Are We Safe?

Episode 90 – Sunday, September 11th, 2016 (7194)

Davao City bombing incident happened last Sept. 2 that claimed 14 lives and several were injured (Photo courtesy from ABS-CBN News)

Last September 2nd, Friday, a bomb incident occurred in a night market in Davao City where 14 people claimed their lives and many others were injured. This was the first incident of terrorism under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The prime suspects are still not yet caught and are possibly connected to one of the terrorist groups.

The incident feared many people, not only the ordinary ones, but also to the tourists (local or foreign) who visit in one beautiful place to stay and to relax. It’s not only talking about terrorism that many people are feared, but also there are also a lot of suspected individuals such as snatchers, holduppers, kidnappers, and more in public places everywhere. They might be anywhere, anytime that one bad incident can happen to the innocent ones.

But I ask you… are we safe? It may be probably yes or probably… not. Because there’s no place and time when a crime can happen, we’re keeping alert in all times.

Like for an example, when you’re a commuter riding in a public transportation such as passenger jeep, bus, or taxi, there’s a slight chance that you’re unsafe. I know snatchers and even holduppers may gather anywhere, not only in the metro, but also in the provinces as well. In most crowded places, snatchers are always there elsewhere. They may snatch or slowly pick up your important and valuable things even these are inside your bag. One time about a week ago, I heard my eldest sister talking to my mother telling that her husband (my brother-in-law) was victimized by a quick-handed snatcher while he was commuting in a public bus with full of passengers. He was not aware on that time because he stood along with crowded passengers. He lost a wallet that contained some cash and his personal IDs.

For those who don’t mind, I was once a victim of snatching. Sometime around 2000 when I was in sixth grade, I got robbed one of my personal things – a pocket radio. I noticed this lost when my school bag was unzipped. Good thing was that it was just a radio and not a cellphone that a snatcher grabbed. However, there was another bad incident that almost victimized me while commuting in a public jeep. Two years ago, a group of not-so-nice guys (called themselves as Laglag Barya Gang or “Drop-Coin” gang) rode in a passenger jeep where I seated. One of them dropped a coin and forced an innocent passenger beside him to pick up, and the crime was about to set. The one tried to unzip one of the passengers’ bags to grab something while he/she was unaware. I got almost victimized by those “evil” guys when I noticed my bag unzipped. But thanks God that no one was grabbed from my bag. I already saw these incidents two years ago and even in the present in other places.


I don’t know why there are so many “gangs” or bad people like Budol-Budol Gang, Laglag Barya Gang, snatchers, hired killers, and a lot more that victimize ordinary people especially the commuters who travel in public transportation. Are they because of their poverty and trying to steal valuable things exchanging for their daily needs? Or is there a big syndicate behind them? There was an episode that I created and published last year about crimes that made our country so horrible (read Episode 16). I’m hoping that police visibility is a MUST! Our law enforcement must focus, not only war on drugs, but also in other crimes elsewhere around the country to protect us against these bad elements.

However, we might not be still safe because of natural calamities. Our country is prone to the calamities such as typhoon, floods, landslides, volcanic eruption, and earthquakes. Well, we all know the time when a big typhoon is coming (thanks to the weather forecast) or a volcanic eruption (thanks to the volcanologists), but how about earthquakes? We don’t predict when the earthquake will occur, and there’s no specific time when it will happen. Because our country has some active volcanoes and connected to the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, earthquakes are frequent in our country although not so larger magnitude (about less than four, I think). We must prepare and be ready for the big catastrophe when a big earthquake will strike in our place. That’s why we have earthquake drill that we’ve done (I think twice every year or so), not only in the metro, but in all other parts of our country (and also in other countries).


Well, we must be ready for natural disasters. But there’s one worst thing that we must be ready to protect ourselves – disease! We are easily cured when we’re ill (such as flu, fever, cold, cough, etc.), but how about these harmful diseases that spread almost all the parts of the world? I don’t understand why there are so many diseases around the world! And who created these damn things and started to spread them? There are lots of diseases either natural (such as cancer, heart attack) or epidemic that carries one person (or animal) to another (such as Zika virus, dengue, malaria, SARS, etc.). There are some treatments to cure, but some don’t. Because of growing population, we must protect ourselves from these diseases throughout the entire world.


— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —

We feel that there’s no place and no time to live safely for us. We wish that our place must be peaceful (without political and social conditions), clean (no spreading diseases), and safe (no hazardous calamities), but no place in this world is really safe. And it’s actually true, even if you want to go to the safest place on earth, you can’t even survive! Distractions are always there, anywhere and anytime.

But the big question is this: are we still safe? Probably we’re safe when we’re living at home, but how about outside? If we stay at home, are we still safe to live in one place from natural calamities most likely earthquakes? Filipino actor John Lloyd Cruz said in his famous commercial for medicine: “Ingat!” (“Take care!”) And for me, I must protect myself, not only these disasters and epidemic, but also from my enemies around (especially in the community where I live).

But there’s one thing that we must be safe in all times – protection, keeping ourselves healthy, and keep praying to the Lord. God will protect us from these dangerous situations in life, and He provides us a lot of blessings to keep ourselves to be safe. Do you notice when the front door of your home is displayed: “God Bless Our Home” or in a public transport: “God Bless Our Trip”? These mean that God protects us from any possible incidents and danger that we must avoid. We must pray at all times to have ourselves and other people to be safe from these distractions. And also please pray for the victims, not for just Davao City bombing happened last September 2, but also the incidents and disasters around the world.


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