Where Are They Now?

Episode 92 – Sunday, September 18th, 2016 (7201)


Musta na kaya sila…? Buhay pa ba sila? (How are they now…? Are they still alive?) Hehehe!

That’s what I always think about my old friends (and enemies, too) from my past life. I’m wondering if they are still around years after the last time when I saw or spotted them, either personal or thru social media (e.g. Facebook). But I still don’t know where they are now? I mean, my old friends who were once part of my life. Are they still existed or, I’m afraid, might they be gone?

Well, I just share something that happened last Tuesday night when I posted my status on Facebook that I was depressed because I needed to talk with someone personally (not thru text or chat because they might not reply me back after). Some of my friends (especially from the Feast) reacted on my status, and they needed me to have a schedule to talk personally and one-on-one (not in a group similar to the open forum). But there was a lady, although she’s my friend in Facebook, recalling me from the past. She was my officemate when I was working in Alabang five years ago, and she was one of my “secret” crushes at the office during that time. She opened a chat with me thru Facebook and invited me to an event in Makati. Suddenly, she presented and showed some pictures of a financial school as her current job. I was so surprised because I had attended this financial school where she recently joined (she showed her pictures attending the gala night and the seminar wearing her green T-shirt with her business partners). I was there two years ago before quitted due of personal issues that I got displeased to my upline who was my college classmate (although I have continued to pay my healthcare when I go to Makati every month). You know what… I had tried to contact her before in 2014 convincing to join the financial school, but she didn’t answer (probably changed her mobile number or so). Then few years after, she already joined after being encouraged by others. I was so pissed, but I didn’t regret it. Even though she remembers me because I’m her friend and former officemate, I just don’t remind her because she’s from past, right? (Even she’s my Facebook friend) And she’s now happily dating with her partner, but I don’t make any sense on her. Eh ano naman ngayon kung may boyfriend na sya at umaatend na sya ngayon sa financial school na dati kong pinapasukan? (What do I care if she has already a boyfriend and now attending to the financial school where I had attended before?)

Anyway, back to the topic, I don’t mind where my old friends (and enemies) are right now? I know most of them are still there around, but where?

My former playmates

Although my former playmates in my neighborhood in Santa Rosa are still around, I don’t care about them besides we’re no longer kids since we’re now matured. But how about my other former playmates in my old neighborhood in Manila?

You know what I have to share something about one of my old playmates in Manila. When I was so young, about 4 or 5 years old, I had a pretty kid neighbor, and I always teased her to make her cry. In early 1993, months after my family transferred our home to Laguna, I met her on a party somewhere in San Pedro. But that was our final time to meet each other. Since then, I never see her again.

Even though I know her name, I don’t even remember her face because she was just a pretty kid when the last time I met her two decades ago. In 1999, I tried to search her (and her family), but I failed to do so. Years later, because of the rise of social media, I tried to search her name, but I doubt if she was or not (there are few people who have the same name as hers).

I wonder if she and my other old playmates are still existed right now. I don’t know if they are already married and have children, or they’re working around here and abroad, or I’m afraid that they’re already gone. I don’t think so, but I have no idea where are they now.

My former teachers (both deaf and non-deaf schools)

These were my close teachers in PSD during my birthday blowout in 2003. (Photo courtesy from Tent Archives)

As I notice, this month of September is the National Teachers’ Month which is lasted until October 5th. Some posts from some of my friends on Facebook remembered the list of their past teachers from elementary to high school. Although I still remember the names of my past advisers and teachers since I started to study as preparatory, I just wonder where are they now? I think some of them are already retired from teaching because they are already old, but I don’t know if they are still around or gone (hopefully they’re not)? That’s a big question. And for my former teachers who have not been old enough (around 40s, 50s or something), I have no idea if they’re still around. I have no any contacts about them most especially from Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD), Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) or even my first non-deaf school that I attended, International Montessori School (IMS), which is located just few meters away from my house. I don’t think if they are still teaching (in their same school or others) or working abroad (probably in their different professions right now).

Fortunately, I have only few friends who are still connected in my Facebook were my former teachers especially from ASD and my college, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – Santa Rosa Campus. They are keeping in touch, not only to me, but to my other classmates who were once part of their teaching lives when we’re students.

My old deaf friends

These were my deaf classmates in second grade during our field trip sometime in 1996. (Photo courtesy from Tent Archives)

As of now, I have never heard any news about my old deaf friends particularly PSD where I studied for 10 years. Most of them were my former PSD classmates including my long time “best friend” and closest ally in my former organization, Tent & Co. The last time when I spotted my former deaf “best friend” was on June 2014 while attending a job fair for the persons with disabilities (PWD) in Quezon City (he was so thin like what I last met him in 2005). I didn’t intend to meet him personally, but I just observed him (I was in “disguise”, so that he couldn’t see or recognize me). Since then, I’ve never heard any information about him.

I think most of my former classmates and old deaf friends from PSD are already in their love relationships, and some of them are already married and have children. I wonder if they are now working (despite of their disability to speak and to hear) in their own jobs here and abroad. But nevertheless, they are still around. Unfortunately, none of them are now my friends in Facebook since I deactivated my first Facebook account years ago (I’m now using my secondary Facebook account).

My classmates in IMS

International Montessori School (IMS) in Golden City, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Like my old deaf friends from PSD, I have never heard any information about my former high school classmates in IMS, the non-deaf school that I attended after my wonderful experience in the United States in mid-2005. Right after our high school graduation in 2006, I was keeping in touch with some of them including my close classmate whom I always went to his house in Phase 2F of our community during most of my college life (considering as my “exile country” on that time). However, since I deactivated my first Facebook account, none of them are now connected with me.

