My Life Between Deaf World and Non-Deaf World

Episode 95 – Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 (7210)

These are my former deaf friends during their graduation pictorial at College of Saint Benilde (CSB) in late 2009. Few of them were my former classmates in PSD (and former Tent & Co. members) where I studied for 10 long years with them as my life was flourished in their deaf culture and their “Deaf World”. (Photo courtesy from Anna-Lyn Gonzales in Facebook/CSB-SDEAS)

In Episode 92, I discussed about my old friends from the past that where are they now. Well, just last week, I tried to reactivate my old Facebook account and searched some of my them most especially my old deaf friends from Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) where I studied for 10 long years. Then I discovered that there were so many happenings that I didn’t remind from them before. Most of them are still there, but I deeply saddened when I found out that some of my former teachers from PSD are already passed away some few months or years ago. This made me shocked and heartbroken because one of them was one of my beloved teachers and also my mentor when I was a student. Before she died in June, I checked some pictures from one of my former PSD classmates on Facebook that she was at the hospital and was visited by some of my old deaf friends. I saddened and cried when I saw her pictures lying on her hospital bed because of the complications of Parkinson’s disease. The last time I met her personally was happened in January 2014 when I presented with my Feast friend, Yani, about our travel business to her in Quezon City. You know what… if I checked this too early, I could have visited her at the hospital to talk with her for the final time before she’s gone. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Continue reading “My Life Between Deaf World and Non-Deaf World”


Singles Ministry (Some Sort of…)

Episode 94 – Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 (7205)

These are my friends from the Feast SM Santa Rosa attending Love Life Singles Retreat earlier this year. However, not all of them are still “single”. (Photo courtesy from Feast SM Sta. Rosa Singles Facebook page)

I have been attending The Feast for three years where I’m also a servant for Media Ministry (operating LCD that shows visuals and PowerPoint presentations). But despite of that, I have never joined Light Groups most especially in Singles Ministry. Some of my friends from the Feast (particularly from SM Santa Rosa) have encouraged me to join with them in Singles. But there was one time that I almost joined the Singles. Continue reading “Singles Ministry (Some Sort of…)”

What If… I Didn’t Have Any Textmates Right Now?

Episode 93 – Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 (7203)


Last August, I thought my life would be back into happiness because I had textmates that I need to talk and to chat with them thru mobile phone. But it turned into a “disaster” after one of my textmates “abused” me, not only in my love feelings that were confused for few days, but in my finances after she wanted me to be her boyfriend despite of my refusal. Calling her as “You-know-who” version 2.0, she’s now considered as “parasite” because of her demanding and being “easy to get” to have a serious love relationship. Continue reading “What If… I Didn’t Have Any Textmates Right Now?”

Where Are They Now?

Episode 92 – Sunday, September 18th, 2016 (7201)


Musta na kaya sila…? Buhay pa ba sila? (How are they now…? Are they still alive?) Hehehe!

That’s what I always think about my old friends (and enemies, too) from my past life. I’m wondering if they are still around years after the last time when I saw or spotted them, either personal or thru social media (e.g. Facebook). But I still don’t know where they are now? I mean, my old friends who were once part of my life. Are they still existed or, I’m afraid, might they be gone? Continue reading “Where Are They Now?”

Stay at the Office Better Than Home

Episode 91 – Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 (7197)

(My God! I don’t know I already made this topic before (published about four months ago), but never mind I just recalled this again to express my feelings that I would like to stay at the office rather than at home especially during weekends.)


Last Monday, it was a holiday because of Eid al-Adha, a celebration which is also called the “Sacrifice Feast” for our beloved Muslims worldwide. And as expected, I just stayed at home all day to do some duties like helping my mother to wash our clothes (last month, she got ill due of high blood pressure, so that she must minimize her housekeeping duties). That’s fine for me to do some housekeeping tasks that she usually does. However, because it was a bright, sunny morning, our house was so hot! It’s looked like an oven especially when you enter inside our home, you’ll get a lot of sweat! Sadly, our house has only two windows and a main door (all are in front), so the heat from inside can’t be ventilated out. This makes our house into warm most especially during summer months. That’s why I always get so sweat even after taking a bath! Continue reading “Stay at the Office Better Than Home”

Are We Safe?

Episode 90 – Sunday, September 11th, 2016 (7194)

Davao City bombing incident happened last Sept. 2 that claimed 14 lives and several were injured (Photo courtesy from ABS-CBN News)

Last September 2nd, Friday, a bomb incident occurred in a night market in Davao City where 14 people claimed their lives and many others were injured. This was the first incident of terrorism under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The prime suspects are still not yet caught and are possibly connected to one of the terrorist groups.

The incident feared many people, not only the ordinary ones, but also to the tourists (local or foreign) who visit in one beautiful place to stay and to relax. It’s not only talking about terrorism that many people are feared, but also there are also a lot of suspected individuals such as snatchers, holduppers, kidnappers, and more in public places everywhere. They might be anywhere, anytime that one bad incident can happen to the innocent ones. Continue reading “Are We Safe?”

Levels of Having a Love Life

Episode 89 – Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 (7189)

levels of love

In the past 14 months, sometimes I’ve gotten irritated every time when I’ve seen lovers in public especially in malls, holding their hands with romantic excitement (in short, kilig), giving nice gifts (e.g. monthsaries) and even the girl lay down on her boyfriend’s shoulder. I’m not getting envy to them, but I have something that I miss – to have a nice, simple (and legitimate) girlfriend. I miss the way that they’re dating together. I’ve gotten distracted, not only to the public, but even in social media where they post their photos together with their love relationships. It’s just like what I spotted on Facebook last month when I thought that the lady (who almost became my crush after she approached me with pleasure) was still single until I found out that she already has a boyfriend. And I got irritated because she’s still “active” in Singles Ministry even though she has a love relationship. What?!!! Continue reading “Levels of Having a Love Life”