non-Deaf World 2

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

For 11 long years, I spent my school life with deaf classmates and friends in their deaf culture and environment. I used to be as a deaf student at school (especially in PSD) that exclusively only for the deaf people. Communication with sign language, the silent life, and even their writing wrong English grammar (until now, I noticed them in social media that they still don’t know to construct English sentence) were the things that I had seen before when I was still belonged to their “Deaf World”. If I didn’t shift to the “normal” world (read Episode 75), my life right now would have been stuck to the “deaf world” and their culture, and my old deaf friends would be still my friends until now.

However since July 2005, right after I came back home from the U.S., my life was changed and shifted into a world that could live in a normal life. It is now different from what I had more than 10 years ago. The culture, the environment, the people surrounded and the atmosphere that I have right now are far different from my “past” where the deaf culture is already forgotten in my present life. Although I really miss my old deaf friends and the things that I had from their “world”, sadly I can’t go back to my “past” life because I’m now happy with my new life in the normal world or “Non-Deaf World”. I don’t hate deaf people and their culture, but that was my old social life before.

(Note: unfortunately I have only few old pictures from “Deaf World” Era where I was with my deaf classmates at PSD)

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  1. My apologies that there was an error on the first comparison chart (under Definition) where I typed “2015” on the timeline instead of “2005”. I immediately changed the error this morning.

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