Stay at the Office Better Than Home

Episode 91 – Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 (7197)

(My God! I don’t know I already made this topic before (published about four months ago), but never mind I just recalled this again to express my feelings that I would like to stay at the office rather than at home especially during weekends.)


Last Monday, it was a holiday because of Eid al-Adha, a celebration which is also called the “Sacrifice Feast” for our beloved Muslims worldwide. And as expected, I just stayed at home all day to do some duties like helping my mother to wash our clothes (last month, she got ill due of high blood pressure, so that she must minimize her housekeeping duties). That’s fine for me to do some housekeeping tasks that she usually does. However, because it was a bright, sunny morning, our house was so hot! It’s looked like an oven especially when you enter inside our home, you’ll get a lot of sweat! Sadly, our house has only two windows and a main door (all are in front), so the heat from inside can’t be ventilated out. This makes our house into warm most especially during summer months. That’s why I always get so sweat even after taking a bath!

During that day, my boss at work supposed to call me up to do some minor tasks at the office when I was busy to wash the clothes with my mother. Actually, I also supposed to leave home to go at the office. It was because I wanted to make myself free from the distractions at home most especially my elder brother who has been still jobless. He’s always tuning on his radio to hear his favorite rock and punk songs in higher volume. That’s why I can’t even make my private (and peaceful) time at my “own” bedroom especially my Tent Office where I wrote my latest episode of this journal. Although he’s no longer to bother me when he passes thru my “own” bedroom going to his bedroom, there’s still a distraction. You know what… I really miss my happiest times few years back when he was working abroad (and my father was still healthy before getting sick with mild stroke last year), and these will never be the same again.

Now, when I feel dissatisfaction and discomfort at home because of these distractions (heat, my jobless elder brother, noisy environment, etc.), I just go outside to have some peaceful time (although there are still some distractions such as enemies around the community). But the best way to do is to go at the office. Yeah. I know most of you really hate to go at the workplace (office) because of your strict boss and want to stay at home to relax, but it’s not for me.

When I began to work in San Pedro for my third stint as a graphic designer in 2014, the comfort and the convenience are present at the office. Unlike my two previous jobs where there were lots of overtimes, working at night, pressure and stress, my current job is considered as the best because it is just like what I am doing comfortably at home. Feel at home, isn’t it? And since we are only four working at the office, we are free to do things (during idle time) that the other offices don’t (Facebook, texting, pastime, eating while working, etc.). Freedom is there, and I’m so happy to have privilege to use the office. (By the way, I have keys to open it even during non-working hours! Hahaha!) That’s why, mostly after attending the Feast every Sunday, I frequently go at the office to have my own “freedom” where I can do anything that I can’t make at home.

The office where I work for my job is now considered as my new “exile country” where I can do things that I can’t even do at home. The freedom is there. The relaxation is there. The internet accessibility and cool environment are also there. (And for comparison between staying at home and at the office, read Episode 62.) That’s why I love to stay at the office only during non-working days (weekends and holidays as well). Unlike at home, there are lots of distractions making me discomfort and stressful. I’m thinking a plan to stay at the office overnight (within 5 nights, during working days) to stay away from the distractions at home. But there’s a right time to do my plan successfully in the near future (because my mother will be worried at me).

And again, it’s up to me to have my privilege to use the office anytime for my freedom and my pastime.


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