I had heard few years back that most of them were now working somewhere. Some are already married and have children, but some have their love relationships. My former pretty classmate and crush was now working, I think, in a multi-national company, but I don’t know if she has already a boyfriend or something like that. But what I remembered when I was at IMS was my freak classmates who bullied me. The last time when I saw one of my former freak classmates was happened sometime about late last year. He spotted me while waiting for a jeep going to my work, and I noticed that he was still a college student. I didn’t recognize his face because he became matured, but I had still a trauma on him, so that he’s no longer my old friend because of what he did to me so badly during high school. (I thought he just took “drugs” because of his “dirty” face, but I didn’t judge him.)

My former “tropa”

Between 2005 and 2009, Phase 2F of my community was my “exile country” where I took my free time with my friends (or “tropa”) and to stay away from the negativity at home. It is also the place where my former high school classmate and close friend lives with his family. However, the November 2009 controversy ruined my joyful life in that place, and I felt that my “tropa” had betrayed me because of non-sense issue (one of them had connection to my former crush and college classmate and warned me that I must stop “stalking” her and her pretty younger sister). Since then, I never went there due of my security concerns (that place is just few meters away from the house of my former crush).

But in 2013 and 2014, I went back there for the first time to visit my former high school classmate and close friend to present my business. He was jobless during that time, and I wanted him to have an extra income in my business. But he didn’t join instead, and it was my last time to meet him personally. Like him, none of my former “tropa” is currently connected as my friends in Facebook. And I have never heard any news about them (either they are now working or not) even though they are still living (or probably relocating in other places) in Phase 2F.

My former officemates

My officemates at RR Donnelley during our team’s Christmas party on Dec. 13, 2012.

I think most of them are no longer working in the same office where I had been before. Some are now working somewhere (other offices that I didn’t apply for a job) or in abroad. I have some of my former officemates when I was in Alabang and Mandaluyong that are still my friends in Facebook, but mostly I don’t add most others. Some of them are in my “blacklist” (blocked or excommunicated from adding me as their friend) because of some personal reasons (mostly they had bullied me before). I don’t know where they are now, but that’s none of my business.

My former crushes that became “enemies”

These former crushes (and lovers) are either from my old world (Deaf World) or my current world (Post-Deaf World Era). They were once that I loved before, hurt in the end and involved in many issues. I just named few of them.

One of them was my former classmate whose her personality was controversial. She’s looked like a “negra” and rumored that she was belonged to a “cult”. I met her for the final time in July 2004 before my trip to the United States. But since then, I have never heard any news about her. I think she’s already married with children, and she’s still there around I guess.

One of my former lovers who became so controversial was “You-know-who”. She was so popular at deaf school (thanks to the favoritism from her teachers) and had been in honor rolls. However, my “love” story with her ended into scandalous events including her outrageous slap on my face and her “infamous” taglines such as “Be honest!” and “… because you need S… E… X…!” after our unexpected confrontation with “Empress” in 2004. That’s so ridiculous back then! Because of her controversy, she became my worst enemy in my life in Deaf World and has no longer to interact with me in any form of communication. Few years later, she wanted me to forgive her, but I refused even she wanted me to be friends on Facebook. But as of now, I really don’t care about her current life right now as I have never heard any news about her.

Speaking of “Empress”, she was almost my “girlfriend” when the last time I met her to have a “date” in June 2009. Since then, I never meet or spot her personally because she’s already in my PAST! By the way, she was one of my former crushes when we studied at PSD several years back. She’s young and pretty, but she’s deaf and her religion is so weird! That’s why I don’t like her to be my girlfriend because of her personality. Years after, I have never known where she is right now, and I think she’s already married and has a child (I thought she’s so conservative because she refused to have kiss).

And one of my most controversial crushes in my life was “Cutie Chinese” who was my former college classmate. Even though she and her family are still living in the same community as I am, I don’t want to see her around. It is because of the trauma that I had after the November 2009 controversy. I know she already has a child and a happy partner, but that’s none of my business. I just hope that she and her family are just fine, but I just want to forget them because they are already in my PAST life.

Someone whom I had loved them before


Not all of my former crushes and lovers became my “enemies”. Some were just good friends of mine. One of them was my former deaf classmate. Recently last time, I just searched her name on Facebook, and I seemed her prettier and matured. I tried to add her, but I just decided to do not because she’s from the PAST and belonged to “Deaf World” where I’m no longer belonged.

Another one was my former crush in college (not my classmate but schoolmate other than I.T. course) who was so much pretty. After I met her in a religious activity in late 2006, I had a crush on her. However, because she studied in a different course rather than my I.T. course, she barely showed up. The last time I spotted and met her was around 2010. Since then, we never met again. Years later, I saw her on Facebook where she was already married with her partner and has a child. Despite of being good friends before, I haven’t connected with her on Facebook (because she’s now considered as my PAST life).

And one of my regrettable moments in my love life was my first textmate who became my first ever non-deaf girlfriend. Well, despite that I’ve already moved on from being heartbroken, honestly, I really miss her so much. I know that she’s still studying college in Nueva Ecija, but I wonder how she is right now. Does she already move on from our break-up? Does she miss me (and our past romantic moments)? Or even does she already forget me? Hmmm… I don’t know if she’s okay right now because, since the day of break-up, we have no longer to communicate each other. But despite of moving on from the past, I hope she’s fine at her place right now.

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

I really wonder where they are right now. I have no longer connected to them because some of them are already excommunicated in my current life. Others are intentionally blocked on Facebook because of what they had done to me so badly before. And I can’t find some others after searching them, not only thru Facebook, but elsewhere in the web. I wonder if they have missed me as a friend (or even a lover). They may be no longer my friends right now, but they were still once part of my past life. And I still remember them when they were still connected with me either they made me happy or they harmed me so badly. I just hope that they are fine in their good places right now.


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