What If… I Didn’t Have Any Textmates Right Now?

Episode 93 – Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 (7203)


Last August, I thought my life would be back into happiness because I had textmates that I need to talk and to chat with them thru mobile phone. But it turned into a “disaster” after one of my textmates “abused” me, not only in my love feelings that were confused for few days, but in my finances after she wanted me to be her boyfriend despite of my refusal. Calling her as “You-know-who” version 2.0, she’s now considered as “parasite” because of her demanding and being “easy to get” to have a serious love relationship.

This was actually the second time that I attempted to have textmates to ease my boredom and being alone. My first attempt was happened in mid-January where I had contacted with some textmates. But it turned out into a failure because I felt most of them were “non-sense” and didn’t last our communication. And just last month, I attempted for the second time, but it caused into a “disaster” because of a “parasite” textmate who almost became my “illegitimate” girlfriend.

Although right now I have some communication with my two textmates (actually they are already my friends in Facebook), it’s not enough to have so much communication with them. Most of the times, they have barely contacted me thru text messages, and they even don’t reply me back when I answered them. I was thinking that I just discontinued my attempt for the third time. It might be probably because I’m tired, but I become so bored when nobody talks me either personal or thru text or even thru chat (on Facebook).

Since post-LDR (long distance relationship), I have never had a better textmate that I want to have a strong communication with frequent chat thru text messaging. But I just wonder right now what if I don’t have any textmates? Well, I would have never tried to search for a potential textmates from the web. There are some reasons that I should not have any textmates right now:

I would have never posted my mobile number on a public website


This was my mistake when I tried to post my mobile numbers (yeah, I have two cellphone numbers) on a public website where most people are also searching for their textmates. If ever I didn’t post these publicly, I would never have a contact with that “parasite” lady who had almost been in-love with me. And I would never have two textmates that they are now my friends in Facebook (although I just spotted them when they posted their numbers on the same public website or elsewhere, I think).

Save from cellphone load


I have something to ask: do you ever experience when you register an unlimited text promo to continue your text conversation, but then someone will never text you back? That’s so annoying! This causes your cellphone load, as well as your registered unlitext promo, to be wasted. I have experienced this so many times when most of my friends (including my former textmate) never replied me back after registered an unlitext promo to continue my text conversation with them. That’s so wasted!

If ever I didn’t have textmates right now (even last January), I would never pay for cellphone loads, and also I would never waste my time to have a text conversation with them.

Miss “Parasite” would not be existed


Still I didn’t understand why I met this type of lady last August after she contacted me thru text message a day before. After all, she was almost “in-love” with me, and she wanted me to have a serious love relationship (in fact, she insisted me to have an overnight date with her in Tagaytay which was so weird for me). The worst part was that she started to solicit me for her brand-new car. I was so stupid on that time because I allowed paying her (but I don’t tell how much money that I gave her because of my shame). She just “hypnotized”, not only in my feelings, but also in my savings which made me so disgrace on her. She’s so weird because she needed to have a boyfriend immediately without getting to know personally. Kumbaga “easy to get” sya, di ba?

But if ever I didn’t post my mobile numbers on the public website, she would have never been existed in my life last August! She’s probably the worst textmate that I had ever contacted. My goodness, she has no longer bothered and stalked me thru text or even in some places (that’s why I’ve always been in “red alert” all the time).

Saving money and time


If ever I didn’t meet Miss “Parasite” after she contacted me thru text last August, I could save my money and my time. My savings could have been kept wisely by not using cellphone load to have communication with textmates including her who almost ruined me, not only emotionally, but financially. And I would have save my time, especially at work and my leisure, if I didn’t have any textmates.

But because of the “bad” things made by Miss “Parasite”, I made a huge mistake that I entertained her where I just wasted my money and my time for her demand and solicitation.

My mobile numbers would not have changed


Because of the incident with that “parasite” lady last August, I immediately changed my cellphone numbers into new ones. Yeah, I need to change into my new number due of security reasons that she may bother me (or even stalking me) again. And again, I wasted my money to buy another new SIM card for my new cellphone number. But if ever I didn’t make my decision to post my cellphone numbers for searching textmates, these would have been the same numbers that I would use right now.

But there’s one thing… my loneliness would have still been existed

Yeah, last August, it was supposed to be the happiest month that I ever had because of having textmates that they could ease my boredom. But again, because of Miss “Parasite”, she just ruined my happiness because of her love obsession and solicitation on my savings. However, if I didn’t get their numbers or post my mobile numbers on the public website to look for textmates, my boredom would have been continued to exist. If ever I didn’t so, my bad situation would not be happened, and my happiness when I had textmates would have not been existed last month.

But this has been happened already though, and my life is now back into boredom, mediocre and being alone. My two current (or probably “former”) textmates may have lack of communication in texting. Even sometimes they don’t reply me back after I send them text messages (that’s why I don’t want to waste my cellphone load and to register unlitext promos). Boredom has been existed in my life right now since June 26, 2015 but not for August 2016 only.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

Searching for textmates last August turned into a “disaster”. Thanks to the unknown “parasite” and chubby textmate who made my bored life spoiled instead of being pleased. If ever I had a perfect textmate who could have been better than my former one, my life would have been very such alive. But it didn’t happen instead. I really miss the way that I had a rightful textmate who became my girlfriend for three years having our text communication all the time 24/7. But this will never be the same again.

Right now, I decide to break off from my plan to search for the potential textmate or whosever wanting to be my next girlfriend because of the trauma that I had last August. And again, my life is back into a dark side of misery and hopelessness especially in my “devastated” love life. I pray and I hope, in the near future, I will find the right girl, probably a textmate again, who will be the “right key” to open my heart again from being heartbroken and my life back into happiness.



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